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Game Introduction

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Game Introduction.

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Game Introduction

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game introduction
Game Introduction
  • The Consensus Hunt Game is an entertaining, game-based process which allows a group of ideally four developers to consensually find the best solution for a problem occurring in their everyday lives. The game is developed by a group of four teenage children (12-16 years old). The game consists of a decision-tree presentation with inter-linked slides directing the user from the problem definition through various action decisions, each with a subsequent outcome, in order to reach the best solution to the situation. There is only one correct path through the decision tree, only one set of decisions will lead the user to the desired outcome. Thus, players are learning consensus techniques as a process, about decision outcomes which frequently involve a consensus scenario. As every community faces unique challenges, the game can be usefully tailored to each playing audience. As a result, the game needs to be tailored by local, knowledgeable game developers in order for the game to have its intended outcome.
game rules
Game Rules

To play this game the user will follow the steps listed below:

  • After reading the rules and introduction to the game, the user analyzes the situation laid out in the game, and selects the solution that he or she thinks is the best.
  • Once the user clicks through on this solution, a subsequent slide will appear with additional outcome alternatives. Once again, the user clicks through the most suitable solution, is presented with an additional set of options, and so on.
  • If the user feels that he or she is going in the wrong direction, he or she can use the links provided either to go back one level or to the beginning and restart the game.
  • Once he or she reaches the final stage, a message will be displayed to inform the user if they reached the right answer. If so, the user will be congratulated; if not, the user will have the error explained, and will be advised to restart the game and to find another route through the decision tree which will lead to a better solution.

I was only 12 years old when this incident happened.

My friend invited me to a party in a club to

celebrate his birthday …

So I wanted to go, and I knew that my mom won’t let me

go to a club,

So I had to choose between one of these three decisions :

A: should I Lie?

C: Should I forge

about the party?

B: Should I ask my parents?


A: Well, I lied and told them that:

Play Again

A3: My friend is

celebrating his

Birthday at the


and not in

A club

A1: I’m going to

dine at a friend’s


A2: I’m going to

study at a




B: On the birthday’s evening,

I asked them if I could go,

but they disagreed, as I have expected.

What a bad situation I

was facing. What should I have done?

Play Again

B3: I started


them and

I promised

that I’ll do

extra house


B1: I kept


and I wanted

to argue

with them…


this might help

B2: I got mad

and I started


and crying.


they'll feel

bad for me


C: I apologized to my friend & I explained

why I won’t show up at the party.

But my presence

meant a lot for him ,so he proposed that

he will speak to my parents, maybe he’ll

convince them .So what was

the best choice I had to take?

Play Again

C3: I didn’t like the

Idea, because I was

afraid of my


C1: I disagreed


C2: I agreed



A1: My friend asked

me If everything was ok,


what should I have told him?

A1a: that

my mom has

accepted that I go to

the party with him

(I lied)


That I lied to my mom

pretending that I’m

dining at his house

A1c: Ignored the


Go Back

Play Again


A2: But I noticed that my

Mom doubted

about the


In this case how

should I have behaved?

A2a: I didn't give

up & I kept lying…

A2b: I had a bad

feeling about my lie

so I decided to

confess, but it was

too late…

A2c: I didn’t feel

anything because it

wasn’t my first lie

to my mom, but

maybe the last…

Go Back

Play Again


A3: So my mom seemed

to be convinced, but she

was skeptic .So a few

hours before the party she

went to McDonald’s to check

if there would be any parties there.

There were no parties .Back home,

she asked me for an explanation

So I:

A3a: kept lying

and I told her

that my friend

has changed

the place of

the party

A3c: I couldn’t

take any risk.

So I told her

that the party

was canceled…

A3b: I was so afraid

that Mom caught me at the

end .So I couldn’t keep

lying, and I gave up.

I told her the truth…

Go Back

Play Again


B1: I insisted and I

kept arguing. In your


how was I supposed to argue?

B1a: By

explaining that

my friend

means a lot

to me


saying that

I love

parties and


B1c:By stating


I will eat

cakes and

drinks and

I won’t

be late…

Go Back

Play Again


B2: Instead of giving

me any attention,

they shouted at


So, how should

I have reacted!!!

B2a:I cried more

and more,

thinking this

will make

them feel

bad and

they will let

me go to the party.

B2b: I


forgot about it

B2c: I shouted


at my parents

and started


Go Back

Play Again


B3: First of all, they seemed

to like my idea of doing house

chores, but at the end they insisted

that I stay at home.

How should I have

convinced them more?

B3a: I told them that

I wanted

to go, so I packed

my things and I ran

away from the

house, straight

to the party…

B3b: I doubled my

offer to three

months of house


B3c: I suggested


I’ll baby-sit

my little sis in the

weekends if

they let me go to

the party…

Go Back

Play Again


C1: I disagreed with my friend’s idea,

but I really wanted to go to the party

so I decided to:


my room

door ,sneak from

the window ,go

to the party and then

Come back home..


my things,

leave a note

in my bedroom

and leave

straight to the



away From the

house, and to go

to the party.

Go Back

Play Again


C2: I liked my friend’s idea

and I asked him


C2a: lie to my

mom and tell her

that I’m going

to sleep at his house

C2b: tell her the

truth, maybe she

will be convinced

C2c: tell her the

truth but


the clubbing part

Go Back

Play Again


C3: I didn't like my friend’s idea.

He was very sad , so I:

C3b: wished him

a happy birthday

C3c: I bought him

a nice present

for his birthday

C3a: kissed him and

hugged him and

I wished him a

very Happy


Go Back

Play Again


Sorry you Lost

Maybe I didn’t

lose my

friend, but

I didn’t go to the


Go back to the beginning



You won!



I I didn’t lose my


I went to the party

and I had my parent’s

permission !





Sorry you Lost

I I don’t know how

but my mom

discovered that

I was lying!

Go back to the beginning


Sorry you Loose

It didn’t matter

how much I cried

or begged,

because at the

end my parents

didn’t let me


Go back to the beginning


Sorry you Lost

I don’t know how,

but at the end

my friend knew

that I was lying!

Go back to the beginning


Sorry you Lost

At the end, my

friend knew

that I didn’t have

my parent’s

permission so

he didn’t want

me to lie to them

& I didn’t go to

the party!

Go back to the beginning


Sorry you Lost

My friend didn’t

want me to lie to

my parents .So

he asked me to

tell Them the

truth And sadly

I didn’t go to

the party

Go back to the beginning


Sorry you Lost

It was too late!

My lie cost me

a punishment for

two weeks.

So I missed

the party!!

Go back to the beginning


Sorry you Lost

At the end, they

Forbid me

form going to


party because

I was too


Go back to the beginning


Sorry you Lost

My parents

caught me before

I got to the party

and I was


Go back to the beginning


Sorry you Lost

I I was


because I

shouted on them!

Sadly no Party!!!

Go back to the beginning


Sorry you Lost

I forgot about

it and I didn’t go

to the party!

Go back to the beginning


Sorry you Lost

I forgot about

it and I didn’t go

to the party!

Go back to the beginning


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