celebrating jg62 2014 reunion caribbean cruise on oasis by the sea n.
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Celebrating JG62 2014 Reunion Caribbean Cruise on Oasis by the Sea 建中五十一年度 校友團聚同學會 PowerPoint Presentation
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Celebrating JG62 2014 Reunion Caribbean Cruise on Oasis by the Sea 建中五十一年度 校友團聚同學會

Celebrating JG62 2014 Reunion Caribbean Cruise on Oasis by the Sea 建中五十一年度 校友團聚同學會

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Celebrating JG62 2014 Reunion Caribbean Cruise on Oasis by the Sea 建中五十一年度 校友團聚同學會

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  1. Celebrating JG62 2014 ReunionCaribbean Cruiseon Oasis by the Sea建中五十一年度校友團聚同學會 US Eastern Region Alumni Branch Host 02-01-2013

  2. Executive Summary • Cruise: April 19 ~ 26, 2014, Eastern Caribbean Cruise • Depart and Arrive at Fort Lauderdale, Florida • 44 Double occupation cabins (higher and lower deck with ocean view windows) have been reserved; cost per person is US$1,189.31 (higher deck) and US$1,169.31 (lower deck) • Other cabins, i.e., interior, balcony and suite, are available (See cruise reservation for details) • Reservation Deposit required by June 8, 2013 US$250.00 per person (US$500.00 per Cabin). Note: please find a roommate if you travel alone without companion. Please inform reunion committee if you have difficulty to find a roommate. We (and Travel Agent) may be able to find one for you. However, it can not be guaranteed. It is your responsibility to find roommate , otherwise, you may pay full cabin fee. • Price not included: Shore and Land Excursions , Extra Tips, and other incidence fee

  3. Executive Summary (cont.) • Airline Travel recommendation: • Consult with local travel agent for airline ticket reservation • All classmates and guests need to arrive at Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale, FL) by Noon of April 19, 2014 (Cruise departs at 5:00 PM) • Recommend itinerary: • For classmates from Taiwan or other part of world • Taiwan  Los Angeles, US Las Vegas (Tour Bus)  Ft. Lauderdale  Los Angeles, US  Taiwan • For Classmates from US • Arrive and depart from Fort Lauderdale, US • Please add airline route to Los Angeles (include Airfare from Las Vegas to Ft. Lauderdale) from your home city as you choose to participate Pre-Union Land Tour, and depart from Ft. Lauderdale to your hometown • Cruise Ship information and Land Tour attractions are included • Payment methods Credit Card (prefer), Check, Cash (Direct Wire) • Other details will announce and distribute as they are available

  4. 籌備會召集人 穆椿榮,徐紹熾 周啟超 張哲壽 國外地區 臺灣地區 籌備會 顧問 聯絡人 徐正雄 未定 周同培 徐正雄 招待顧問 文書顧問 節目顧問 休閒旅遊顧問 張敬寅 葉定葳 祝開景 呂哲夫 網站顧問 財務顧問 攝影顧問

  5. 國外地區 聯絡人 邢長城 袁 定 葉定葳 呂哲夫 楊盛成 周慶華 美東地區 南加地區 北加地區 陳讚煌 曹裕璜 顧石生 黃揚清 劉成均 姚詩凱 美中地區 夏威夷地區 美南地區 大陸港澳地區 邱泰真 翁達夫 穆椿榮 吳罕台 美東南地區 加拿大中南美地區 歐洲大洋洲及其他地區

  6. 臺灣地區 聯絡人 陳哲夫 李彩添 路重威 林榮典 一班 三班 二班 四班 陳鐘杉 王惠中 方平輝 陳永宗 陳進旺 七班 五班 六班 老一班 林金填 陳鐘杉 吳俊智 江 宏 老五班 九班 八班 十班

  7. 2014 JK62 Class Reunion • Reunion Committee Structure • Formal kick-off JG62 2014 reunion preparation was on February 1, 2013 • Committee and organization structure established (see chart 2 ~ 4) • Reunion Cruise • The reunion trips will be a 8 days/7 nights East Caribbean cruise and the date will be April 19 - April 26, 2014 • Cruise ship is Royal Caribbean cruise ship, a 220,000 tons ship, the Oasis of the Seas. • The traveling schedule for Taiwan classmates will be organized by 周啟超 , 張哲壽 .

