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Re-think the client HP holistic approach to Client Infrastructure Refresh PowerPoint Presentation
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Re-think the client HP holistic approach to Client Infrastructure Refresh

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Re-think the client HP holistic approach to Client Infrastructure Refresh - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Re-think the client HP holistic approach to Client Infrastructure Refresh. Arnaud Van Severen, TS Consulting February 9 th , 2011. AGENDA. Current scenario HP Value proposition HP Services HP products – Why HP for Windows 7 How to get started.

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Re-think the client HP holistic approach to Client Infrastructure Refresh

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Presentation Transcript
re think the client hp holistic approach to client infrastructure refresh
Re-think the clientHP holistic approach to Client Infrastructure Refresh

Arnaud Van Severen, TS Consulting

February 9th, 2011

  • Current scenario
  • HP Value proposition
  • HP Services
  • HP products – Why HP for Windows 7
  • How to getstarted
a perfect storm drives enterprises to refresh their client infrastructure
A “perfect storm” drives Enterprises to refresh their client infrastructure

Hardware Drivers

Software Drivers

Business Drivers

New Devices

New device technologies

New chip sets

HW refresh long time due

Real energy savings (up to 50%)

Enhanced performance driving productivity gains

Vista low acceptance

W7 available (best Microsoft Product ever)

Majority of customers on XP or previous OS

XP support @ end of life

New Solution and technologies available (client virtualization)

Complexity and cost of Client Computing

Security and compliance

New ways of work

Productivity needs

the time is now to rethink the client infrastructure

How do I manage costs?

How do I take advantageof virtualization?

The Time is Now to Rethink the Client infrastructure

Refresh is not only about platform migration

Other concerns exist today

Should we go withRich Clients orThin Clients?

How do I keep mydata safe andapplications secure?

Should employeesbring their ownPCs for work?

How do I keepmy mobile users productive?

Should I embracecloud services?

Pressure on IT

Complexity and cost: Client computing has grown complex over the years, leading to high cost

Security and compliance: Organizations are at risk for data loss, compliance issues, and information theft

Change & Choice: IT must plan for more change – new devices, new ways of working, new user expectations – and the organization must react quickly to business changes

Productivity: People expect computing to always work, and to enable communication in a variety of ways

Why New Client Infrastructure

the time is now rethink the client
The Time is Now – Rethink the Client

Simplify client computing, with a more reliable, secure, and manageable client infrastructure delivering a lower, more predictable cost

Triggered by the convergence of maturity of datacenter best practices, new client technology, and the extension of integrated management and security to the client

The right client for the right client workload for the enterprise

Holistic Business focus

Hybrid model

HP Point of View:


A paradigm shift which drives diversified opportunities for improved agility & efficiency

Next Gen Access Device

  • Distributed / Virtualized architecture
  • Current OS & HW Platform
  • UX+, Energy efficient
  • On Demand Application delivery, VoIP
  • 8% market share
  • (Windows7 7.75%)
  • Not proven in business today


  • Distributed PC architecture
  • 9 year old Operating System Platform
  • 3-6 year old PC Platform
  • Limited capabilities for next gen desktop
  • 84% market share

(XP 66.15%, Vista 17.47%)

Running business today

hp client infrastructure
HP Client Infrastructure

Hybrid Solution Blueprint


Access Devices


Server Hosted Computing




End-user segments

Application Management


Dedicated Remote Clients




Traditional clients, client-hosted

HP Client & Infrastructure Management Tools & Process


A structured, service lifecycle approach

Capability model, roadmap and design that addresses people, process and technology

Solution architecture blueprints that provide customization to protect key investments already made

A whole portfolio of new leading edge products to meet differentiated end user needs

Reference examples from real life implementations

Rethinking the Client :

a journey which requires…

complete hp portfolio comprehensive solution delivery
Complete HP PortfolioComprehensive Solution Delivery

PC & Thin


Converged Infrastructure

  • Client Mgmt SW
  • Client Automation
  • Device Manager

Insight Mgmt SW

Datacenter Management

  • BladeSystem
  • StorageWorks
  • Virtual Connect Flex10
  • Networking
  • Thermal Logic

