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Investor Presentation. Confidential- this document is for illustration purposes and should not be viewed as an investment memorandum. Advisors in the German market. Mission Statement. In five years we aim to be the pre-eminent premium social website building platform on the world wide web.

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investor presentation

Investor Presentation

Confidential- this document is for illustration purposes and should not be viewed as an investment memorandum

Advisors in the German market

mission statement

Mission Statement

In five years we aim to be the pre-eminent premium social website building platform on the world wide web

  • Special interest groups are the next wave in heavy internet usage
  • Social element becoming a “must have” addition to existing websites
  • Timing perfect to catch the wave of global demand


board founders


Ian Livingstone OBE - Chairman

Computer games pioneer 25 years, 1975 co-founded Games Workshop & launched Dungeons & Dragons in Europe. Co-authored multi-million selling Fighting Fantasy Game books. Life President of Eidos

Dominic Wheatley - CEO

Founded Domark Software 1984, established US office in 1992 and reversed Domark into Eidos PLC 1985. Directorships since include Statpro, Kuju, Williams de Broe VCT, Chorian Wheatley Ltd, Telecomplus PLC.

Edward Levey – Finance Director

Various directorships over 20 years, manufacturing, engineering & services. Started with SG Brown Ltd, 1988 became Fellow of Association of Certified Accountants.

Matthew Tims – Non-executive Director

20 years computer software publishing through positions at Palace Software & Domark. Previously CEO of Two Way TV.

Alex Halliday – Founder Gowit

Internet whizz kid, digital native, platform architect, websites development since 13

Steve Hardman – Founder Gowit

Advanced technologies background, MBA, data driven, day-to-day coordination



4 x Marketing

3 x Management


7 x Engineering

1 x Admin


Development Partners

  • Widgets -, SocialGO Mods, Urban Niche, SocialGO Apps
  • Games - Eidos, Ian Livingstone
  • Themes - ProSocialGO, SocialGO Templates
  • Suppliers - Website developers, moderators, agencies


network creators

Network owners create real & valuable businesses using SocialGO

  • Many creators are serial networkers with multiple networks
  • Others do it for kudos of being the master of a niche community
  • While established businesses use the software to communicate internally as an intranet or externally as a customers community
  • The networks can be stand alone or fully integrated into existing websites

Network Creators

network members

Members with a common interest unite

  • Over 1,000,000 member accounts created on SocialGO networks
  • Niche networks create sanctuaries for individuals of common interest
  • Single focus of networks leads to a richer and more productive experience for users
  • Over time becomes an authoritative resource on that specific niche area

Network Members

global e conomy

Global E-conomy






take a journey

Take a Journey

  • Every day upwards of 200 to 300 new network owners begin this journey…………………….
social networking

Social Networking

  • Social Networking is an Internet Phenomenon
  • “Adults who have profiles on at least one social-networking site has skyrocketed to 35% [in 2009], up from only 8 percent in 2005” (Pew Research Center 2009)
  • “Social networking websites and blogs now account for nearly ten percent of the total time spent on the internet, exceeding even email” (Nielson Online Research)


Social Networks


next wave

Next Wave

  • Facebook generation now splintering into Special Interest Groups
  • To begin Facebook, Bebo et al, allowed people to meet others they already knew
  • Now SocialGO & other bespoke social networks have evolved so people can meet others they don’t know, but share a common interest
  • Special interest groups are everywhere, e.g. schools, churches, business, departments, sports clubs, hobby groups, alumni, charities, fan clubs, support groups etc
  • Special Interest Groups is the next wave of social networking




  • Facebook vs SocialGO
  • SocialGO dedicated website for a group, Facebook  niche groups, just part of “telephone book”
  • SocialGO network owners  totalcontrol network set-up, content, members & retain ownership data ownership
  • SocialGO  can monetize network by charging members to join, running advertising & run online store…(plus can sell the entire network to a 3rd party)
  • SocialGO  member specific persona as is relevant to that group, Facebook  have everyone looking in…………(including your boss)



Ning shown demand is substantial(great benchmark)

  • 1,000,000 networks, growing rapidly (Techcrunch,
  • SocialGO data tracks identically with Ning’s
  • Current Ning revenues $10M, last valuation $560M


Ning $60M Investment ($560 post val.)

Ning $44M Investment (71,531 networks)

Ning launched from 24HR - $14M

SocialGO Launches

Ning $10M p.a. Revenue Est.

SG Total networks as of 1 July 09 is 62642

SG Investment to date $4.5M



  • Ning vs SocialGO
  • Ning  retains ownership of all network members & data, SocialGO  network owners own all members & all data
  • Ning  network member must first join Ning before a network, SocialGO  member only joins the network
  • Ning  markets directly to all members of all networks without owner permission, SocialGO  does not market to an owner’s members
  • Ning  heavily restricted the developer community(by cutting access to their API so developers cannot do advanced developments), SocialGO extensive API access to become a highly flexible container platform
  • Ning  focused on hobby market, SocialGO  focused on professional market


business model

Web 3.0 “Software as a Service” fully hosted subscription plans

  • Monthly Subscriptions
  • SocialGO Starter $4.99 p.m.
  • SocialGO Premium $24.99 p.m.
  • SocialGO Concierge $149.99 p.m.
  • Zocku Premium $49.99 p.m.
  • Optional Subscriptions
  • Member Billing $19.99 p.m.
  • White Label $19.99 p.m.
  • Bandwidth/Storage Overages
  • 50/5Gb Block $9.99 p.m.
  • Widgets
  • Various $10-$100 one time charge
  • Themes
  • Various $10-$100 one time charge
  • Games
  • Various $10-$50 one time charge
  • Pro-Service Directory(coming soon)
  • $100 p.m. listing fee
  • Member stores(coming soon)
  • Various $1-$10 one time charge

Business Model

use of proceeds

Use of Proceeds

  • To accelerate market penetration
  • Establish satellite US sales & marketing office
  • Develop PR & marketing initiatives
  • “Launch” marketing campaign (Jan-Apr 2010)
  • Expand development team
  • Expand widget & theme store scope
  • Develop multi-language versions
  • Develop mobile version
  • Establish SocialGO Pro
  • Float






Investment Case & Capital Increase

  • Tectonic shift from advertising to subscription business model
  • At the forefront of an evolution of social networking which has just begun
  • Special interest groups are the next wave in heavy internet usage
  • Social networking moving into the professional market
  • Social element becoming a “must have” addition to existing websites
  • Quality platform built over 2 years with investment of £3M
  • Timing perfect to catch the wave of global demand
  • Exit possibility to large internet player