a new vision for the ohio valley n.
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A New Vision for the Ohio Valley

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A New Vision for the Ohio Valley - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A New Vision for the Ohio Valley. Why Football ? Why East Richland Christian?. Why Football? Football is huge in the Ohio Valley. Every Fall Local TV stations have hours of programming devoted to football highlights, commentating, and coverage unlike any sport.

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A New Vision for the Ohio Valley

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a new vision for the ohio valley

A New Vision for the Ohio Valley

Why Football ?

Why East Richland Christian?

why football football is huge in the ohio valley
Why Football?Football is huge in the Ohio Valley

Every Fall

  • Local TV stations have hours of programming devoted to football highlights, commentating, and coverage unlike any sport.
  • Local newspapers are dominated by extended coverage, special sections ( Pig Skin Preview ), weekly inserts, and frequent spotlight of high school football on their front pages.
  • Sports, and in particular high school football, governs many families mindsets in this area.
  • Even to the point of dictating where young people are sent to continue their academic careers.
why faith main goal
Why Faith?Main Goal
  • We all want to provide not just the same, or better, but the best opportunities to Christian students, already attending or those considering enrollment, as offered in our areas public schools.
why now
What determines parents decisions in sending their children to local schools?

“We’re sending them early enough so they can start to make friends and make a smooth transition.”

“They have the best sports program”

“We’d like to keep them in Christian education but he wants to play football.”

He really wants to go to…( other local public or private schools )

Currently working to promote and recruit ( from Martins Ferry Christian 7th and Barnesville Independent 8th for East Richland Christian Schools )

Would be a great selling points in conversations with parents considering sending son / daughter to other schools b/c of sports.

Why Now?
overall vision bigger than just football
OverallVisionBigger than just Football
  • To give our best for the Lord by promoting Christian education through the avenue of athletics and aiming to set the standard in that endeavor.
  • With God’s help and for His purposes (ministry) attempt to offer young student athletes many original, exciting, and new opportunities provided exclusively at East Richland Christian High School.
  • Put the finest Non-Denominational Christian school “on the map” to the entire Ohio Valley, as well as, neighboring and other states.
vision continued
Vision continued
  • Have had a strong desire to unify area Christian Middle Schools (NCA/ now ERC, Martins Ferry Christian, Barnesville Independent, Abundant Life, Spiero Academy, etc.) and enact as feeder system to East Richland Christian High School.

We’re stronger together!

( Ecclesiastes 4:12 A chord of three strands is not easily broken. )

  • Boost Enrollment from feeder system.
  • Eventually have ( In God’s timing ) East Richland Christian School be part of the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference / Ohio High School Athletic Conference
  • Boost Enrollment from student transfers from area public schools wanting to be a part of Christian Education and our Athletic Program.
what if
What if…
  • East Richland Christian offered a tackle football program?
  • Could it change opinions of those seeking the ‘Right’ school for their child and be the start of the fulfillment of such a vision?
  • If E.R.C.S offered a program, comparable to that of neighboring schools but with exclusive and unique benefits, would anticipation change from leaving our area local Christian schools to proudly representing one in High School.
through flag football
Through Flag Football
  • After three years, have been able to expand from a small High School tournament to include ten teams at both the High School and Middle School level.
  • Been able to unify Area Christian Middle Schools with All Star Game.
  • Been able to generate excitement among students, parents, and friends during several games won by Faith and NCA in the closing seconds.
  • Set foundation for tackle football.
football can
Football can
  • Benefit those already enrolled.
  • Teach students life lessons including: positive work ethic, discipline, teamwork, commitment
  • The opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves.
  • To represent Jesus Christ on the football field and to the Ohio Valley.
football can also
Football Can Also…
  • Provide

Advertising Opportunities!!!

  • Draw area attention and excitement.
  • Demonstrate the school’s willingness to grow towards the future.
  • Lead to the start of the development of the new school(s) site and fulfillment of the future church’s vision for Christian education and facilities. Beginning with a simple field.
  • Show that all things are possible…

And Jesus said to him, “If you are able! All things are possible to him who has faith.” Mark 9:23

May the Lord be Glorified and Honored in every endeavor that seeks to fulfill each part of this God inspired Vision.
  • Football will be the start of many novel and innovative athletic privileges (through time), in addition to those already established, a student athlete at East Richland Christian High School will have available, to not just be involved in, but to proudly represent and promote their school through.
recruiting effort
Recruiting Effort

*Great selling point for all potential recruits!

* Opening a grass field on the potential site of the future school and youth developments will draw positive community and parent attention to the direction of the ministry and goals of the newly combined school and East Richland Friends Church.

unique opportunities to be a christian school student athlete
Unique Opportunities to be a Christian School Student Athlete
  • Basketball

Homecoming Game

@ Ohio University Eastern

Last Regular Season Game

@ Cleveland Cavaliers Quicken Loans Arena

  • Football

Annual Christian N.A.C.A.Tournament

@ Dayton, TN

Rivalry Game (Future)

@ Canton Fawcett Stadium (Hall of Fame & Malone College games)

  • Playoffs
  • Christian and Public School
long range goals
Long Range Goals
  • AREA REVIVAL lead by our Christian Presence, in the Ohio Valley, from our School and Students.
  • FCA Community


  • Sport camps on new school facility grounds.
  • From ‘8 on 8’ Football to the OVAC!
Reasonable Timeframe,

Realistic Approach,

Attainable Goal

reasonable timeframe
Reasonable Timeframe
  • Jan- Recruit / Weightlifting (ongoing )
  • Feb- Commitments
  • March- Team Development
  • April- Research / Planning
  • May- Player / Team Fundraising ( ongoing )
  • June- Media Announcement / Coaching Staff Secured
  • July- Coaches meetings Scheduling / Cont. Fundraising

/ Speed and Weight training

  • Aug- Conditioning / Practice
  • Sept- Flag Football Tournament
  • Oct- 8 on 8 Tackle

Inaugural Season

    • Home and Away

( Parkersburg Christian )

  • Nov- NACA Christian National Tournament
realistic approach
Realistic Approach

Team trainer / Equipment

  • Bill “Sarge” Cordery
    • Go getter / Well Connected
    • Wheeling Park Equipment Manager.
    • Former Equip. provider for Nashville Wildcats AFL team.
  • Discounted Rates

(½ off)

  • Equipment Assistance
  • Acquire Football needs
  • Taping


  • Helmets $200

save $100

  • Shoulder Pads $75

save $125

  • Girdles +Pads$22

save $75

  • Mesh Jersey $50

save $35

  • Pants $5

save $20

  • Shoes (pair) $25

save $50

  • Lift -A- Thon
  • Bowl -A - Thon
  • Wal-Mart Potential Grant / Donation
  • Sell T-Shirts
  • Sam’s Club - Car Wash
  • Program – Business Advertisements
  • Sponsorships – Business, Personal
  • Parent Meetings ( Boosters ) – Ideas / Involvement

Whatever it Takes!

attainable goal
Attainable Goal
  • High Interest Level
    • Current Faith Student Athletes
    • Home-School Students
    • Middle School Students
  • Christian Schools Interested
    • Parkersburg Christian
    • Muskingum Christian

Psalm 37:5 Commit your ways to the Lord trust in Him and He will do this!