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Office of Research Integrity Assurance PowerPoint Presentation
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Office of Research Integrity Assurance

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Office of Research Integrity Assurance
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Office of Research Integrity Assurance

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  1. Office of Research Integrity Assurance Melanie Clark Research Admin Buzz meeting

  2. Name Change • Office of Research Compliance is now Office of Research Integrity Assurance • New URL •


  4. Conflict of Interest Management Office Jeff Steltzer Research Admin Buzz meeting

  5. FCOI Applies to • Any PHS research funding by means of a grant, cooperative agreement and though the implementation of Subpart F by the Institution.

  6. PHS Agencies • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) • Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) • Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) • Indian Health Service (IHS) • National Institutes of Health (NIH) • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

  7. What awards and who? • As of August 24, 2012 all awards will require the PI have disclosed the FCOI. • Applies to: • New awards • Competing Continuations • Noncompeting Continuations • Change of Institution • This doesn’t apply to NCEs. August 24, 2012

  8. FCOI and Subawards • FDP Clearinghouse • Letter of Intent- include a certification that they are in compliance w/ regulations • Not in FDP Clearinghouse- • Institution must provide a URL or paper copy of their COI policy

  9. FCOI and Subawards • Subawards may NOT incur preaward costs. • Costs cannot incurred until : • All disclosures have been made and any possible conflicts have been eliminated, reduced, or managed. • AND A fully executed agreement is in place.

  10. New Routing Sheet

  11. Certifications • I certify that I have read and understand the Institute's conflict of interest policy all required financial disclosures were made; and I will comply with any conditions or restrictions imposed by the Institute to manage, reduce, or eliminate conflicts of interest •

  12. FCOI • All PHS proposals must use new routing sheet immediately. Everyone else Oct 2012. • All Investigators must have AC completed prior to proposal submission. • Any students involved in design, conduct, or reporting of research must be named and complete an AC. • 80% of Invention Disclosures include students

  13. More FCOI policies to come?? • American Heart Association • American Cancer Society • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation • National Science Foundation • OIG review showed NSF was not sufficiently monitoring possible conflicts of interest

  14. eCOI System •

  15. Grants and Contracts Accounting Sandy Mason Research Admin Buzz meeting

  16. G&C Updates • Cost Share Accounting and Reporting • Expenses should be posted to separately-budgeted companion cost share projects as incurred during the award performance period • Prior year documentation and/or certification require additional approvals • Quarterly report based on data in admin systems • Sponsored Project Exceptions

  17. G&C Updates • ARRA Reporting – Quarter ending 9/30/12 • PI Quarterly Update Deliverables • Timely submission by stated OSP deadlines – The reports must be filed by the Federal deadline • OMB Guidance – Acceleration of Unspent Funds • Federal Agencies have been directed to take steps to complete ARRA projects by September 30, 2013 • Update from NSF – NSF has submitted a draft waiver request to OMB and will reach out to each PI to let them know if their award (with a current term date after 9/30/13) was included in the request

  18. G&C Updates • NIH Salary Cap • Base Salary reduced to Executive Level II amount ($179,700) on new awards with initial Issue Date on/after Dec. 23,2011 • Reference G&C Notice 12-I, dated January 24, 2012 ( • Requires additional Institutional funding • Not part of required Cost Share • Questions: Contact Robert Ellington, SPD Center 4-3488 or

  19. Office of Sponsored Programs Candice Ferguson Research Admin Buzz meeting

  20. Industry Proposal Submissions • • Unless the proposal is from GTRI, then it goes through WebWISE.

  21. Sequestration • Budget Control Act of 2011 • Automatic, across-the-board spending cuts are scheduled to occur in January 2013 • Affect both mandatory and discretionary spending • Split evenly between defense and nondefense accounts

  22. NSF PAPPG 13-1 • Release Date: October 2012 • Effective Date: January 2013 • Features- • Clarification and enhancement of review criteria • Broader Impacts • Intellectual Merit

  23. NSF PAPPG 13-1 • Updates to guidance for indirect costs • New format for submission of Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources in Fastlane • Assist compliance w/ NSF cost sharing policy • Info on Award Cash Management $ervice (ACM$) that will replace Fastlane Cash Request Service

  24. NSF PAPPG 13-1 • Modification to COI coverage, Office of General Counsel to work w/ institutions that report an unmanageable COI • New guidance on Dual Use Research or Concern

  25. Travel Regulations • The recently released  Travel & Expense (Aug 2012) updates and enhancements: • To clarify page 5 info on Business Class Travel: • The below statement applies to all of campus if traveling on federal sponsored travel. • GTRI is required to adhere to Federal Travel Regulations which prohibit Business class airfares for trips less than 14 hrs. Please consult your unit Business Officer to determine if your project or funds source will allow business class travel. •

  26. WebWISE • Reporting Tools • • COGNOS Awards Report • New way to submit RCR Deliverable

  27. RCR FAQs • What is an RCR deliverable and how do I satisfy it? • Answer:    The RCR deliverable is an annual certification from the PD/PI asserting that the RCR training requirements for the award have been met. • Copy/paste the following statement in the “comments to OSP” in the Deliverable system.  The PI must also check the box “cannot upload file.”  Hit submit. • The statement is: • I certify that all of the students (undergraduate, graduate) and postdoctoral fellows funded by this project have complied with the Georgia Institute of Technology Responsible Conduct of Research Policy. I understand the following documentation system will be the system of record for Phase II: In Person Training.

  28. RCR FAQs • Are postdocs allowed to attend PHIL 6000? • Answer: Yes but the process of registering is different for postdocs than it is for graduate students. Postdocs must receive a registration link from OSP for the course. [Since they aren’t matriculated students they cannot register for the course and the record won’t be in Banner.]

  29. RCR FAQs • What options do postdoctoral researchers have to complete the in-person RCR training requirement? • Answer: Postdoctoral researchers can: • a. Participate in a class, seminar, or other interactive approach developed by the School that addresses ethical issues relevant to the discipline as well as broader issues of research integrity; or • b. Participate in regularly scheduled laboratory meetings or discussions that address ethical issues relevant to the discipline as well as broader issues of research integrity; or • c. Register through OSP’s system and attend the Research Ethics Course (PHIL 6000) offered by the Ivan Allen College; or

  30. RCR FAQs • Many departments have methods courses that cover RCR topical areas. The PI and post-doc can write up a plan of action as to what days to attend the class to appropriately cover the required 4 hours of training. This plan should be agreed to by both parties and kept in the departmental project file. This kind of decision would be left up to the departments if they want to do this and also have the space in these classes.

  31. CRA Study Group • New Certified Research Administrators • Jim Childers • Sandy Barber • Gabrielle Slappey • Candice Ferguson • Next CRA Study Group will start Thursday, September 20 (lunch will be provided) •

  32. Research Admin Buzz Thank you for coming