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I reland. Natalie L opez Social studies, 6 12/18/12. Geography .

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i reland


Natalie Lopez

Social studies, 6



Here I was at Ireland in a taxi looking out the window I had pass by 6 different major landforms. They were called the Burren, Connemara, Glenveagh, Killarney, Wicklow Mountain, and Ballycroy. Finally the taxi drop me off at the beach which is the Atlantic ocean the Atlantic ocean is one of the relative location of Ireland. The beach Celtic sea was a couple of miles down which is also one of Ireland relative location. It was a little cold for summer but I didn't’t know that the average of Ireland for the summer was 65f !


I was done with the beach I was tired and wet a taxi pick me up and I went to the hotel. I ask someone where was a local restaurant I could go, but I couldn’t understand them because they were speaking Irish! A taxi had pick me up and I went to a restaurant that looked pretty cute. I had pick up a menu, I was reading it, everything sounded so good like… colcannon- mashed potatoes with cabbage and leeks, they also had other foods like… Irish stew- lamb with potatoes onions and carrots, I had ask a waiter if this is there popular foods from Ireland and he said yes. For the appetizers there were soda bread-light bread containing buttermilk and baking soda and black pudding- sausage made with pigs blood. For drinks they had a beer called stout and a lot of different teas. I had order the colcannon the soda bread and the beer, stout. It was really yummy. I woke up feeling really good I heard a lot of noises. Today was one of the holidays of Ireland, the bank holidays. They celebrated all day long I ask if there were anymore holidays coming up they said Christmas and Stephens day were coming up and new years day, st Patrick's day, Easter, and labour day already passed. During the day they played popular sports like hurling, Gaelic football, soccer, rugby, horse racing, and fishing. Today was a lot of fun!


I was walking around town when I saw sheep's cattle and horses that is there natural resources. I also found out that agriculture was Irelands nation lead industry. I ask a guy who was working if there were any famous products he said Guinness was the world famous brad of Irish stout also they produce over 100 different types of whiskey. I was walking around town some more when I saw this portfolio it had questions for tourists, and I was a tourist so I grab it and went to the hotel. I was reading it as I saw a cool question it said “is Ireland part of the European union”? I ask the cleaning lady and she said yes because we trade a lot of stuff with the European union. I was getting really bored so I looked at my money that they gave me in trade for American money and tried to pronounce it e… uros? I finally got it right euro.


Omg! I passed by the president house I was wondering if I could meet him but then this came inside my head if Ireland has a president then they are a democracy. I ask the body guard outside if I could meet the president but he looked at me weird when I said president he told me that in Ireland a president is called a prime minister so instead of president it was prime minster Mary McAleese.


I was looking through an old newspaper when it said history, major events that changed Ireland. It sounded pretty cool so I read the paragraph. Omg! I never knew that Ireland separated from great Britain in 1920 and became an independent country in 1949. wow that must have changed Ireland a lot.


today was the day I left Ireland I had a lot of fun learning smelling tasting seeing hearing and feeling new things I was sad about leaving but I was glad I was going home I was starting to feel home sick, but look at all the cool pictures I took while I was here. Bye!