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Friday Night L eadership PowerPoint Presentation
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Friday Night L eadership

Friday Night L eadership

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Friday Night L eadership

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  1. Friday Night Leadership

  2. Schedule Next Week’sHome Meetings How Many Home Meetings Are Scheduled on Your Team Next Week? • *Every Home Meeting Brings on Average One Associate and One Customer Ex. 40 Home Meetings in a month equals 40 Associates & 40 Customers • NO SCHEDULING HOME MEETINGS ON FRIDAY

  3. Force Your CalendarDaily method of operation (DMO) Part-Time (at least 2 Points EVERY DAY) Full-Time (at least 5 points EVERY DAY • 2 on 1’s (one hour) 1 Point • Follow-ups (one hour) 1 Point • Launch’s (one hour) 1 Point • Power Hours 1 Point • Home Meeting (one hour) 5 Points *80% sign up on Follow-Ups- do as many of them as you can *Schedule one hour for 2 on 1’s and forty minutes for phone presentations Open your Calendar…if your calendar is empty, so is your bank account…lets start now and pack that calendar out

  4. Customers • Keep a list of who is new on the team • Went public on Facebook/Social Media? • Made before video/pics? • Who do they need to drop off samples for? • Who is coming to their Home Meeting as a Customer? • Who showed interest on Social Media? 7 DAYS TO Consultant Going Consultant • Keep a list of who needs to accomplish Consultant • Is their Launch Scheduled? • Is their Home Meeting Scheduled? • Have you checked in with them today? • How many confirmations do they have for their home meeting? • How many 2on1’s do you have scheduled for them? • Can you do a Power Hour with them? • Have you made the script for the introduction at their home meeting? • Has their 48 hour call been done?

  5. HOW TO GO 2 STAR GOLD CIRCLE Bring Two Separate Legs with Twenty People to Celebration with at least 10 people in Each Leg for a total of 20 and you will achieve 2 Star by the next national

  6. Compensation Plan

  7. ISAGENIX POSITION BONUSES • PositionBonus • Consultant = $50 • Manager (30 days) = $250 • Director (90 days) = $750 • Executive (180 days) = $1000 • 1 Star Golden Circle = $1000 • 2 Star Golden Circle = $2000 • 3 Star Golden Circle = $3000

  8. ISAGENIX POSITIONS • PositionWeeklyCyclesIncome • 1 Star Silver/Gold Circle 10 Cycles $28,000 - $53,000 per year • 2 Star Silver/Gold Circle 20 Cycles $56,000 - $109,000 per year • 3 Star Silver/Gold Circle 40 Cycles $112,000 - $165,000 per year • 4 Star Silver/Gold Circle 60 Cycles $168,000 - $278,000 per year • 5 Star Silver/Gold Circle 100 Cycles $280,000 - $417,000 per year • 6 Star Silver/Gold Circle 150 Cycles $420,000 - $554,493 per year • 7 Star Silver/Gold Circle 200 Cycles $557,280 - $693,813 per year • 8 Star Silver/Gold Circle 250 Cycles $696,600 and up per year

  9. ISAGENIXPOSITIONS • PositionWeeklyCyclesIncome • 7 Star Platinum 200 Cycles $557,280 - $693,813 per year • 8 Star Platinum 250 Cycles $696,600 - $833,133 per year • 9 Star Platinum 300 Cycles $835,920 - $972,453 per year • 10 Star Platinum 350 Cycles $975,240 - $1,111,773 per year • 11 Star Platinum 400 Cycles $1,114,560 - $1,251,093 per year • 12 Star Platinum 450 Cycles $1,253,880 - $1,390,093 per year • 13 Star Platinum 500 Cycles $1,393,200 - $1,529,733 per year • 14 Star Platinum 550 Cycles $1,532,520 - $1,669,053 per year • 15 Star Platinum 600 Cycles $1,671,840 - $1,808,373 per year • 16 Star Platinum 650 Cycles $1,811,160 - $1,947,693 per year • 17 Star Platinum 700 Cycles $1,950,480 - $2,087,013 per year • 18 Star Platinum 750 Cycles $2,089,800 - $2,226,333 per year

  10. POSITIONS ` MANAGER DIRECTOR ASSOCIATE CONSULTANT 100 Points 100 Points 100 Points 100 Points $50 ASV $50 ASV

  11. Top Ten Producers Based on New Reps & Volume Annual Top Producers retreat

  12. Cold market • Craigslist Ads- general, models/fitness, mom’s, entrepreneur’s • Tear Off Flyers for College Campuses • Surveys • POPS- pop the question Server, gas station, waiting in line etc. • Can I ask you a quick question? Do you look at other ways of making money? • We get paid great money to help people lose weight, eat healthy, get in shape, stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. We are expanding in this area and I would love to sit down with you for an hour in the next couple of days. Are you open to sitting down with me? Great, what is a good number I can reach you at?

