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Air Jaldi’s Client Location Visit

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Air Jaldi’s Client Location Visit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Air Jaldi’s Client Location Visit. 14-15 May 2013,Dharamshala. Air Jaldi Clients- Visited. TCV Gopalpur DAV Girl’s college DGL Nunnery TCV Suja Ledarwe’ LHA Organisation. TCV Gopalpur. Background

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air jaldi s client location visit

Air Jaldi’s Client Location Visit

14-15 May 2013,Dharamshala

air jaldi clients visited
Air Jaldi Clients- Visited
  • TCV Gopalpur
  • DAV Girl’s college
  • DGL Nunnery
  • TCV Suja
  • Ledarwe’
  • LHA Organisation
tcv gopalpur
TCV Gopalpur


  • SOS Tibetan Children’s Village at Gopalpur formally became operational in 1997. Spread over a thirty-acre estate in lush green environment with a majestic mountain backdrop, it is now home for the many children coming across the border.
  • We met Director Mr. TsultrimDorjee .
  • Currently 1151 children on campus ,536 boys and 615 girls.

TCV Gopalpur-Broadband Connectivity & Usage .. contd

  • The campus has 1 Mbps Wired connection from BSNL at Rs 3700 pm and 1 Mbps Wireless connection from Air Jaldi at Rs 3567 pm
  • Issues with BSNL connection :
    • Out of 16 landline connections, seven are operational and nine out of order since January 2013.
    • Operational lines even face disruption of services at time , when cables are stolen or power outages .
    • For 2 km stretch between BSNL office and TCV campus the cables are above the ground, which is at risk of cable being cut or stolen.
tcv gopalpur broadband connectivity usage contd
TCV Gopalpur-Broadband Connectivity & Usage .. contd
  • Issues with Air Jaldi connection :
    • Cannot operate Fax machine ( Air Jaldi don’t have VOIP and fax operating license)
    • Very Slow ( few days back Air Jaldi team monitoring network noticed, mainly viruses were utilizing the Bandwidth sending spam)
    • As relay antenna cannot see some of the location on TCV camps in low lying areas, they face issues in connecting some areas on campus (not reported to Air Jaldi previously)

Air Jaldi is very good at responding their complaints –Customer Delight moment

why fax is important @ tcv gopalpur
Why fax is important @ TCV Gopalpur?
  • Children staying at TCV requires various documents for making RC and IC (this are documents required by Tibetan to stay in India and travel abroad ) from their hometown in far-flung areas like Ladakh.
  • The parents of these children can easily send fax with help of booth owners as against scanning and then sending email.
  • Atleast 20 such requests per month are encountered by admin dept.
  • Also the visa process related document from Delhi are received via fax which makes it more important.
tcv gopalpur broadband connectivity usage contd1
TCV Gopalpur-Broadband Connectivity & Usage .. contd

Children uses internet for :

Staff use internet for :

Language lab

Youtube Educational Videos downloading

Resource pool generation

Update textbook’s facts and figures

  • Chatting
  • Facebook
  • Games
  • Subject knowledge
  • Management and Admin staff uses for :
    • Official Emails
    • To update information on TC V’s main web
    • CBSE Curriculum pertaining information and Results
    • City dependent information
    • Also to keep tab on happening s in Tibet via famous online dailies like

TCV Gopalpur

  • From BSNL office and TCV Gopalpur , for certain area cables are underground and for 2 km the cables are above the ground.
  • TCV Gopalpur are under decision making process of digging 2km stretch wherein cable can be made underground. They have kept budget of 10,000 Rs for this.
  • TCV Gopalpur is still under talks with BSNL.They plan to bear the cost of the digging expense and BSNL will be bear the cable and cable laying cost.
k l b d a v college for girls palampur
K.L.B. D.A.V. College for Girls, Palampur
  • Background
  • K.L.B. D.A.V. College for Girls, Palampur, is one of the pioneers in the field of women’s education.
  • The courses offered at the institute are graduation and post graduaton in Management,Computer Science and B.Ed.
  • Currently there are 1000 girls studying and approx 50 students staying on campus hostel.
  • The students come from the Kullu, Roha and Jammu region to study.
  • We met MrParveshSood, who heads Department of Computer and Technology in the college.

K.L.B. D.A.V. College for Girls, Palampur-Broadband Connectivity & Usage

  • Previously they had 2 Mbps Broadband line from BSNL at Rs 10,000 pm expense.
  • Currently they are connected to Air Jaldi Network at Rs 6,000 pa
  • Issues with now disconnected BSNL line :
    • Lines would be down for longer time
    • No response to their complaints

K.L.B. D.A.V. College for Girls, Palampur-Broadband Connectivity & Usage

  • This User is totally overwhelmed by Air Jaldi’s connectivity and face no technical problems.
  • They are giving referrals of Air Jaldi to other educational institutions in nearby areas.
  • On campus there is a computer lab with 35 computers and few girls staying in hostel having laptops use Wi-Fi connection.
  • Few students and staff use Airtel, Tata Photon+, BSNL 3G dongles.
  • The popular mobile data connection is of Aircel.

