the espresso book ma chine n.
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The Espresso Book Ma chine

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The Espresso Book Ma chine. “An ATM for Books”. Presentation by Cindy Porter. The Espresso Book Machine. Espresso: Something made to order, one at a time, at the point of sale, quickly. Espresso Book Machine Demo. University of Michigan Library.

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the espresso book ma chine

The Espresso Book Machine

“An ATM for Books”

Presentation by Cindy Porter

the espresso book machine
The Espresso Book Machine

Espresso: Something made to order, one at a time, at the point of sale, quickly.

espresso book machine demo
Espresso Book Machine Demo

why espresso book machine
Why Espresso Book Machine?

“Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, we believe the best book format varies in relationship to its uses and users. Some of the time, an electronic book – that can be accessed any time, anywhere, and quickly searched – is exactly what we need. …

why espresso book machine1
Why Espresso Book Machine?

… At other times, the ideal form of the book is a nicely bound copy that helps with sustained reading, that serves as a physical reminder of a reading experience or that can easily be passed from hand to hand.

- University of Michigan Libraries, 2008

university of michigan library1
University of Michigan Library

Sometimes you feel like a nut … sometimes you don’t

how can the ebm benefit your library
How can the EBM benefit your library?
  • Provide affordable, high-quality books from your library and from resources such as the Internet Archive.
  • Give new life to books in the “long tail,” i.e., those that may be out of print or in low demand.
  • It’s a green solution: You only printing the books you need, at the “point of sale.”
  • Print digital collections and facsimiles of rare books.
  • Can be a new source of revenue.
opportunity for research
Opportunity for Research
  • Federated search is currently a hot topic
  • Many academic libraries are implementing federated search
  • Current search systems don’t always account for music library users needs
  • Articulate needs of these users, so music libraries don’t get left out of this next stage