mathematics actuarial science and statistics l.
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Mathematics, Actuarial Science and Statistics

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Mathematics, Actuarial Science and Statistics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mathematics, Actuarial Science and Statistics . University of Southampton . Dr Sujit Sahu School of Mathematics. School of Mathematics. Large student centred school Expertise across mathematical physics, applied mathematics, operational research, pure mathematics and statistics

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mathematics actuarial science and statistics
Mathematics, Actuarial Science and Statistics

University of Southampton

Dr Sujit Sahu

School of Mathematics

school of mathematics
School of Mathematics
  • Large student centred school
  • Expertise across mathematical physics, applied mathematics, operational research, pure mathematics and statistics
  • Active links with business, industry, science and technology
  • A centre for interdisciplinary research and teaching
  • Large graduate school with three thriving MSc programmes and many research students


mathematics students
Mathematics students
  • 550 MMath & BSc students
  • 85 MSc students
  • 48 PhD students


teaching assessment
Teaching & Assessment
  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Supervisions
  • Computing Labs
  • Consolidation Class
  • Private study
  • Exams
  • Coursework
  • Projects
  • Presentations
  • In-class tests


course structure
Course structure


Hyperbolic Geometry

Mathematical Programming

Simulation and Queues

Design and Analysis of Experiments




Differential Equations


Mathematical Modelling

Probability and Statistics

Applications of Mathematics in Biology

Number Theory and Cryptography

Mathematical Finance

Relativity, Black Holes and Cosmology

Rings and Fields

Gravitational Waves


Metric Spaces

Differential Geometry and its Applications

Complex Function Theory

Groups and Symmetry


programmes of study
Programmes of Study
  • Mathematics for Arts:
  • Mathematics with Music
  • Mathematics and French, German, Spanish
  • Mathematics for Science:
  • Mathematics with:
  • Astronomy, Biology
  • Physics, Computer Science
  • Single Honours:
    • BSc: Mathematics
    • MMath: Mathematics
    • BSc: Mathematical Studies
  • Mathematics for Business:
    • Mathematics with:
    • Actuarial Science, Economics, Finance
    • Management Sciences, Statistics,
    • Operational Research, Computer Science


some money making ideas with mathematics
Some money making ideas with Mathematics
  • Google search
  • Pricing financial options
  • iPod and MP3
  • “Green logistics”
  • Formula 1 pit stop strategies
  • Financial Portfolios
  • Encryption of credit cards
  • Airline pricing
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Analysis
  • Operational Research
  • Optimization
  • Statistics
  • Number Theory
  • Linear Programming
mathematics with actuarial science
Mathematics with Actuarial Science
  • Our most popular programme!
  • Lets learn a bit more about it!
actuarial science
Actuarial Science

Why choose Mathematics with Actuarial Science?

  • Actuarial Studies focus on the study of Mathematics and Statistics integrated with:
  • Economics,
  • Finance,
  • Demography and
  • Actuarial Science
  • For most people the excellent career prospects are the main reason for choosing Mathematics + Actuarial Science
examples of actuarial science questions
  • Mr Patel is 65 and had a heart attack 3 years ago – how much should his travel insurance to the USA for 2 weeks cost?
  • How many children in India will require elementary schooling in 2015?
  • Could health insurance for my pet cat be included free as part of my house insurance?
  • How much will it cost if it rains at the Olympics in 2012?
  • How much funding should the Indian Government put aside for building new roads for the next 10 years?
test yourselves
  • Should health insurance be cheaper or more expensive for smokers?


  • How old do you have to be to have a 50% chance of dying in the next 6 months?


  • If you are 80 what chance do you have of living until 81?


how much do actuaries earn
How much do Actuaries earn?
  • Lots!
  • Typical Actuarial salaries start at about £60,000 (Rs 48 Lakh)
  • Many Actuaries earn well over £150,000 (Rs 1.2 Crore!)
  • The profession is very carefully regulated
  • It also has a high professional profile
  • And high professional standards
  • -Actuaries are needed worldwide
does india need more actuaries
Does India need more Actuaries?
  • There are about 6000 professional actuaries for 6 crore UK citizens.
  • There are about 100 crore Indians. How many actuaries are needed?
  • See an article in For a 7-figure salary, be an actuary
  • Many banks such as HSBC will pay very highly to Southampton graduates.
  • Southampton is a brand name!
how does the system of exemptions work
How does the system of exemptions work?
  • One of the major attractions of a Mathematics with Actuarial Science programme is the “exemptions”
  • The professional examinations to become a fully-qualified Actuary are long and difficult
  • If a degree programme grants exemptions from some of these then it may be possible to qualify as an Actuary much quicker than normal
  • A Southampton Maths with Actuarial Science graduate can earn the maximum number of exemptions!
exemptions from actuarial professional examinations
Exemptions from Actuarial Professional Examinations

The new examination structure consists of:

  • 8 exams at Core Technical stage (CT1 to CT8)
  • 3 exams at Core Applications stage (CA1 to CA3)
  • 2 exams at Specialist Technical stage (2 from ST1 to ST6)
  • 1 exam at Specialist Application stage (1 from SA1 to SA6)

A total of 14 examinations must therefore be passed to qualify as an Actuary.

