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Creative Writing

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Creative Writing

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  1. Creative Writing Vocab Week 11 Verbose Verbs!

  2. refute • Hermione tried to refute Harry’s claims that the Half-Blood Prince was a decent person. She tried to find evidence to prove Harry wrong. • To disprove, to prove wrong or false

  3. preen • Hermione must have spent hours preening and brushing her hair to get ready for the big dance. Her date was a big time Quidditch player after all. • To clean one’s feathers (as in birds); to spend time primping or preparing to look good

  4. peeve • Peeves is a nettlesome poltergeist who likes to irritate and annoy people. He peeves them by dropping stuff on them, taunting them, singing rude songs, and general knavish tricks. • To annoy or irritate

  5. stupefy • The Confundus Charm stupefies and addles people; the Stupefy Charm stuns people and knocks them unconscious. That’s crazy, backwards word usage! • To confuse

  6. mediate • Harry grew tired of Ron and Hermione’s bickering. He tried to mediate to find some resolution, but they wouldn’t listen to his interventions. • To intervene in an attempt to bring reconciliation; to help opposing forces come to an agreement

  7. loathe • Harry loathes Potions Class; on the other hand, he loves Defense Against the Dark Arts. • To hate or abhor

  8. incite • George and Fred grew tired of Umbridge’s tyrannical rule. They incited rebellion at every chance they could. Many fought against her leadership by joining the DA. • To encourage or stir up; to urge or persuade, usually into violence

  9. mutiny • The twins finally grew completely fed up and mutinied by growing a magical swamp in the lobby. After their rebellion, they took off to start up their magical jokes shop. • To refuse to obey the orders of a person in authority (As a noun, it refers to rebellion against authority)

  10. glower • Snape glowered at Harry. How dare he sneak a peek at his memories! His angry stare turned Harry’s legs to mush. • To look angrily or sullenly at

  11. endeavor • Harry endeavored to find the horcruxes. He knew where many of them might be, but there were still a few. He and his friends would have to work very hard to achieve the destruction of Voldemort. • To try hard to achieve or accomplish

  12. hone • Harry helped the other students hone their skills at defense by forming Dumbledore’s Army. Their skills sharpened as they practiced. • To sharpen

  13. gibber • Hermione gibbered wildly about what she discovered in the library. Ron and Harry couldn’t figure out what she was talking about because she was so flustered • To speak rapidly and unintelligibly, often as a result of shock or fear