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Center Grove Early College

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Center Grove Early College
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Center Grove Early College

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  1. Center Grove Early College Sandy Hillman, Assistant Principal Krista Hensley, Lead Teacher

  2. Overview Our mission is to accelerate college readiness, success, and completion through challenging college-credit coursework in a personalized environment with a network of staff, family, and community supports.

  3. What is The Early College at Center Grove? • A college preparatory program aimed at helping students gain college credit and experience college before they graduate from high school. • Rigorous course work with support will prepare students for college readiness and success. • Mentoring, personalization, and an emphasis on study skills will jump-start student responsibility for their own learning.

  4. Partnership with Vincennes University

  5. EC students will: • Identify a career, major, and college that meet their strengths, abilities, and desires. • Graduate from high school with an Associate’s Degree or 30 credit certificate. • Earn a certificate or degree leading to meaningful employment.

  6. 2012-2013 Data

  7. Diploma Types Earned by EC Grads

  8. Supports • STaR • Office Hours • Learning coaches/ECLC • One-semester study skills class • Probation • Building relationships through our SLC

  9. College readiness test – the Accuplacer • Will be given to November 14-15 during English classes. • All sophomores will take the exam. • Any junior who needs to take the test to improve scores for placement. • Three components – reading/language arts and math • Untimed but each section usually takes around 45 minutes. • Students will get instant feedback on their scores. • For a list of fees and required scores visit

  10. For students who do not test into ENGL 101 or MATH 102 • See tutoring from the EC Learning Center English – Mrs. Tina Mann Math – Ms. Hannah Beuoy • Visit the EC website on the CGHS webpage and sign up for My Foundations Lab (will be available in January) • Set up a reading list including both fiction and non-fiction and attack it! • Make sure your assignments are completed thoroughly and on time.

  11. Indiana Statewide Transfer General Education Core – 30 credit hours • Senate Enrolled Act 182 – requirement of the statewide Transfer General Education Core of at least 30 hours. • After May 15, 2013, a student who satisfactorily completes the requirements of the TGEC in an Indiana state educational institution and then transfers will not be required to complete the TGEC at the student’s new institution. • Ms. Bentz will counsel EC Scholars on which VU courses count.

  12. How to prepare for the Accuplacer • There are many online resources to help students prepare • Here is one example:

  13. Recommended Course Sequence for the Associates Degree Completion - FLEXIBLE • 9th grade – Eng 9, Alg1, World Geog, Bio, SKLS 103 ( Keystone), COMP 110, two electives (one of which could be Spanish 1) • 10th – Eng 10/US History ( American Studies) Geometry Science – Earth Science, Chemistry or Biomedical Sciences PFWL 100 – High school PE 1 and PE 2 Two electives (one of which could be Spanish 2) ** Take Health in the summer on Global Campus – preferred (or take it for one semester as an elective.)

  14. Junior year

  15. X-mester on VU’s campus • The summer between junior and senior year • A two week experience on VU’s campus • Includes room and board • Three credit hour course – example Psychology or Speech • Cost is approximately $950 • Some Scholarships are available • Supervised study tables in the afternoon and evening by college fellows from in-state and out-of-state universities. • Excellent opportunity to experience college under supervision. •

  16. Senior Year

  17. Cost • Qualified hs teacher- $25/credit • Adjunct/online- $75/credit • Priority classes- $25/credit • • X-mester- $950 • Associates degree- App. $4,000

  18. Scheduling timelines: • Current Freshmen – 1. No large group meeting – Ms Bentz will speak with each Keystone class as a whole and meet one-on-one with each student during Keystone class between now and Christmas. 2. Green course selection sheets will be sent home for your signature. Course requests will be entered into Skyward as Ms Bentz meets with the students during Keystone. 3. Stuckmeyer’s Keystone students’ course selection sheets are due on Nov. 6th. 4. Mrs. Buck’s Keystone students’ course selection sheets are due on Nov. 13th or 14th depending on which day they have class.

  19. Current sophomores: • 1. Large group meeting on Thursday, 10/31 during STAR in RM 333. • 2. Yellow course selection sheets will be sent home for parent approval. • 3. If you need help, make your best guess. • 4. Ms. Bentz will meet one-on-one with your student in late November and early December so adjustments can be made. Please limit emails until your student meets with her. • 5. The yellow form is due 11/8 in the Guidance Office.

  20. Questions: • Sandy Hillman, EC Director- • Krista Hensley, EC Lead Teacher • Jack Shankle, Interim Dean,