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Blower Door Quickie Set-Up Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Blower Door Quickie Set-Up Guide

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Blower Door Quickie Set-Up Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blower Door Quickie Set-Up Guide. RetroTec Blower Door Duct Tester DM-2 Meter. Color Coded Connections . Retrotec DM-2 will work with all of these devices. Input B Ref B Ref A Input A. Program your DM2 for Blower Door (or Duct Tester). Turn Manometer ON Press On/Off button

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Presentation Transcript

Blower Door

Quickie Set-Up Guide


Color Coded



Input B

Ref B

Ref A

Input A

program your dm2 for blower door or duct tester
Program your DM2 forBlower Door (or Duct Tester)

Turn Manometer ON

PressOn/Off button


Set Up Manometer

Press Setup button

Arrow up or down to Device Setup, then press Enter

Enable/disable Devices

Highlight with up down arrows, right arrow clicks yes/no

Select 1000

eliminate duct tester DU 200 for a dedicated blower door meter

HitEXITonce set up

Scroll and select Mode Set Up press Enter

Enable/Disable different tests

Flow cfm @ 50 Pa should be active: to change scroll to test pressure then press Enter.Change to desired pressure, then press Enteragain.

For Duct Tester change to 25 pa

Exit, Exit to get to the main screen


N = .60 ( located in Setup )

Time = 1 second ( toggle Time Avgbutton)

Zero = On ( toggle Auto Zero button)


Meter always wants to go back to default screen, always just press Exit to return to previous screen

  • You can change the Full Screen Timeout duration by pressing Setupand scroll down to Full Screen Timeout (15 seconds is a good start)
check devices enabled
Check Devices Enabled
  • Toggle Device to see what is enabled
    • Should display only the devices you want to use
  • For Blower Door Retrotec 1000
    • Leave on screen, press Range/Config
      • Scrolls through variousPlates
      • Make sure the setting matches actual equipment configuration
      • Leave at this configuration, don’t need to press Enter
  • Hint: to start your tests with a good guess at the correct Plate use the following flow ranges for Model 1000 Blower Door:

Open = 5,600 cfm

A = 4,000 cfm

B = 3,000 cfm


RetrotecBlower Door TestAssumes DM-2 Set up for Blower DoorPress ONPress Exit (to continue)Pressure and Flow @ 50Set @ Pressure (to 50Pascals)Punch Buttons 5 and 0Press EnterPress Exit Twice (to Stop Test)


Makes your meter much easier to use

NOfor Duct Tester

Yes for Blower Door


Press Mode

  • Shows two channels A&B
  • Toggle through Mode again to look at fields:
    • Channels A & B
    • Pressure / Flow
    • Air Changes/Hour + volume ft3
  • Press @Pressure to get meter to convert and display CFM @ 50

(toggles between the @ and actual flows)

For a 2-Point Test, turn the @ 50 off, then set speed to 25 to get the 25 and 50 values for the 2 Point Test

change volume
Change Volume

Press Modeuntil volume is displayed

Press Entervolume Area

Clears the current volume

Enter new volume with number keys

For air changes per hour use Ft3

(ELA would use ft2, enable ELA with Mode settings)

Press Enterto save your input

automatic run recommended
Automatic Run Recommended

Once equipment is set up and meter settings are correct, it is recommended to run the fan speed through manometer

PressSet Pressure

Blower Door: Set Room Pressure to @50 Pa

Press Enter

The fan will respond automatically

Be prepared!

retrotec blower door please confirm contents

Retrotec Blower DoorPlease confirm contents:

Large Case

Fan + Plates

Plate A

Plate B

Plate C-8

Fabric Door Panel + Fan Cover

Power Cord

Tubing: Red, Green, Blue (and extras)

Tube Fittings

Static Pressure Tap

Door Panel Frame

retrotec blower door please confirm contents1

Retrotec Blower DoorPlease confirm contents:

Meter Case

DM-2 Meter

Power Supply/Charger

“Umbilical” Cord

8 – 3” black plugs for C-8 plate

USB Cable

Useful Forms + Handouts


on site equipment list
On-Site Equipment List
  • Smoke Tube
  • TEC Exhaust Flow Meter
  • Pressure Pan
  • Foam Blocks
  • Flashlight / Headlight
  • Cordless Drill + Bits + Extra Battery
  • Screw Drivers
  • Vise Grips/Wrench
  • “Duct” Tape
  • Leatherman/Knife + Cardboard
  • Ladder / Stool
  • Calculator + Camera
  • Booties + Tyvek Suit
  • Trash Bags + Paper Towels