Application Management

VDI, App Streaming, MDOP, Blade Workstation, SBC

Strategy – Assessment – Plan – Design – Implement – Support - Outsource


HP Value proposition

  • HP has a holistic approach to the redefinition of the Client Infrastructure and offer a set of entry level services to ‘Rethink Client Infrastructure’
  • HP has a unique E2E approach to W7 migrations which includes all required components:
    • Depth and breath of product portfolio : HW & SW
    • Depth and breadth of Services Portfolio : Client Infrastructure Strategy, Planning, Assessments, Apps migration, Deployment, Support, Operation
    • Access to a network of partners which can complement with specific technologies/tools
  • HP can help customers to:
    • Take advantage of Microsoft W7 Jumpstart program and funding, expanding on new Client technologies
    • Understand the business value of the migration
    • Assess Infrastructure and application portfolio readiness to W7 migration
    • Experience the new solution via PoC and Pilots service offerings
    • Define and execute a road map from current to desired status
    • Program Manage and deliver the entire migration process
hp microsoft partnership a unique relationship in the it market
25-year alliance to optimize Windows solutions with HP

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Five-time “Microsoft Global Enterprise Partner of the Year”

A preferred development platform

Collaborative R&D

Hundreds of M$ investments to deliver long term higher Value to joint Customers

A number of joint initiatives including the Windows 7 JumpStart Program

HP-Microsoft Partnership – A unique relationship in the IT market
hp client infrastructure services portfolio consulting and support
HP Client Infrastructure Services Portfolio Consultingand Support
  • Build consensus on client infrastructure vision and concepts
  • Identify business issues and opportunities, ROI
  • Apply technology to the prioritized business issues

Client Strategy Services

  • Managed transition to Windows 7
  • Prescriptive, automated processes – refresh or existing clients
  • Build multi-year roadmap for client management & security
  • Custom Integration Services (Image build & mgmt, asset tagging, bios mgmt…)

Client Migration Services

  • Datacenter control brought to client computing
  • Implement the right mix of models
  • Extend Converged Infrastructure to the client

Client Virtualization

  • Application discovery, rationalization and packaging
  • Application testing, remediation
  • Models include Client hosted, virtualized, streaming

Client Application Management

  • Client & Virtualization management & automation
  • Data Protection & Recovery .
  • Desktop Security, Identity Management, Directory Integration, Virtual Machine Security

Client Management & Security

  • Server and Storage support – warranty to mission critical
  • Software support – Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix
  • IT and End user training

Client Infrastructure Training & Support

hp transformation experience workshop
HP Transformation Experience Workshop

Client Strategy Services

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Availability: Global
  • Delivered by experienced HP Consultants
  • Build a vision of the future environment
  • Quantify opportunities and risk
  • Gain stakeholder buy-in
  • Determine best place to begin the transformation
  • Result: A shared vision, a set of priorities, a roadmap to execute
hp business benefits roadmap
HP Business Benefits Roadmap

Client Strategy Services

  • Duration: 2-4 weeks
  • Availability: Global
  • Delivered by experienced HP Consultants
  • Target Audience: CIO, IT Manager, Key Business Unit Managers
  • Discover business cases with key business stakeholders
  • Identify, quantify and analyze solution benefits
  • Result: A high level Client Infrastructure roadmap with related business case, based on business priorities and quantified benefits
hp strategic architecture
HP Strategic Architecture

Client Strategy Services

  • Duration: 4 – 6 weeks
  • Availability: Global
  • Delivered by experienced HP Consultants
  • Target Audience: IT Manager, IT Owners
  • Make technology decisions based on the business and technology roadmap
  • Simplifies and organizes business and technology before you start, to reduce risk
  • Result: A strategic architecture blueprint and detailed Client Infrastructure transformation plans to introduce new technologies, includes cost estimates
hp client migration services
HP Client Migration Services
  • Assessment
  • User Discovery & Segmentation
  • Application Compatibility Factory
  • Automated Deployment
  • Managed Refresh
  • User Training
  • Minimal disruption to user productivity with automated process
  • Reduce risk from application incompatibility
  • Simplified migration with standard tools and processes
  • Global reach
  • Increase security with integrated Client management
  • Smooth adoption with standard or custom training for Windows 7
hp client migration services1
HP Client Migration Services

Application Compatibility and Migration - details

  • Application discovery
  • Application Portfolio rationalization
  • Application Compatibility assessment
  • Application remediation
  • Application Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Application Packaging
  • Application Deployment
  • MSFT certified for ACF (Application Compatibility Factory)
  • SW Solution Centre in Ireland
  • Near-shore and Off-shore capabilities
  • Proven Methodology which ensure low risk & high quality







hp client virtualization services
HP Client Virtualization Services
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
    • Citrix / VMWare / Microsoft
  • Application Streaming
    • App-V, XenApp, ThinApp
  • Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack
  • Server Based Computing
    • Remote Desktop Services
  • Client hosted virtualization / offline
    • Med-V, VMWare offline desktop
  • Blade Workstation/PC
  • Choose the best model for each user segment
  • Simplify complexity with blueprints for each model
  • Improve control and security- bring client workloads into the datacenter: apply datacenter-level control to client computing

HP’s Powerful Portfolio





Personal Systems Group Product Portfolio Highlights













Custom Integration Services (CIS)

Factory Services




  • HP Standard PC BIOS Settings Service
  • HP Third-party Hardware Integration Service
  • HP Device Model Management Service
  • HP Simple Asset Tagging Service
  • HP Standard Asset Tagging Service
  • HP Customer–supplied Asset Tagging Service
  • HP Standard Security Tagging Service
  • HP Custom Security Tagging Service
  • HP Drop-in-PC-Packaging Service


  • HP PC Image Load Service
  • HP PC Image Modification & Load Service
  • HP PC Image Build & Load Service
  • HP PC BIOS Asset Tagging Service
  • HP Backup Media Design & Replication Service
  • HP PC BIOS Revision Control Service
  • HP Intel vPro Setup & Configuration Service
  • Coming soon…


GetMore™ Project and per-PC-Unit


Does that 5 yr old PC seem to boot slower every year?

Time to Refresh that old PC with HP and Win 7

2004 - 5 Year Old Desktop w/ XPP

2009 HP Desktop w/ Win7

Stop Waiting

“A new HP PC with Win 7 Professional will boot up to 55% faster than your old PC and shutdown up to 31% quicker”**

HP Confidential

4 simple options to get started
4 simple options to get started

Initiative service offering

Jumpstart Production Pilot

Jumpstart Application Assessment

Jumpstart PoC

A ten week engagement for deploying Optimized Desktop solution and collecting user feedback..

Win 7 Workshop

A quick and cost effective way to remove uncertainty around application compatibility determination and resolution

A ten day engagement to help organizations determine requirements and test new products in lab.

A 1 day engagement to help organizations understand the benefits from Win 7 and challenges of deployment





so1 windows 7 workshop


  • A 1 day on visit from a PSG & TS Pre Sales Technical Consultant to:
  • Review the Win7 new features & added value for your organization with a focus on (Performance, Stability, Power efficiency, & Security)
  • Review the new PSG Portfolio and how it optimizes these new Win7 features with (Performance benchmarks & new feature demos) that translate to a lower overall TCO for your organization
  • Review the challenges that IT Professionals will face when migrating to Win 7 (New OS, New platforms, & deployment methodologies) and how, by engaging with HP TS, we can guide you through the whole migration process from start to finish.
  • Next Steps…
so2 jumpstart proof of concept
SO2 - Jumpstart proof-of-Concept


Delivering answers to your Windows 7 and Office 2010 deployment questions

Image Engineering



Optimized Desktop Value



Image Deployment


New Client Infrastructure Roadmap

New HP Client HW

Confidential to HP and Microsoft

so2 transformation experience workshop
So2 - Transformation Experience Workshop


Client Strategy Services

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Availability: Global
  • Delivered by experienced HP Consultants
  • Build a vision of the future environment
  • Quantify opportunities and risk
  • Gain stakeholder buy-in
  • Determine best place to begin the transformation
  • Result: A shared vision, a set of priorities, a roadmap to execute

Considerably reduces time spent on overall migration

  • Provides application specifics data on compatibility level, type of issues and actions to remediate
  • Provides the baseline for HP full ACF remediation services

SO3 Windows 7

Application Assessment Express Service


Testing your application portfolio

  • Submission of applications (MSI packages, Installer executables, original source files)
  • These applications are analysed using the AppTitude Compatibility Manager for Vista
  • Detailed report by application providing indicating issue type and area, estimate of time and effort required to remediate (if possible)
  • Results are reviewed and verified by HP ACF consultants
  • Workshop with the Client to discuss assessment report which then becomes the foundation for Application Remediation phase.

The Express Assessment provides a detailed report of compatibility issues for assessed applications and estimates time and effort required to remediate.

(*) Express Assessment offering is capped at 250 application maximum

so4 ts production pilot jumpstart solution
So4 - TS Production Pilot Jumpstart Solution

The quick start to Windows 7 and Microsoft® Office 2010 deployment


Planning and Solution Definition

Image Engineering