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Anthology of Poems

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Anthology of Poems. By Adam Cochrane. Ballads. Ballads always have tragic stories. Ballads always have a love story in it. In class we have watched a ballad called the Lady of Shallot. The Lady Of Shallot is about a girl. If she leaves the castle she will be cursed. .

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anthology of poems

Anthology of Poems

By Adam Cochrane

  • Ballads always have tragic stories.
  • Ballads always have a love story in it.
  • In class we have watched a ballad

called the Lady of Shallot.

  • The Lady Of Shallot is about a girl. If she leaves the castle she will be cursed.
our p6 7 class ballad
Arthur is a middle-aged kingHe has a beautiful diamond ringHe has a bell that goes ding, dong, dingIn his land, merry people singProtecting good old CamelotWhen at war, people run and fear himIn the last war, he lost a limbBecause it was ripped out of him For Camelot he fought.Our P6/7 Class Ballad

Servant Merlin aids his king His power hidden from that king To the palace physician he did cling As only he knew Merlin’s thing Protecting good old CamelotA magician and a dragon lordguarded and protected all on boardthough quite clumsy and never boredfor Camelot he fought.

There it was a normal dayBut they would have to learn to payFor what they have to say aboutThe dragon that they had to slayProtecting good old CamelotAnd then the dragon flew swiftly downAnd Arthur didn't wear his crownThen the dragon flees the town For Camelot he fought.


And when Arthur went to townAn old witch she shot him downMerlin could help him and no-one foundThat wicked witch from underground Protecting good old CamelotMerlin aided his king in the battle

But tragically fell from his horse’s saddle

Into the river, he had to paddleFor Camelot he fought.

As he galloped to the battlefieldHe felt ashamed, he’d forgot his shieldOh what misery, he’d have to yieldAnd for mercy he would have to pleadProtecting good old CamelotThe victory coming straightThe battle commenced it would not waitThe enemy could see their horrible fate For Camelot he fought.

He got stabbed right in the headAs he lay down painfully deadIn his small white hospital bedWith lead stuck deep in his headProtecting good old CamelotWhile his servant stood and criedMerlin knew his master’d diedTowards his foes with woe he eyedFor Camelot he fought.

By P6/7

  • It has 14 lines .
  • The rhyming scheme goes like ABAB CDCD EFEF GG.
  • The last two lines are called a rhyming couplet.
  • There are four stanzas.
my sonnet
This is a sonnet for my bestest friend,

You’re always there for me even when we fight,

You give me Xbox games for a long lend,

Sometimes we stay up through the whole long night.

You always come to my birthday party,

We had a sleep at my big house one time,

My funny nickname for you is Marty,

You asked my mum if you could live at mine.

We have good crack when I’m at your big house,

You were so scared that you wet your small pants,

One night in darkness we watched a small mouse,

Your mum took you to stay at your great aunts.

When we stayed at my house we played football,

We saw a man who was so very tall. :)

By Adam Cochrane

raps info on raps
RAPSInfo on raps
  • Rap music is one of the most popular music in the world.
  • Gangsta rap became popular in the late 1980s and the 1990s.
  • In 1979, the sugarhill Gang released Rapper’s Delight which became rap’s first chart success.
  • The musical genre of rap has been in existence since the 1970s.


  • Eminem’s real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers.
  • .Eminem was born on the 17th October 1972.
  • Eminem bases his music on hip hop and modern day life.
  • Eminem is a rapper.
  • Eminem has won 13 grammys in his career.
  • His nick name is Shady.
  • Eminem’s song Slim Shady sold 1.76 million copies.
  • Eminem’s song My name is sold more copies than Slim shady did.

Adam C.m4v

Yea the playgrounds so cool,

We should have a big pool,

But you have to respect every rule,

Yea the rights are so so cool.

The right are extreme,

We have a football team,

We have a small stream across the road,

And I saw a very cool toad.

We play the car game to get to the wall,

Even though Rachel is very small,

Half of the people are very tall,

Most of the people always fall.

Outside class we have playground friends,

We also have rules that nobody bends,

We can run and play, we can catch and save,

When Rachel’s around we have to behave.

By Adam Cochrane




Adam Cochrane