  8. 2014 JK62 Class Reunion (Pre-Reunion Land Tour) • Reunion Cruise (Cont.) JG62 2014 Reunion committee will take tally (head counts) for all classmates and friends for participation • Accounts receivable • 穆椿榮, 徐紹熾open a Bank of America checking account for JG62 2014 reunion • 周啟超, 張哲壽 will help Taiwan classmates to wire expenses to Bank of America checking account • Payment option: Credit Card (prefer), Check, Cash (Direct Wire) • All accounts receivable will be designated at Band of America checking account • Accounts Payable • All expenses incurred will be paid from US Bank of America Checking account • All expenses related to the pre-reunion trip and reunion cruise will be paid to designated travel agent (Happy Tours, 徐正雄) • All accounting practice is subject to public review

  9. 2014 JK62 Class ReunionReunion Events • Gifts • We will contact classmates who had donated gifts on 2012 reunion and we encourage your recommendation for any one we may contact. • Program Planning • 周同培 • Formal kick-off JG62 2014 reunion preparation was scheduled on February 1, 2013 • Working on Committee roster from United States Eastern Region, and overseas

  10. Cruise Reservation Details • Cruise Reservation and Deposit requirement • Cruise starts on April 19, 2014 (Saturday) • Cost per person: Taxes are included within Quotes (US dollar base) • $1,189.31 for Cat.- # H (25 requested) (higher deck with ocean view windows) • $1,169.31 for Cat. - # I (19 requested) (lower deck with ocean view windows) • $1,099.31 for Interior Cabin • $1,469.31 for Balcony Cabin • Junior Suite • $2,419.31 per person for Guest 1 & 2 • $1,469.31 per person for Guest 3 & 4 • Shore and Land Excursions are not included • Deposit • $250.00 per person due June 8, 2013 (refundable before Feb. 3, 2014) • Balance due Feb. 3, 2014 • Cancellation Protection Insurance: $89.00 per person (recommend to all classmates)

  11. Cruise Reservation Details • Cancellation Schedule

  12. Cruise Itinerary • Cruise Itinerary

  13. Cruise Ship – Oasis of The Sea • Oasis of the Sea (Royal Caribbean, International) • Oasis of the Seasand Allure of the Seas are the largest and most revolutionary cruise ships in the world.  Architectural marvels at sea, they span 16 decks, encompass 225,282 gross registered tons, carrying 5,400 guests at double occupancy, and feature 2,700 staterooms.  The ships sail weekly from their home port of Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  14. Cruise Ship – Oasis of The Sea

  15. Itinerary Map

  16. Conclusion • The goal of this JG62 2014 Reunion Committee is to provide a memorable and enjoyable Event. Due to the advanced age of our classmates, we designed this reunion under a rule of safety first. We request those classmates who are in medical field to bring your emergency kit with you in case we might need your assistance. • Committee has been working very hard to satisfy all classmates from every corner of the world. Nevertheless, we may unintentionally make ignorance errors and mistakes or inconsiderable coverage. We apologize for these happening, However, please provide your concern to us and we will try hard to accommodate your request under our ability.

  17. Contact • 穆椿榮 (David Muh) 2班 • Mailing Address: 4975 Dixie Highway NE., Unit 701 Palm Bay, FL 32905 • Telephone: 321-725-8501 Home) • E-mail: • 徐紹熾 (Robert Hsu) 6班 • Mailing Address: 48 Mason Farm Road Ringoes, NJ 08551 • Telephone: 908-237-2507 (Home) • E-mail: