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Detecting fake materials. Key clues. Fraudulent box. A missing icon could mean the label is fake, but the 0335 date code on a brand new box is a clue…. Labeling mistakes. Labeling. Misspelled words tell you this bag was not made in a legal factory. It is a fake. Misspelling. Labeling.

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Fraudulent box
Fraudulent box

A missing icon could mean the label is fake, but the 0335 date code on a brand new

box is a clue…

Labeling mistakes


Misspelled words tell you this bag was not made in a legal factory.

It is a fake



This label has a misspelled company name.

You may assume that Motorola did not print this



The Elantec label on the top was printed and then cut out and pasted above the large label.

Notice the difference between the fonts used in the top and bottom “Elantec” words

Logos and Fonts

Part marking
Part marking

Example of a component that has failed

the marker

permanency test

Detecting fake ink markings

Marker permanency testing
Marker permanency testing

A mixture of 3-parts mineral spirits and 1-part alcohol is used for testing a re-marked component

Mil-STD-883 (method 2015.13) requires markings to withstand a swab wash without fading

Mil-STD-202 (method 215) provides for a similar test


Marking quality
Marking quality

Look for smeared ink.

It could be a fake component

Poor marking

Marking quality1
Marking quality

Notice the white ink stamped part number on top, and the previous laser cut part number underneath

Ink over laser marking

Black topping

Frequently, a reworked component will have the top surface removed and re-coated to hidescratches - known as “black topping”


If top surface has been removed, the pin-1 dimple will be ill-defined and grainy

Look for machine scratches on the leads to verify they are not reworked

How it’s done

Marking quality2
Marking quality

A top surface without a falsetop coating to hide sanding marks

Laser marking on top

Marking quality3
Marking quality

This is a remarked component with a false top coating.

Notice the grainy texture and the pin-1 dimple is not smooth and shiny

Grainy texture

Marking quality4
Marking quality

This is a good part.

Notice the smooth bottom surface of the circular area & the sharp letters in the word “Korea”

Smooth surface

Marking quality5
Marking quality

Left of the line has been washed with

acetone to remove the false coating.

You can see the original part underneath

False coating washed away

Marking quality6
Marking quality

Notice the false coating material in the

bottom of the circular area.

This does

not belong there. This part is modified

False coating spilled into relief area

Marking quality7
Marking quality

The material running down the side is the

“false top” coating material used by the

counterfeiter to cover the scratches left by removing the old part number

False coating spilled down the side of the component

Removing false top coating with an acetone wash
Removing false top coating with an acetone wash

The false top coating has been removed to show the original surface

The fake coating comes off on the Q-tip when an acetone wash is used

Acetone is not used for the marker test

Re worked component leads
Re-worked component leads

This is a good part. Notice the copper showing on the lead tips. Also notice the shiny scratches on the inside of the leads. These scratches are left there when they are bent

A good part looks like this

Re worked component leads1
Re-worked component leads

This is a part that has been reworked illegally.

Notice there is no copper showing on the lead tips and the shiny areas that should be on the lead curves are filled in with solder

A re-worked part

Used parts
Used parts

This a used part pretending to be a new part.

The round circular area on each lead is caused by the part having been plugged into a circuit for a very long time

One sure sign

Used parts1
Used parts

The two pin holes seen on the sides of this component lead are caused by a rework program to recoat the lead.

The dimples are caused by impurities -- never seen when coming from a factory

Re-coated leads with impurities

Re coated leads
Re-coated leads

Re-coated leads showing prior use

Component comparison
Component comparison

Different country of origin

Round holes

Square holes

Different dies/stamps and country identification

World micro components m sdn bhd

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World Micro Components (M) Sdn. Bhd

Actual Inspection Report

World micro is an industry leader
World Micro is an industry leader

…One of eight members re-writing the IDEA-1010 inspection standard

…One of a nine-member team creating the SAE G-19 standard for using X-ray systems to detect counterfeits

…Consulting on the creation and writing of a new Quality Management System for independent distributors (QMS-IDEA-9090)

…Presented detection material to NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

…Presented numerous white papers on counterfeit mitigation at various trade shows and seminars

Setting standards, writing papers, teaching others…

World micro is an industry leader1
World Micro is an industry leader

Participant of

ITAR (registered & compliant)


Specialty hardware, FSC 5961, 5962

Member of

IDEA (board member)



SMTA (local officer)


Participation & membership

Quality initiatives
Quality initiatives

IDEA inspection process

World micro is certified
World Micro is certified

Where it counts

World micro s 1 corporate initiative
World Micro’s #1 corporate initiative

Over $1M invested in equipment to detect counterfeiting, including real-time X-ray, decap, and solderability

Strict certification method and tracking of our supplier network with flow-down requirement process

All quality engineers are certified under the IDEA- ICE-3000 professional inspector program

Early adoption of AS6081 and QMS-IDEA-9090

Recertification of all inspectors with the release of IDEA-STD-1010B test

Environmental management plan compliant to ISO 14001

Quality Has No Finish Line