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Traveling Postcards. Reminding Women that Creativity Transforms Lives. Inspiration. “In this life we cannot do Great things. We can only do small things With great love” Mother Teresa. Empowerment.

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traveling postcards

Traveling Postcards

Reminding Women that Creativity Transforms Lives


“In this life we cannot do

Great things. We can only do small things

With great love”

Mother Teresa


Traveling Postcards is an opportunity for women to make connections across the world without leaving their homes, and empower each other across borders and in spite of distance and difference.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for:

-providing a beautiful platform for expression

-supplying an abundance of material to work from

-spreading love, joy and honor in the world

-reaching out to strangers and letting them know they are part of the Family of Life.

Richard Bacon

My intention is that Traveling Postcards will withstand language and cultural borders, and that creativity and beauty will send a message from the heart no matter what.

Caroline Lovell

I am happy to report that Traveling Postcards was met in Costa Rica with the same eagerness and enthusiasm as so often happens in the United States. I was struck with how effortlessly women express their voices given the opportunity, and how often their voices speak about love, and forgiveness.

Punta Banco, 2009


Each participant has an opportunity to join a community of voices that will be exhibited both online and in a public venue that speak to a range of topics or humanitarian concerns.

Gabi and Rita’s cards will go to The City of Joy in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Over 100 cards have been collected so far!

Traveling Postcards is an act of service.

Every card is made to give away and offers creative healing for those who make them and for those who receive them.

“I will never forget the look of joy and the many words of gratitude I received when these cards were given and translated to the courageous and resilient women of Ghana.”

Elizabeth Ramirez


Caroline Lovell’s movement of women speaking to women through Traveling Postcards is beautiful, heartfelt, and important method of reaching women when and where they are at emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Jen Miller-Hogg

Director of Admissions and Records

John F. Kennedy University

She felt that “the Traveling Postcard would be an on-going reminder that she should not be afraid to try new things.”

April Rovero



Using everyday art making materials we access our hearts by using our hands, and share our innate connections between women.

We discover an understanding that even if we don’t know each other, we still care for one another.

Every card is a beautiful piece of art. They are covered with colors, ribbon, threads, and words. They are filled with compassion and small gestures of hope and caring.
self expression
Self Expression

No two cards are the same

Everyone is unique


Your voice can offer compassionate wisdom and healing to a woman who is facing great humanitarian obstacles and who will take comfort in knowing that her resilience is recognized.


We used the resources available to us in a project aimed to make people realize that they are never alone in their suffering, and that there are woman all over the world experiencing all sorts of hardship.

Annette Frost

Peace Corps Volunteer


By sharing our extraordinary life experiences with each other, we increase awareness of humanitarian inequities and motivate one another to help ease suffering worldwide.

There is something magical that happens within me when I am making atraveling postcard. I open my heart to my hands and share my soul with awoman I may never know, but who I already love. She is me and I am her. Inthis act of creation we share our vulnerability and our strength all in thesame breath. It is love in action.Thank you Caroline,


what can i do
What can I do?

Creating postcards that incorporate both art and words may seem like a small action, but it is exactly what most women want; voice, visibility and compassionate caring.

Make one card

Or host a workshop

What is the most loving thing we can do right now? Take care of yourself, slow down, build deeper relationships with those you love, and find a way to open your heart.