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Iobidze M, Chikhladze N , Loria L

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Iobidze M, Chikhladze N , Loria L - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The State Health Insurance In Georgia. Iobidze M, Chikhladze N , Loria L. სადაზღვევო ბაზრის შემოსავლის წყაროები:. Insurance Market Sources. სადაზღვევო ბაზრის შემოსავლის წყაროები :.

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The State Health InsuranceIn Georgia

Iobidze M,


Loria L


სადაზღვევო ბაზრის შემოსავლის წყაროები:

Insurance Market Sources

სადაზღვევო ბაზრის შემოსავლის წყაროები:

Since 2007 the Government of Georgia took the responsibility to purchase insurance package from the private companies for its poor citizens and for the certain categories of the public servants, such as teachers, employers of military forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Since 2010, there were held tenders, as a result different private insurance companies serving different regions of the State


(წყარო: PSI საზოგადოებრივი განხილვები ჯანმრთელობს დაცვა და სოციალური)


Research was conducted in Imereti, where the most of the people are insured by the State insurance program.

(61 142 family, 181 218 people, 2011 year).


Research object: Research was conducted in Imereti region to find out the awareness level of the the vulnerable citizens and teachers on insurance system and medical services, also their rights and procedural issues, within the State insurance program. . Using random sampling method I made inquiries more than 280 vulnerable citizens and teachers from Kutaisi, Bagdati, Vani and Tskaltubo. On base of research I made some conclusions and references.


What don’t you like in your insurance company and what you would improve?


vulnerable citizens

  • Other:
  • Need a run to get finance;
  • The right to visit on desired doctor.;
  • Dentist service
  • To compensate all kinds of analysis.

Did you read the insurance contract during the

insurance proceedings?

vulnerable citizens


Did you get whole information what kind of medical services you can get within your insurance contract?


vulnerable citizens

are you informed where you can get medical services within your insur a nce contract
Are you informed, where you can get medical services within your insurance contract?

vulnerable citizens


do you know where you need to call to get an additional information
Do you know where you need to call to get an additional information?


vulnerable citizens

are there any facts to refrain from an insurance reimbursement
Are there any facts to refrain from an insurance reimbursement?

vulnerable citizens

does the acceptance of the insurance policy make available to get medical care
Does the acceptance of the insurance policy make available to get medical care?

vulnerable citizens



Do you like the quality of the medical services in hospitals?


vulnerable citizens

will you change something in your insurance package
Will you change something in your insurance package?


vulnerable citizens

Visit to desired doctor;get the desired medicine;service of dentist; To compensate all kinds of analysis;

To explain better the privilege of policy;“To simplify the insurance proceedings, otherwise healthy man will become ill !!!



C o n c l u s i o n:

  • The most of beneficiaries know the hospitals where they can get the medical service, but they are displeased, because they want to get medical service in other hospitals.
  • The most of beneficiaries said that the insurance policy made the medical service more available. But they had the facts that company didn’t compensate the service.
  • They are not satisfied with the quality of services and the professional skills of the employees' of insurance companies
  • The majority know what kind of medical services they can get within the insurance package, but they are dissatisfied with the fact that insurance companies do not reimburse specific diseases.


It is necessary to improve population awareness of the broad masses and service quality of the insurance companies;

Inform the insured population how to utilize the services;

Allow people to choose the insurance provider;

Make clear definition of the provisions, including the rights of the insured citizens, in the insurance contracts.


Thanks for your