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mobile app development PowerPoint Presentation
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mobile app development

mobile app development

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mobile app development

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  1. Echo Innovate IT

  2. What is mobile app development? Mobile application development is like to Web application development and has its origins in more traditional software development. One serious difference, however, is that mobile applications (apps) are often written precisely to take advantage of the unique features a particular mobile device offers. For example, a gaming app might be written to take advantage of the iPhone's accelerometer.

  3. Mobile App Development Platforms iOS App Development BlackBerry App Development Android App Development Windows Mobile App Development

  4. Mobile App Development Process

  5. Mobile App Development Process(cont.) App Idea — Don’t just have an idea, but think about what you want within this app, what you want it to do, and what screens you want. Storyboard Sketch — Draw out your storyboard on a piece of paper. Simple sketches will do. Figure out what buttons take you to which screens. This doesn’t have to be every screen or button location, but it’s the basic skeleton. Design — (Optional) I personally use Adobe Xd, but Sketch 3 is really good, too. You don’t need to design in a software platform outside of Xcode, so skip this step if you wish. Since it’s your first app, you can make it look pretty later by integrating custom graphics, symbols, or icons. Xcode Design — Now, you can hop into Xcode. Get to designing the UI with constraints and stack views, etc. If you get stumped, use Google and search how to do each thing.

  6. Mobile App Development Process(cont.) BaaS/API/CocoaPods — I like to use Firebase for my Backend-as-a-Service. It allows for an easier workflow, so if you wish to use a BaaS/API or something else, implement it around the same time as creating your UI in Xcode. Xcode Coding — Now it’s time to dive into the code and start implementing your idea. Assuming you’re making a social media app, start off with getting most things working for the login/sign up screen, then the home feed, then the profile page, and so on. Test, Debug, Revise — This is where you try your best to break your app: not by changing your code, but by pretending you’re an end user trying out all of the available features. If something breaks, fix it. App Store Launch — It’s time to launch your app to the App Store, after purchasing your $99/year developer fee.

  7. Benefits Of Mobile App Development • Improves Efficiency • Offers High Scalability • Secures Your App Data • Integrates With Existing Software • Easy to Maintain • Improves Customer Relationship • Facilitates New Client Data Retrieval • Provides Real-time Project Access • Ease in Project Management • Record Digital Files for Accountability

  8. Things Need To Consider While Developing a Custom Mobile App Faster Time to Market - Custom business apps should be cost-effective and should be created within a quick turnaround time so that it can go to market quickly Improved Efficiency - The custom apps need to be tweaked and corrected for better efficiency to ensure that the final solution is effective and results in distinct improvement Multiple Network Compatibility - The app developed need to be tested for multiple operators and ensure that the app works across different networks in various countries Data Security - Most of the apps are developed for more than a single user use hence it must offer strong authentication and secure access to data

  9. Things Need To Consider While Developing a Custom Mobile App (cont.) Battery Life - The app must be tested for the affect it has on battery life, as apps which drain out the battery quickly are not preferred by the users Impressive UI/UX - The custom app should have an attractive user interface and provide a great user experience to the customers Efficient Data Synchronization - The app must be able to synchronize data with the server on a regular basis at a suitable frequency Streamlined Communication Channel - An appropriate channel of communication must be defined for the app such as messaging, WAP, etc.

  10. Technology Used In Mobile App Development Swift – If you are developing something specific for Apple products, Swift is the language to seek. It has advanced features with least coding that can be easily maintained. C++ – It forms the basis for most programming languages and possesses the power to create dynamic apps. The simple and effective compiler based approach creates it a multipurpose tool that can be used for multiple platforms.   Java – This object-oriented programming language is the authorized language for Android development. This language is easy to handle and several open source libraries are made available for users to pick from. HTML5 – There is no better technology to use than HTML5 if your organization is viewing at developing web-frontend applications for mobile devices. PHP – A rather easy language to learn, PHP is object-oriented and uses a three-layered model to support create dynamic mobile apps and web applications. It works abundant for apps that require database integration.

  11. About Echo Innovate IT We Echo innovate IT – custom software development company create robust Android and iPhone apps for our enterprise and start-up clients across the globe. Address: 15592 60th Ave North Plymouth, Minnesota 55446, United States +1 (386) 675-0158