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Separables Project Close-out PowerPoint Presentation
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Separables Project Close-out

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Separables Project Close-out - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Separables Project Close-out. P13458 RIT Senior Design Team May 3, 2013 9AM-11AM Dresser- Rand, Painted Post Agenda. Problem Statement and Goals Accomplishments & Recommendations: Transport System

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separables project close out

Separables Project Close-out

P13458 RIT Senior Design Team

May 3, 2013


Dresser- Rand, Painted Post

  • Problem Statement and Goals
  • Accomplishments & Recommendations: Transport System
  • Accomplishments & Recommendations: Shop 6 Layout
  • Reflections on the D-R/RIT Partnership
problem statement
Problem Statement

Design a flexible material handling system that is easy to useand incorporates the safest design elementswithin cost and functionality constraints. This design fully supports the new process layout in Dresser-Rand’s strategic project to increase capacity for the MOS compressor projected sales.

air pallet design 3p ergonomic issues
Air Pallet Design:3P Ergonomic Issues
  • During the 3P event it became apparent that the Fixed System would create a maze of obstacles when moving from station to station
  • Decisions were made to eliminate the fixtures at each station and modify the Free System for testing and shipping
  • Layout will also be spaced out to provide more maneuvering room from station to station
modified free system
Modified Free System
  • Conceptual design
    • Method of manufacture and dimensions undetermined
  • Removable fixture attaches to beam and acts like a jackstand
  • Overcomes flaws that were revealed during the 3P event
  • Stress analysis not completed
    • results should be comparable to the free system results
modified free system qualities
Modified Free System Qualities
  • Pros
    • No more fixtures
      • Resolves ergonomic issues discovered during the 3P event
      • Lowers move prep time – no longer need to configure fixtures from station to station
    • Bolt on legs removable for test and shipping
  • Cons
    • Requires the floor to be leveled
recommendations movement
Recommendations – Movement
  • Modify testing station to incorporate free-system design
    • Possible lifting/attachment to test bed
  • Determine lifting/loading method
    • Need 3-axis positioning without a crane
    • Modified Grey Portable Lifting system for vertical lifting
    • Back truck under lifted compressor
      • Air bearings under truck bed
      • Driver positioning
shop 6 layout post 3p event
Shop 6 Layout - Post 3P Event

Top Level

Assembly Level

3p event results
3P Event Results

*Factors not considered yet: Future Expansion

  • Re-evaluate test bay requirements for sizing and safety – retractable blast walls
  • Add in and test inventory flow and information flow
  • Understand exact requirements and locations for energy/power/air sources
  • Full dimensioning of layout
  • Computer simulation of process flow
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement
  • 5S taping and marking to indicate specific areas, i.e. operator walking zone inside cell, in-process kanban, visitor aisle way
  • Identify and allocate future expansion area
reflections on the d r rit partnership
Reflections on the D-R/RIT Partnership
  • Overall, very successful learning experience
    • Design process
    • Understanding fluctuating customer needs
    • Efficiency of communication
  • Recommend a “consulting” contract be completed at the start
  • Recommend creating a communications protocol to prevent delay in work as the team waits for feedback
thank you
Thank you!
  • Henry Bastian
  • Brent Hoban
  • Brian Spencer
  • Joe Willig
  • John Woedy
  • + all those who contributed to this project