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Arabian Night

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Arabian Night. Balance Breed Character Muscling Structural Correctness Tracking Tallness. Breed Character. Head – Protrusion between eyes and dished face – Jibbah Large wide set eyes narrowing to a delicate muzzle with large nostrils – teacup Small alert ears Deep rounded jaw

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arabian night

Arabian Night


Breed Character


Structural Correctness



breed character
Breed Character

Head – Protrusion between eyes and dished face – Jibbah

Large wide set eyes narrowing to a delicate muzzle with large nostrils – teacup

Small alert ears

Deep rounded jaw

Attachment at the poll and cleanliness of throatlatch – Mitbah

Long arching swan like neck set high on top of a laid back shoulder

Short flat back

Long flat croupwith high tail carriage

Deep, square hip

Long underline

Deep heart girth with spring to the rib

reasons terms you should use
Reasons Terms you should use
  • Refinement, delicate, elegance, style, graceful, presence
  • Symmetry, balance
  • Brilliance, animation, finesse, bolder, vibrancy
  • Longer, shorter, sharper, cleaner, higher, lower, flatter, straighter, wider, narrower, deeper, shallower, larger, smaller, heavier, lighter


  • I placed this class of Arabian Mares with an obvious top in 2, logical second in 4, and close bottom with 3 then 1.
  • 1st pair:
  • I started with 2, the bay, as she combined her type, femininity and structural correctness to a higher degree. In placing 2 over 4, 2 was typier about her head with more elegance down the jibbah and more depth and style in the mitbah. A longer more dramatically arched neck tied more smoothly into a shorter and stronger back and loin which carried into a longer, more level croup with a higher-set tail. Furthermore, she was more structurally correct behind standing on larger, lower set hocks and showed more brilliance at the trot.

1st pair continued

  • I realize that 4, the chestnut with two hind socks, was wider across the hips, thus indicating a higher reproductive potential, but she is flatter down the jibbah with smaller eyes and larger ears.
  • Transition Statement:
  • In reference to my middle pair of less feminine mares, I easily found 4 over 3.
  • 2nd pair
  • 4 was more balanced throughout with a higher neck carriage blending into a deeper heart girth with more spring of rib. In addition, she was longer and deeper down the croup and hip and stood on more delicate bone. Finally, she tracked straighter at the walk and trot with more finesse

2nd pair continued

  • Admittedly, 3 the chestnut with a star and snip, was more upstanding, however, she is shallow in the heart girth, stands pigeon toed and paddles at the trot.
  • Transition Statement:
  • Advancing to my bottom pair of less balanced individuals I preferred 3 over 1.
  • 3rd pair
  • 3 was a larger mare with more body capacity overall. She displayed a larger, more expressive eye and was more stylish with more presence in her neck down through a more angulated shoulder. Moreover, she was stronger in her top line with a prouder tail set.

3rd pair continued

  • I cannot deny that 1, the flea bitten grey, showed greater vibrancy and animation at the trot, but I must criticize her and place her last for displaying a coarser head which ties into a shorter, lower set neck with a fleshy throatlatch. Additionally, she is weaker over the top with a lower back and more rounded croup. Stepping to the rear, she stood cow hocked and moved out with a shorter stride.
  • Conclusion:
  • It is for these reasons I aligned this class of Arabian Mares 2,4,3,1. Thank you.