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MRM Region 2012 Leadership Conference Nebraska Chapter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MRM Region 2012 Leadership Conference Nebraska Chapter. Instructions: Insert applicable information on each slide as requested. Delete the slides for any month that your Chapter did not hold a meeting.

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MRM Region

2012 Leadership Conference

Nebraska Chapter


Insert applicable information on each slide as requested. Delete the slides for any month that your Chapter did not hold a meeting.



For your chapter presentation, select the THREE slides you want to share with the group : a challenge, a success and a Board choice.

You will only have 20 minutes to present/answer questions.

Please limit pictures within the PPT – sizes can cause difficulties of PPT transport through email.

Chapter membership
Chapter Membership

  • 2011-2012 Chapter President: Scott Swanson

  • # of Members – Beginning of Year: 96

  • Current # of Members: 96

  • Chapter Size Category: Large

  • Membership Goal for 2012-2013: Maintain membership between 95-100 members

  • Recruiting and Contacting – methods: Member/Non-member database, contains contact info for past members and non-members who have attended past meetings. We email the entire list about our monthly meetings.

  • Just like in the last program year, every member who recruits a new one for the chapter will receive $15.00 at the June meeting. If a member recruits more than one, they receive $15.00 for every new member recruited. Additionally, if there is any money left, all recruiting members will be eligible and placed in a drawing for the left over monies. This program is sponsor by one of our vendors, Retrievex.

  • Chapter volunteers – recruiting, involvement (activities): Volunteers for the Spring Seminar

  • What months and day of the month do you hold educational meetings: Educational sessions are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month from Sept to June.

  • Methods of communicating with members: Monthly emails, LinkedIn, and website.

Board of directors
Board of Directors

  • # of Members: 10

  • Types of Positions:

    • Elected Officials: Past President, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer (5)

    • Appointed Officials: Library/Archivist, Membership, Public Relations, Program and Webmaster (5)

  • Meetings (how often and method i.e. in person, conference calls): Monthly Meetings in person

  • What was Good about your BOD: Board works very well together.

  • What Challenges did your BOD face: Loss of board member

  • Board Transition of Members – at end of year:June 30th

  • Recruiting/Succession planning methods: Elected members 2 year term, appointed 2 year term. Encourage new members to become involved.

Chapter finances
Chapter Finances

  • Beginning Balance: $11,751.43

  • Current Balance: $14,098.01

  • Savings Accounts – include CDs: $7,500.00

  • Does your Chapter conduct annual financial audits?

    Yes the chapter has an outside person review the documents.

  • Do you have monthly Treasurer reports?

    Yes, the Treasurer provides monthly reports.

  • Does your BOD review monthly bank statements?

    Yes, the Treasurer provides a copy of the bank statement each month.

September 2011
September 2011

  • Meeting Date: 14 Sep 2012

  • Time of Day: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

  • Attendance #’s: 41

  • Topic: Managing the Capital's History

  • Speaker: Karen Wagner and Roxanne Smith

  • Comments: The Nebraska Capitol Collections is a part of the Office of the Capitol Commission; the agency charged with the preservation, restoration and ongoing maintenance of the Nebraska State Capitol. The Nebraska Capitol Collections consist of an Archival Collection, a Permanent Collection and a Circulating Collection. The Capitol Archive holds architectural drawings, correspondence, photographs and records relating to the construction of the present Capitol and the ongoing preservation, restoration and maintenance of the building. The Circulating Collection contains furnishings, light fixtures, hardware and other historic elements in use throughout the building. The Permanent Collections contains similar materials that have been retired from active use and are used for reference and research.

October 2011
October 2011

  • Meeting Date: 3 Oct 2011

  • Time of Day: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

  • Attendance #’s: 45

  • Topic: Making Records Management Work in a Cloud Computing World: Impacts on Records Managers

  • Speaker: Dr. Mark Langemo, CRM

  • Comments: The management of information and records is changing so rapidly that records managers, IT professionals, business and government leaders, academics, and practitioners are having difficult times staying current! The future of records management is primarily digital, and applications and implications of cloud computing and Web 2.0 are expanding daily. Records managers and RM stakeholders need to know cloud computing and Web 2.0 fundamentals, understand why they are irresistible to so many, and be prepared to assess the benefits and risks associated with them.

November 2011
November 2011

  • Meeting Date: 16 Nov 2011 Boss’s Day

  • Time of Day: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

  • Attendance #’s: 44

  • Topic: Hacker Overview: Who are these people?

  • Speaker: Mike Crouch

  • Comments: This meeting discussed cyber security, including the topics of Defense-in-Depth vs. Mobius and Jack-of-all-Trades. Learn how to avoid Common Attack Vectors. Mike Crouch also talk about Virus/Malware, unpatched applications and OS, insecure passwords and unencrypted protocols, social engineering, phishing, and social media.

December 2011
December 2011

  • Meeting Date: 14 December 2011

  • Time of Day: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

  • Attendance #’s: 39

  • Topic: Surviving the Stress of a Chaotic Records World

  • Speaker: Tom Schulte

  • Comments: A positive influence in your records workplace can advance your career. Opportunities to build rapport and make others feel good about themselves are abundant in the workplace, you just have to learn how to recognize them and take advantage of them when they present themselves. In the end, you may not have changed much to achieve this success.

  • This meeting was also our Charity Event for Clinic with a Heart. Over $1600 was raised which included a $500 matching fund from the chapter.

  • Members are encourage to bring wrapped gifts to be auctioned off. You never know what you will purchase.