  13. TESTIMONIALS Hi my name is ________. I _________ for a living. I achieved Consultant in _______ days. I simply plugged into the training system and used my support team. I love Isagenix because

  14. Hello call Why? 1. Confirm/Remind Guest 2. Commit to Successful Expert 3. Build Rapport 4. Be the Expert and Introduce the Business Properly Hi ________. It’s _________. You don’t know me though I’ll be at Jonah’s tomorrow at 8pm. I wanted to call ahead of time to say hello. Jonah had some incredible stuff to say about you. I understand you _________. I am really looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night. See you then. *set up a 2 on 1 if they are not positive they can come

  15. 3 WAY CALLS • Answer Your Phone • Build rapport, Do you have a minute that I can tell you about our company, Go through Box 1 and then set up the presentation

  16. Home Meeting Check In Call -Done 48-72 Hours before the Home Meeting -Your job is to gather information, not give instructions -How is the inviting going? -How many confirmations? -How many people have you called? I want Lynn to say hi and give you some coaching. Hold on (Let the upline know the information and they can give instructions and coaching)

  17. LAUNCH MAIN GOAL- GET A CONFIRMATION FOR THEIR HOME MEETING • Follow outline • Done within 24 hours • Move quickly • Role Play the Script FIVE TIMES • Never be difficult in the role play. They are learning, let them get the basics down (if you have to test them, do it after you were an easy yes five times) • Make sure they get off the phone immediately

  18. Presenting • Presenters Make ALL the Money in Network Marketing • Move quickly • You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to do it • We, NOT they • Before you can be great, you have to be good. Before you can be good, you have to be bad. Before you can be bad, you have to be terrible. Before you can be terrible, you have to start.

  19. Presenting -Build Rapport -Serve Shakes and Bars -Testimonial Box 5 J Paul Getty one of the First US Billionaires said I would rather get paid 1% on a hundred peoples efforts then on a 100% of my own Box 7 Talk about 1 Star, 2 Star and 3 Star Show the magazine pg 90 Jordan, pg 44 Lynn Box 8 -Testimonials after Training and Support - Line up a Call with Lynn, Jordan or upline (the purpose is to show that there is upline support and especially to CROSS-EDIFY YOU) -Vision/Fear of Loss Cycle Close after Testimonials

  20. Three phase close- phase 1 What number are you? 1- Customer 2- Business Partner 3- Leader Great. What did you like best about the presentation? Me too! Great, Are you ready to get started? (pause) Do you mind if I show you something? Do you know anyone that needs to -lose weight? -make more money? -get in shape? -have more free time? -stay in shape? -pay off debt? -de-stress? -make a lot of money? Between all your friends, family and acquaintances could we find a two people with our help? Of course. (draw out the two circles) If they come in on the presidents pack you earn $80 and $80. If they come in within the seven days it becomes $160 and $160 When you go Consultant you get $50 and this is already $370 What do we help your two people do? When we help them get two you get $100 and $100 (draw the 4 circles) All this gets you to Manager. When you do this in 30 days, you get $250 This adds up to $820 You also are able to earn $250-$2500 per month part-time. Are you ready to get started? (pause)

  21. Three phase close- phase 2 Can I show you something else? We only build two teams. A left tree and a right tree. That is it. Once we put in the first two people, everybody else goes underneath the first two. When three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve all come in, they all go underneath the first two. Jonah knows a lot of people. This was just one of the first meetings. (draw eight circles and label them 1-8) Would you rather be 5, 6, 7 or 8 or 1, 2, 3 or 4? Are you ready to get started? (pause)

  22. Three phase close- phase 3 If you could get one of the first four spots would you want to? Ok, we can do this. Let’s finish filling out the application with a debit or credit card and this will hold one of the first four spots. Come to the Training this week. If the timing isn’t right, I can give you your application back. If you are ready to get started, we can turn in the application, get you an associate number and you already have a top spot secured. Are you ready to get started?

  23. Where People are Placed -It is your decision where to place your team members…not your downline. -We only have two spots everybody has to be placed somewhere underneath those three spots. -Focus on your business, not on where your upline places you -Your team does not have a choice on where they are placed either, it is your choice

  24. Team Etiquette • We must have good energy in the room • Be on time • Fill the seats at the front, we do not want the perception of an empty room (Do not sit by yourself outside of the group) • Raise your hands high • Clap loud • Stay in your seat • Participate • We need to eliminate distractions, not create them

  25. Mindset topic of the week