Exemption from some of the Specialist exams by undertaking acourse of study or a research dissertation as an alternative is now possible.

actuarial professional examinations ct stage
Actuarial Professional Examinations: CT stage

CT1 Financial Mathematics

CT2 Finance and Financial Reporting

CT3 Probability and Mathematical Statistics

CT4 Models

CT5 Contingencies

CT6 Statistical Methods

CT7 Economics

CT8 Financial Economics

agreement with the ioa
Agreement with the IoA

It has been agreed with the Institute of Actuaries that students achieving a suitable performance in certain units will get an exemption from the corresponding subject in the professional examinations.

A maximum of 8 exemptions out of the 8 CT stage units is possible


This means that after completing our programme you would be over half way to qualifying as an actuary

what about statistics
What about Statistics?

“All knowledge is, in final analysis, history.

All sciences are, in the abstract, mathematics.

All judgements are in, in their rationale, statistics.”

Prof C. R. Rao

what is statistics
What is Statistics?
  • Statistics is the scientific application of mathematical principles to the collection, analysis, and presentation of numerical data, and the interpretation of the results.
  • Statisticians provide crucial guidance in determining what information is reliable and which predictions can be trusted. They often help search for clues to the solution of a scientific mystery and sometimes keep investigators from being misled by false impressions.
  • Many economic, social, political, and military decisions cannot be made without statistical techniques, such as the design of experiments to gain government approval of a newly manufactured drug.
what do statisticians do
What Do Statisticians Do?
  • Produce trustworthy data
  • Analyse data to make their meaning clear
  • Draw practical conclusions from data
  • Principles of 4-R’s: Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic and
  • “Reasoning under Uncertainty”
job characteristics
Job Characteristics
  • Use data to solve problems in a wide variety of fields
  • Apply mathematical and statistical knowledge to social, economic, medical, political, and ecological problems
  • Work individually and/or as part of an interdisciplinary team
  • Travel to consult with other professionals or attend conferences, seminars, and continuing education activities
  • Advance the frontiers of statistics, mathematics, and probability through education and research
  • If you enjoy any of these, a career in statistics may be right for you!
examples of statistics careers
Examples of Statistics Careers
  • Medicine

Search for improved medical treatments based on carefully designed experiments.

  • Environment

Produce data on the abundance and location of plants and animals, on the spread of pollution from its sources, and on the possible effects of changes in human activities.

  • Industry

Maintain quality of goods and services and the efficiency with which they are produced and delivered.

  • Government Surveys

How many people are unemployed this month? What do we export to China, and what do we import? Are rates of violent crime increasing or decreasing?

  • Market Research

Are consumer tastes in television programs changing? What are promising locations for a new retail outlet?

what do i do as a statistician
What do I do as a Statistician?
  • Sulfate pollution map of the Eastern US in 2001
scholarships and bursaries
Scholarships and Bursaries
  • Golden Jubilee Scholarships
  • Two scholarships comprising the full value of tuition fees for the normal duration of study in the School of Mathematics.
  • School Scholarships
  • Scholarships of up to £5,000 per annum will be awarded automatically to any international student who is accepted on an undergraduate degree programme. These scholarships will be awarded on the basis of examination performance: more than 80% in XII exams.

Golden Jubilee Scholar

Pradeep Subedi (06-09)

Southampton Mathematics Department is 2nd in the Country for graduate employment 6 months after graduation.

(Better than Bristol, Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, Imperial, Nottingham, Oxford and Warwick) (2008)


Academia, Accountancy, Actuarial, Aircraft Design, Banking, Brokerage, City Quant, Crime Analysis, Computer Game Design, Financial Analysis, Fusion Research, (ex-) Home Secretary, IT, Logistics, Management Consultancy, Marketing, Medical Research, Merchant Banking, Meteorology, Oceanography, Oil Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Security Service, Simulation, Statistician, Systems Analysis, Tax, Teaching, Transport Planner, Underwriter, Uranium production....

what we offer
What we offer
  • A student centred community
  • A caring staff, committed to teaching and sustaining an active learning environment
  • An international research programme inspiring a leading edge curriculum
  • An extremely broad undergraduate curriculum, feeding into a range of postgraduate opportunities
  • A track record of success in graduate employment and training