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  1. PRESTO Current status is WD -PWI in November, 2000 -NP in January, 2003 -Planning to submit CD in Fall, 2004

  2. What’s ‘PRESTO’?Data Dictionary and Message Sets for Preemption and Prioritization Signal System for Emergency and Public Transport Vehicles Cooperative with various systems -OPTICOM in USA -FAST in Japan (UTMS) -TSS in Denmark, etc. Media independent -Beacon -Radio Transmitter/Receiver -IR Emitter-Detector, etc.

  3. Purposes of PRESTO 1)Reduces the response time of emergency vehicles -Early solution of accidents and improvement of arrest rates -Support for speedy rescue activity and improvement of lifesaving rates 2)Reduces the traffic accidents associated with en-route emergency vehicles 3)Improves convenience of public buses, etc.


  5. TSS in Denmark Uplink Information : Vehicle ID, TagID, Position, Speed, etc. Traffic Manegement Centre TSC Vehicle RF-ActiveAntenna PositionTag

  6. FAST in Japan (UTMS) Warning Infrared Beacon Safety Support Incident Point Emergency Hospital Priority Signal Control Congestion Information Macro Control Micro Control Route Guidance Fire Station Traffic Control Center

  7. Traffic Management Center Traffic Management Center Roadside Unit Roadside Communication Unit In some countries (e.x., Japan), ambulances are not targeted for macro control to avoid violating privacy In-vehicle Unit Scope for this standard Scope of PRESTO

  8. Data element Data frame Message Process of standardization System Architecture (Logical) -User services -Functions & Messages Concept Case study -Practical examples -User needs Extraction of messages within scope Study of data elements ISO 14817 Central Data Registry and Data Dictionaries Requirements refer TCIP Data registry Data Registry

  9. Development from the NP draft Priority signal control for PTV is optional Eliminate recommended speed information Describe data concept according to ISO 14817 -Data element -Data frame -Message

  10. Example of data elements

  11. Example of Data frames

  12. Example of Messages (1)

  13. Example of Messages (2)

  14. List of data concept

  15. List of eliminated data in NP draft