1 arium orium ary place
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1. arium (orium, ary)- place

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1. arium (orium, ary)- place - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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api ary : place for keeping bees audit orium : place for an audience terr arium : place for keeping small animals and plants. \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ Playing around the api ary proved to be a less than pleasant experience. 1. arium (orium, ary)- place.

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Presentation Transcript
1 arium orium ary place
apiary: place for keeping bees

auditorium: place for an audience

terrarium: place for keeping small animals and plants.


Playing around the apiary proved to be a less than pleasant experience.

1. arium (orium, ary)- place
2 cand glow burn white
candle: a wax taper that shines or glows

candid: frank, open, sincere, impartial, fair

candidate: Romans seeking office wore white robes


When the reporter ask the president to be candid, he got quite a story..

2. cand – glow, burn, white
3 chrom color
achromatic: without color

chromophil: capable of being dyed or colored easily

chromaticscale: musical scale made up of 11 successive half-tones to the octave. Tone is the effect of light, shade, and color as combined in a picture.


The achromatic feel of the room added to the chill everyone already felt.

3. chrom – color
4 cis cid cut
incision: the act of making a cut

decide: cut down the list by making a decision

imprecise: not cut before, not exact


Before making the incision, the surgeon marked the area carefully.

4. Cis (cid) – cut
5 crim crimin fault accusation charge
criminal: one who is at fault or charged

incriminate: to make accusation

recriminate: make charges back and forth


The criminal left the scene of the crime and ran straight into the police officer.

5. Crim (crimin) – fault, accusation, charge
6 cumb lie down
succumb: to die; to yield from persuasion

incumbent: reclining or resting in, as a position

procumbent: lying face down, prone


More people caught in fires succumb to the smoke than actually die of burns.

6. cumb – lie down
7 drom a running
dromedary: one-humped Arabian camel trained for riding

hippodrome: a stadium or arena for horse running or racing

palindrome: a word that runs backward in the same sense as forward, such as radar


Edward won an award for coming up with the longest palindrome.

7. drom – a running
8 eco house environment
economy: the principles of home finances

ecology: study of the relationships between organisms and their environments

ecosphere: regions of the universe that are capable of supporting life


Ecology classes often take field trips to observe animals in their natural habitat.

8. eco – house (environment)
9 fug flee escape
fugitive: one who flees

refugee: one who escapes to another country

subterfuge: a deceptive strategy or device; something to “flee under” during an argument


The Incredible Hulk lived much of his life as a fugitive.

9. fug – flee, escape
10 hypno sleep
hypnosis: condition of being put into a sleeping state

hypnology: they study of sleep

hypnophobia: fear of sleep


When James awoke from the hypnotic state, he remembered nothing he had done.

10. hypno – sleep
11 juv juven young
juvenile: young person

rejuvenate: to make young again

juvescent: beginning to feel young


In juvenile court, the punishments are not as severe as in adult court.

11. juv (juven) – young
12 lys lysis lyze loosen break down
analyze: break apart or loosen

hemolysis: dissolution of red blood cells

dialysis: separation of smaller molecules from larger ones, a breaking down


The dialysis machine broke down the toxins in the blood and removed them from the body.

12. Lys (lysis, lyze) – loosen, break down
13 misc mixture
miscellaneous: full of a mixture of things

immiscible: incapable of mixing or blending

promiscuity: a lack of discrimination in selection; casual or random sexual behavior


The dangers associated with AIDS ended the promiscuity of earlier generations.

13. misc – mixture
14 narco sleep numb
narcotic: drug that numbs senses and induces sleep

narcolepsy: uncontrollable attacks of deep sleep

narcoanalyze: psychoanalysis while the patient is in a drug-induced drowsy state


Since the drug was a narcotic, the doctor suggested the patient refrain from driving.

14. narco – sleep, numb
15 necr nic death
necrophobia: fear of death

internecine: mutually destructive, almost deadly

pernicious: extremely harmful or destructive


The pernicious little vermin caused terror wherever he went.

15. necr (nic) – death
16 olig oligo few
oligarchy: government by a few rulers

oligophagous: feeding on a limited variety of food; being a “picky” eater

oligopoly: the market condition that exists when there are so few sellers that the action of one can impact prices


The oligophagous nature of children often requires parents to give multivitamins.

16. olig (oligo) – few
17 pac peas peace quiet
pacify: to make quiet

Pacific: make peace

appease: to placate; to calm by giving what is demanded


To appease the crowd, the performers did two more songs.

17. pac (peas) – peace, quiet
18 plegia paralysis
hemiplegia: paralysis on one side of the body

monoplegia: paralysis of one limb

quadriplegia: paralysis affecting all four limbs


In spite of his monoplegia, he went on to become a major league ball player.

18. plegia – paralysis
19 purg clean cleanse
purge: cleanse

expurgate: to remove something morally offensive

purgatory: place where soul is cleansed of sin


According to Catholic doctrine, purgatory is the place where the soul pays for sin through suffering.

19. purg – clean, cleanse
20 quest quer quir quis ask seek
inquest: a judicial inquiry usually held before a jury

conquer: to seek together, to overpower

exquisite: sought for its unusual qualities


At the inquest, the judge tried to ascertain Justine’s guilt or innocence.

20. quest (quer, quir, quis) – ask, seek
21 reg rule king
regal: related to being king

regiment: following the rules

regicide: killing of a king


Macbeth was guilty of regicide when he took down the good old Duncan.

21. reg – rule, king
22 sist place stand stay
consistent: that which stays together or the same

desist: to stay from or quit

persistence: a state of staying with something


Students who practice persistence will score well on the WordSkills final test.

22. sist – place, stand, stay
23 surg surrect rise
surge: rise

insurgent: one who rises

resurrection: the act of rising again


The resurrection of songs from his old albums may not give Michael Jackson the boost he needs to repair his wounded popularity.

23. surg (surrect) – rise
24 tribut pay
tribute: a gift, payment, declaration or other acknowledgment of gratitude, admiration, or respect

contribution: the act of paying together

retribution: the act of paying back


Grendel’s mother killed Esher to seek retribution for the murder of her son by Beowulf.

24. tribut – pay
25 val vail strong worth
valid: characterized by worth

equivalent: to show conclusively,talk into something

prevail: putting strength before


Because their absentee excuses were not valid, the students received a 65 on their report cards.

25. val (vail) – strong, worth