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Top 10 solar pv installations companies

Solawise are a renewable energy company specialising in Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) and environment friendly power solutions. They offer /nexpert and honest advice to their domestic customers.for more details call at 020 8650 1195

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Top 10 solar pv installations companies

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  1. RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES “Its Our Power, Its Our Future” - By

  2. Residential Solar Power In this one uses the sun to heat his or her home.

  3. Introduction To Photovoltaic • In PV cells -> Sun’s energy is responsible for chemical reaction -> which produces electricity • Used to create big power plant. • Direct current -> Conversion -> Alternating Current Energy • Also solar pv installation is not an easy task.

  4. Pollution Reduction • Survey says that in the past 19 years Power plants of 100 Megawatt have reduced/avoided 3 million of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) • 1000 kWh of solar power saves • : 8 pounds of sulfur dioxide

  5. Costly • 4.5 kW systems’s costs are around $39,000. • Power costs up to $8.9 per watt.

  6. Biomass Fuels

  7. Solid Fuel Combustion • The combustion of biomass is better than coal because it is clean and it eliminates waste efficiency. • Ex. Wood, vegetation etc. This product are Usually burned.

  8. Digestion • Occurs naturally – Reason Bacteria • Methane, CO is released. • Synthetic grass can become Any kind of hydrocarbon fuel.

  9. Wind Energy “ Quickest Growing Source of Renewable Energy “

  10. Horizontal-Axis Of Turbine

  11. Vertical-Axis Of Turbine

  12. Advantages and Disadvantages

  13. Hydroelectric Power “World’s leading renewable energy source “

  14. Hydroelectric Dam • Advantages: • Its virtually free, the energy. • No pollution • Reliable • Ability to create high energy through its power. • Constant electricity can be generated.

  15. Water Energy “ Waves, Tides, ocean thermal energy “

  16. General Information • 70% of Earth’s surface is covered by water as we know. • Water Energy has huge potential. • Europe is the leading country in ocean energy.

  17. Tidal Power • Water flows through turbines • Not many places in the A world where it’s efficient • High cost to build it up. • The ecosystem will face the –ve impact.

  18. For More Details Contact Us 38 Belmont road, Beckenham, Kent br3 4hn Tel | 020 8650 1195 Email | info@solawise.co.uk

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