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Ultra Rich Applications with WPF

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Ultra Rich Applications with WPF - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When Silverlight is not enough. Ultra Rich Applications with WPF. Laurent Bugnion Senior Software Engineer Siemens Building Technologies - Zug Email: laurent@galasoft.ch Blog: http://blog.galasoft.ch Site: http://www.galasoft.ch. Silverlight - A subset of .NET.

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ultra rich applications with wpf

When Silverlight is not enough

Ultra Rich Applicationswith WPF

Laurent Bugnion

Senior Software Engineer

Siemens Building Technologies - Zug

Email: laurent@galasoft.ch

Blog: http://blog.galasoft.ch

Site: http://www.galasoft.ch

silverlight a subset of net
Silverlight - A subset of .NET
  • Silverlight is not « just » presentation
  • Same application model
  • Recompile is needed
  • Not 100% compatible
why wpf
Why WPF?
  • Standalone applications
    • Silverlight is browser-hosted only
    • And in the future? …
  • 3D
    • Huge potential for data visualization, simulation systems etc…
    • Not as fast as Direct3D but easier to program
why wpf1
Why WPF?
  • Printing support
    • Better support for complex printing operations, reports, etc…
  • Text presentation, Layout
    • FlowDocument for dynamic presentation
    • FixedDocument (XPS) for static presentation
why wpf2
Why WPF?
  • Multi-Threading, Performance
    • Each Window can run in a separate Thread
    • Very comfortable multi-threading API
  • Offline work
    • With the Sync Framework, offline scenarios become supported
sync framework
Sync Framework

FeedSync Feed(RSS / Atom)

Line of Business




sync framework1
Sync Framework

Online clients

Offline clients with SQL Server Compact local store

Online clients



ADO.NET Data Services v.Next

ADO.NET Data Services v1

Sync-enabled data source

  • Microsoft Office
  • Window Forms
  • Direct3D
  • Legacy Applications
    • Microsoft Foundation Class MFC
    • ActiveX / COM
wpf deployment strategies
WPF Deployment Strategies

Standalone applications

MSI installation, Setup

Most complete / More complex

  • ClickOnce applications
    • Very easy
    • Auto update
    • Less complete
wpf deployment strategies1
WPF Deployment Strategies

XAML Browser Application XBAP

Full Trust with certificate

Partial Trust

different but similar
Different but similar

Great tool support

Same programming languages

Concepts, models and interfaces


Great communities

user experience continuum
User Experience Continuum

HTML, JavaScript, CSS

  • Silverlight
  • WPF Partial Trust XBAP
  • WPF Full Trust ClickOnce
  • WPF Full Trust MSI

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