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  • Uploaded on The Judicial Educator Service…. The Judicial Educator. Provides an easy to administer solution to educational sanctioning. ?. How does The Judicial Educator work?. How does The Judicial Educator work?.

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The Judicial Educator Service…


The Judicial Educator

Provides an easy to administer solution to educational sanctioning.


How does The Judicial Educator work?


How does The Judicial Educator work?

  • Students log onto the site to access their educational module.
  • After completing the module they access a testing area, where they must get 7 of 10 test questions correct.
  • If they fail, they are taken back to the beginning of the module.
  • If they pass they are taken to a notification area, where they put in the e-mail address of the referring administrator, and the administrator receives a notice stating that the student has completed the module.

The Judicial Educator has 19 educational topics…

Alcohol 101: Choosing a Direction

Alcohol 201: Choosing Options


Dating Violence and Date Rape: What You Need to Know

Fire Safety

From “Me” to “We”: Living Successfully in a Community

Healthy Relationships

I Am So Angry!

Personal Responsibility and Decision Making

and more…


The Judicial Educator has 18 educational topics…

Safe Living on a College Campus

Understanding Myself and Others: Similarities and Differences

Academic Integrity

Civility and Respect

Living Responsibly in an Off-Campus Environment


How to Successfully Live with a Roommate

Peer Harassment

Understanding and Managing Conflict

Being a Good Cyber Citizen


The Judicial Educator

MARIJUANA:Herb, Drug or Medicine?

By Jim Weber, Assistant Director for the Center for Drug and Alcohol Education, Colorado State University

As part of The Judicial Educator on

Let’s look at a few slides from the educational module about marijuana…


So…you were caught smoking pot, which is probably the reason you are taking this module…


Over the course of the last twenty years, a lot of research has been done on pot, and what’s being found is that marijuana is not a harmless or benign drug.


420 Chemicals...

More than 420 chemicals have been identified in marijuana to date, and this is probably not a final number. This fact makes marijuana the second most complex drug that humans use, exceeded only by tobacco in terms of chemical complexity.


The Judicial Educator

  • The educational modules will take

students 30 to 40 minutes to complete.

  • Tests are generated from a random data

base of 18 questions.


Testimonials from our Users:From Michael Mitchell, Assistant Dean of Students, University of Southern Mississippi"We have truly enjoyed working with the staff at Reslife.Net. The program has provided us with a solid educational opportunity for students involved in our campus judicial process."


Testimonials from our Users:From Terry Tumbarello, Coordinator for Community Development, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater“The Judicial Educator has proven to be an effective and affordable tool in our conduct process, educating students on a wide-range of topics from community standards to fire safety. I appreciate that it is a medium that meets the learning style of today’s student, through the use of technology. “


Testimonials from our Users:From Keith Kohanzo, Director, Judicial Affairs, Eastern Illinois University“We require completion of the marijuana module as the educational component of sanctions in those cases. I particularly like that a confirming email is sent to the referring administrator when the module has been successfully completed.”

For more information or assistance, e-mail the site at or call 215 295-6858.

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