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By: Maria

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Have you ever seen an animal that looks like a penguin that also looks like a duck? I bet if you look again it’s a puffin. Also even though it looks like a penguin it’s not as tall. How about you come with me to the Atlantic ocean and let’s look for some puffins. If you want to know more, read on!

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So now that we’re at the Atlantic ocean, let me tell you what the Puffin looks like. It’s black, white and orange and it’s about 8-10 inches tall. It has webbed feet with a triangular beak. It has two small black eyes. That is what it looks like.

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So now that we’re at the Atlantic ocean let’s learn about the habitat. The puffin lives on an island with holes in the ground for shelter. The water is cold but it’s sunny out side. The puffin likes to swim in the water during the day time. It lives on the Atlantic ocean. If you like what you’re reading, than read more about the puffins food chain and life cycle!

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So now that I’m here with you let me tell you about it’s food chain and life cycle. The life cycle starts off as an egg, then goes on to a chick, and finely the adult. Puffins eat small squid, hearing, sand lances, and also eats caplelings. People, large gulls, and eagles some times eat puffins. That was the food chain and life cycle of a puffin.

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The puffin is an endangered animal and we need to help them! If you go to the Atlantic ocean and if you see a penguin look again and it mite be a puffin!

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Bibliography them! If you go to the Atlantic ocean and if you see a penguin look again and it mite be a puffin!

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