January 2012
January 2012

  • Meeting Date: 18 January 2012

  • Time of Day: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

  • Attendance #’s: 54

  • Topic: Case Study: Knowledge Management with SharePoint 2010

  • Speaker: Matt Michaelsen

  • Comments: BlueCross BlueShield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) recognized the need to manage information better so the workforce can get the right information, at the right time to service customers and peers. By leveraging the technology improvements available in SharePoint 2010, BCBNSE is able to closer align the technology with the needs of Knowledge Management. A proof of concept team conducted a small part of the larger concept: moving personal information from a network share to a more capable storage medium. The purpose of the effort was to: • Evaluate the electronic information stored on workforce member’s personal network drive and eliminate unnecessary information • Determine company recommended storage of electronic information • Improve knowledge worker efficiency • Integrate commonly used storage applications and practices for content management, collaboration, and communication

February 2012
February 2012

  • Meeting Date: 15 February 2012

  • Time of Day: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

  • Attendance #’s: 49

  • Topic: The Impact of Social Networks on RIM

  • Speaker: Helen Streck

  • Comments: Businesses today are using social media as a means of developing business, driving business growth and communicating with customers. The use of social media did not start as a tool for business but a gathering of people with like interests. Why did this tool become a business tool and how does this impact Records and Information Management Programs? Helen Streck, February’s Chapter speaker will discuss social media and its impact on Records and Information Management.

March 2012
March 2012

  • Meeting Date: 21 March 2012

  • Time of Day: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

  • Attendance #’s: 47

  • Topic: Lincoln Public School Fire

  • Speaker: Dr. Steve Joel

  • Comments: Dr. Joel reviewed the challenges faced after the Lincoln Public School District Office fire and the opportunities presented.

May 2012
May 2012

  • Meeting Date: 16 May 2012

  • Time of Day: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

  • Attendance #’s: 47

  • Topic: Records Management on the Witness Stand

  • Speaker: M James Daley, Esq.

  • CommentsCorporate records management is a major factor impacting corporate risk, compliance and governance in the electronic information age. Records and information conduct can tip the balance as to civil sanctions in the context of litigation and regulatory investigations. And as a specific factor in federal guidelines for federal prosecutors, the perception of such conduct directly influences decisions whether to prosecute companies or their officers for obstruction of justice.

  • Original speaker, Lisa Lukaszewski canceled and Jim stepped in to cover. Jim was also one of our speakers for our Spring Seminar.

June 2012
June 2012

  • Meeting Date: 20 June 2012

  • Time of Day: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

  • Attendance #’s: 32

  • Topic: Beyond the Breach: Case Studies in Information Security, Privacy & Ethics

  • Speaker: Mark Adams

  • Comments: Data breaches capture the headlines, but have the dismal security performance of organizations both within the public and private sectors caused us to take our eye off the ball? Technology enables companies to create, collect and correlate personal information about its employees, business partners, customers and citizens in unprecedented ways. Unfortunately, the speed of computer innovation has far outpaced the development of ethical norms to guide the application of new technologies.

  • June is also Chapter Awards time with door prizes and fun. This year are final meeting was held at a golf course and after the meeting and awards, members were invited to relax and play 9 holes of golf.

Annual seminar
Annual Seminar

  • Meeting Date: 18 April 2012

  • Time of Day: 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

  • Attendance #’s: 57 members, 31 non-members

  • Topic: Legal Developments Impacting RIM and Strategies to Contain Litigation Risk and Cost

  • Speakers: M James Daley, Esq. and Julie Gable, CRM, CDIA, FAI

  • Attendee Fee Structure:

  • Early Bird: Members $135 and Non-Members $165

  • Standard Fee: Members $165 and Non-Members $195

  • No refunds on cancellations after March 16th

  • Vendor Involvement/Support:

    • Sponsorship Fee: Gold $300, Silver $200 & Bronze $100

    • Vendor Table: $375

    • Speaker Sponsor: $1000

    • Special Activities (e.g., silent auction):

    • Door Prizes throughout the day and vendor giveaways at the end of the day

    • Breakfast, Lunch and 2 breaks and program book provided with the registration.

    • Chapter received educational credits from ICRM, County Attorney and State Attorney groups.

Special projects
Special Projects

  • Community Involvement – charities, services etc.:

  • Clinic with a Heart was our charity this year with over $1600 raised.

  • Other professional organization projects/relationships:

  • Helped present a CRM workshop for the Zoological Registrars Association at their annual conference which was held in Omaha in the fall of 2011.

  • Scholarship programs/promotions:

  • The chapter has no scholarship program in place.

  • Mentoring activities:

  • Current CRM’s willing to help candidates prepare for the exams.

  • Vendor Relationships:

  • The Chapter has a good working relationship with the vendor members.

Special projects board of directors
Special Projects – Board of Directors

  • List and explain special projects that the Board or Committees tackled this year:

  • Promoting ARMA: ECM State Workshop, chapter had a booth to promote ARMA and the Nebraska Chapter.

  • The chapter continues to subsidize each regular monthly meeting to keep the cost to $15 for members. Monies from the seminar help fund this project.

Successes challenges different
Successes, Challenges & “Different”

  • What were your chapter’s top successes?

  • Two summer planning meetings are held to schedule the program year, charity event and program locations.

  • Board notebooks are provided to the board to help with planning. These notebooks cover budget, bylaws, planning calendars, potential topics and speakers, previous programs and agenda’s.

  • The entire year of programs is in place by the Sept meeting.

  • What really challenged the Board and/or Chapter this year?

  • Cancelation of two speakers.

  • Board member not updating website until last minute or later.

  • What would/could the BOD have done different or would try next time?

  • The board will pick out a few Webinars from ARMA to use as backups.


  • Please share one or two expectations or ideas you have for the coming Chapter year.

  • Possible CRM workshop for the membership, maybe as a part of the Spring Seminar.

  • Member survey before and during the year as a way to gauge the membership on how the program year is going. We want to be sure that we are meeting the memberships expectations?