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Nathalie Girouard Coordinator Green Growth and Sustainable Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Nathalie Girouard Coordinator Green Growth and Sustainable Development

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Nathalie Girouard Coordinator Green Growth and Sustainable Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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International Business Green Economies Dialogue: Getting Green Growth Policies Right USCIB Side-event. Nathalie Girouard Coordinator Green Growth and Sustainable Development. Brochure: OECD work of relevance to Rio+20 Available from The OECD Green Growth Strategy.

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International Business Green Economies Dialogue: Getting Green Growth Policies RightUSCIB Side-event

Nathalie GirouardCoordinator Green Growth and Sustainable Development


Brochure: OECD work of relevance to Rio+20

  • Available from
the oecd green growth strategy
The OECD Green Growth Strategy
  • Multi-disciplinary inter-governmental process
    • Involving 25 OECD Committees: delegates from Ministries of Finance, Economy, Environment, Agriculture, Development Co-operation, Industry, etc.
  • Strategy delivered to Heads of State and Ministers in 2011:
    • Towards Green Growth
    • Tools for delivering on green growth
    • Towards Green Growth: Measuring Progress – OECD Indicators
  • Embedded in OECD work onNew Approaches to Economic Challenges growth
delivering on green growth gg in oecd national and multilateral policy surveillance
Delivering on green growth: GG in OECD national and multilateral policy surveillance
  • Country peer reviews and studies
      • Economic Surveys
      • Environmental Performance Reviews
      • Innovation Reviews
      • Investment Policy Reviews
      • Green Cities Programme
  • Greening Growth and Going for Growth
      • Analyse the side effects of growth-enhancing policy priorities on the environment (and on income distribution)
      • Analyse the links between environmental policies and outcomes and the effects of environmental policies on growth
green growth and developing countries
Green Growth and Developing Countries:
  • Proposes a policy framework and criteria for policy making that can be used by developing countries.
  • Will look at how progress could be assessed.
  • Based on consultation with developing countries ; helps developing country partners shape a green growth agenda relevant to them .
  • An interim version of the report is being presented for consultation at Rio+20; then in-depth consultation at regional and country levels.
delivering on green growth oecd sectoral and thematic green growth studies
Delivering on green growth: OECD Sectoral and Thematic Green Growth Studies
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Energy (OECD/IEA)
  • Biodiversity
  • Water
  • Development
  • Innovation and technology transfer
  • Freedom of investment for green growth
  • Green Financing
  • Environmental regulations and growth
  • Job potential of a shift towards a low-carbon economy
removing inefficient fossil fuel subsidies good for the environment and the economy
Removing inefficient fossil fuel subsidies: good for the environment and the economy

Multilateral subsidy removal would lead to 6% less greenhouse gas emissions globally in 2050 than BAU

Impacts on GDP of unilateral subsidy phase out in 2050

(% deviation from baseline)

(1) Middle East & Northern Africa

(2) Other Asian, African and Latin American Emerging economies

Source : OECD ENV-Linkages Model; based IEA subsidies data for the year 2009

support to fossil fuel production and use in advanced economies by fuel type
Support to fossil fuel production and use in advanced economies, by fuel type

Note: This graph is based on an arithmetic sum of the individual support measures identified for a sample of 21 OECD countries, i.e. the 24 OECD countries included in the inventory net of those countries for which estimates have not been collected yet (Chile, Iceland and Luxembourg). It reflects the value of tax relief measured under each jurisdiction’s benchmark tax treatment. The estimates do not take into account interactions that may occur if multiple measures were to be removed at the same time

Source: OECD (2011), Inventory of Estimated Budgetary Support and Tax Expenditures for Fossil Fuels.

revenues from environmentally related taxes in per cent of gdp selected countries 2010
Revenues from environmentally related taxes In per cent of GDP, selected countries, 2010

the importance of clear policy signals trends in patenting activity worldwide
THE IMPORTANCE OF CLEAR POLICY SIGNALSTrends in patenting activity worldwide

Note: Patent counts refer to the number of "claimed priorities", by the first filing date worldwide, shown as 3-year moving averages and indexed on the year 1997.

Source: OECD calculations based on data extracted from the EPO Worldwide Patent Statistical Database (PATSTAT, October 2011) using algorithms developed at the OECD and the EPO. See Energy and Climate Policy and Innovation: Bending the Trajectory (OECD, 2012).

green growth indicators in practice
Green Growth Indicators in practice

Green growthindicators are used inOECD work: country studies, peerreviews

Green growthindicators are applied incountries (OECD countries, emergingeconomies, developing countries)

  • The Czech Republic, Korea and theNetherlands have applied the OECDgreen growth measurement framework
  • Work is underway in Mexico, Colombia,Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay,in partnership with UNIDO.
  • Work is underway in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Work is planned in East-Asian countries.

 Feedback on policy relevance

 Exchange of experience and best practices

 Contribution to indicator improvement



    • enhance and expand efforts to identify and address major knowledge gaps in green growth theory and practice
    • help countries design and implement green growth policy