K.L.B. D.A.V. College for Girls, Palampur-Broadband Connectivity & Usage

  • MBA Students use the internet for studies related sites , they have to do one presentation every fifteen days as part of curriculum so generally they use internet aids for it.
  • MCA students use it for downloading computer journals and articles related to computer field.
  • Also student have subscription to
  • online access to Developing Library Network(DELNET)

K.L.B. D.A.V. College for Girls, Palampur-Broadband Connectivity & Usage

  • BCA students have networking as part of their curriculum but no exposure to wireless networking.
  • MoU with HCL for BCA student for training.
  • Facebook is the most visited site in the leisure time and that is sometime to be curbed from utilizing of the maximum Bandwidth.
dongyu gatsal ling nunnery
DongyuGatsalLing Nunnery
    • Background
  • Dongyu Gatsal Ling Initiatives is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the education standards and living conditions of Tibetan Buddhist female monastic communities. 
  • The DGL Nunnery crrently have 108 nuns.
  • The nuns study philosophy, learn Tibetan grammar, English language, ritual, and meditation. After six years of training, the nuns may choose either to continue with their philosophy studies for four more years or enter long-term retreats. 

DongyuGatsal Ling Nunnery -Broadband Connectivity & Usage

  • They have Air Jaldi’s connection since last two years. There are five computers and they pay Rs 2500 pm to Air Jaldi for 1 Mbps line
  • Previously they used mobile as modem and had connectivity .
  • There are seventy senior nuns and out of then fifteen are tutored by one Indian lady in Computer Basics.

DongyuGatsal Ling Nunnery -Broadband Connectivity & Usage

  • Internet Usage is limited to office work only.
  • They maintain and update their website and carry out their official email communication
  • They have Facebook page maintained by Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo's assistant and staff at Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery.
tcv suja
TCV Suja


  • On the same line of TCV Gopalpur,with the capacity of

Students (Boarder) : 1500Students (Dayscholar) : 16Staff : 150

We met the computer teacher handling internet in computer labs.

As most of the TCV campus have Air Jaldi’s connection, it was an automatic choice to having an alternate connection.

tcv suja broadband connectivity usage
TCV Suja-Broadband Connectivity & Usage
  • There are 33 computer in the lab and seven computers for the staff.
  • They have a BSNL Broadband line for staff.
  • From Air Jaldi they have two connections of 1 Mbps at Rs 3500 pm each.
  • They face issue with Air Jaldi connection during afternoon time when multiple users logging in. During morning , speed and connectivity is good and the authorities find it reasonable to pay
tcv suja broadband connectivity usage1
TCV Suja-Broadband Connectivity & Usage
  • TCV Suja receives its signal from Ashapuri relay which also service the Sherpa link Monastery and TCV Bir.
  • Teachers take the latest available material from online resources to teach in the classroom.
  • We noticed print-out of Enid Blyton’s brief bio-details from wikipedia placed on the notice board.
  • Children from class 2 to 6 visiting the computer labs accidentally use internet.
  • The organization is involved in creating awakening and intentional information passage in China about the current situation of Tibetans through chat with citizens in China.
  • There are ten people in the organization who constantly network with Chinese people on various social network platforms in mandarin , befriend them and pass on the facts and figures ,educational videos to them.
  • They maintain the secrecy of their work so as to secure the employee’s identity and from the oppression from Chinese regime when they return homeland.
  • The organization works on external funding of individual. Air Jaldi is the only available connectivity option.
  • 1 mbps line is shared between ten people and downloading videos at time are difficult but cannot beef up the Bandwidth due to economic reasons.
lha charitable trust
Lha Charitable Trust 


  • The Louisiana Himalaya Association Inc. (LHA) is a nonprofit, social service organization dedicated to the Tibetan refugee population and to the indigenous people of the Himalayan regions of India
  • LHA also mean sacred “deity,” “god,” or “divine” in Tibetan.
  • We met the administrator of Lha at their Mc Leodganj office.
lha charitable trust1
Lha Charitable Trust 
  • LHA is innvolved in many projects like :
    • Clean Water Project
    • Teaching languages like English, French,Chinese and German (one-to-one basis) on professional level
    • Massage courses, Photography courses,Accupuncture, Dental courses( on permission from Govt )
    • Kitchen Soup project ( Lunch @ Rs 15)

LhaLHA Charitable Trust-Broadband Connectivity & Usage

  • Air Jaldi connection they are using since the start of the network in 2006.
  • The connection is stable and reliable and pretty fast at 1 Mbps
  • The main usage of internet is to :
    • Update their website
    • Contact magazine content co-ordination
    • Official Emails
    • Volunteers require it to stay in touch on emails
    • Computer classes even introduce the internet.