engineering change request system crs released in the windchill environment user training manual n.
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TRW Automotive November, 2004 PowerPoint Presentation
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TRW Automotive November, 2004

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TRW Automotive November, 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Engineering Change Request System {CRS} Released in the Windchill Environment User Training Manual. TRW Automotive November, 2004. Training Topics. Introduction & Overview / Task Driven System CRS Access, Navigation, Setting User Profile

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TRW Automotive November, 2004

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engineering change request system crs released in the windchill environment user training manual

Engineering Change Request System {CRS}Releasedin theWindchill EnvironmentUser Training Manual

TRW Automotive

November, 2004

training topics
Training Topics
  • Introduction & Overview / Task Driven System
  • CRS Access, Navigation, Setting User Profile
  • Worklist, Search, Personal Calendars, Reassign, BOM View
  • Part Master / Summary of all Part Data
  • Review and Approve
  • Change Issues
  • Document Creation
  • Part Generator / Clipboard
  • Deviation, P&R & GI
  • IPD (Internal Plant Document)
  • Engineering Request Documents
  • Value Additions & Technical Support

About CRS - Global Overview/Impact - Design Release/Update Shared Drawing Use, Notifications, Approvals, BOM Control and Access, Multiple Manufacturing Centers, Customers, Suppliers

Drawing Formats

Drawing Formats

Drawing Formats

Drawing Formats

Drawing Formats

Drawing Formats

Drawing Formats


Engineering Centers

Alfdorf Engineering Center

Supply Base

Supply Base



Supply Base

Supply Base



Engineering and Design Influence

Global Manufacturint Plants

Supply Base



Customer Assembly Plants







Supply Base

Supply Base

AschauEngineering Center


Engineering Center

Drawing Formats

Drawing Formats

Drawing Formats

Drawing Formats

Our Global electronic system is called CRS (Change Request System), within the system we process various documents that are used to summarize all information that pertains to that document type

ERD - Engineering Request Document authorizes the release of procedures, production and prototype drawings. Gathers customer, functional group and plant approvals. Identifies all impacted facilities and authorizes BOM activity. Requires addressing service, engineering tests, DFMEA, global and other issues.

DEV - Deviations provide authorization for variances from the acceptable production intent on design, testing, shipments, bill of material (part replacement to prevent obsolescence or support availability), rework, part traceability, PPAP, recall and other conditions that do not meet production standards

P&R – Process and Routing documents are used for supplier tool moves, line moves, tool refurbishment and component PPAPs. They describe and authorize a permanent change to a process and facilitate PFMEA and Control Plan document updates due to design change.

GI - General Information notices are used for documentation, notification and confirmation of various engineering activity.

CI – Change Issues are new documents used for information gathering and soliciting responses from selected individuals where posted and response dates are tracked. Responses can be used to support engineering decisions or represent concurrence from a supplier that drawings and PO’s have been received.

IPD – Internal Plant Documents are new routings to be used for the notification and releasing of plant specific documentation. Very automated and simple to use


EngineeringPart Release Process Improvements

Note: A Change Issue can be used to gather and assemble engineering information prior to the initiation of an ERD.

Essential Steps:

All Parts Released in ERD and Notification made

ERD Approval of Proposed Changes

Drawings Completed and Registered (ERD Release)

Part Utilization in Affected Mfg plants

Global access to BOM information


crs access navigation
CRS Access & Navigation
  • Internet Browser
    • Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
  • URL:
    • Training:
    • Production:
  • Login Dialog Box:
    • Enter User ID, &
    • Password

People Soft ID, if available, or, use your Email Address

If you are new to Windchill (do not have a current ID and password) you will be sent an email prior to Launch

Password can be Customized

how to request a userid how to change a password if you have forgotten
How To Request a Userid How to Change a password if you have forgotten

This must be completed prior to using the system

If you do not have a user ID you can request one online.

If you have forgotten your password you can request a reset.

crs access navigation winchill homepage
CRS Access & NavigationWinchill Homepage

CRS Main Menu


The remainder of these icons are used for administrative purposes.

Access Worklist

Setup Page




Personal Cabinet

Meeting Center

setting user profile
Setting User Profile

From the Home Page, select My Profile

Select Change User Preference



to use the system.

setting user profile1
Setting User Profile

Select Facility from Change Facility Drop Down List (i.e. Plant)

Select Function from Drop Down List (i.e. Job title)

Change Password Utility

(People Soft ID

Or Email Address)

accessing the worklist
Accessing the Worklist

The Worklist supplies each user with “tasks” that allows the user to complete the activity indicated (varies with each document).

Manage Layouts allows user to customize worklist, see next slide.

accessing the worklist changing worklist layout
Accessing the WorklistChanging worklist layout

The Manage Layouts feature allows the user to change the way tasks are displayed in their worklist. Each column can be sorted or grouped. *Note: the recommended Default for CRS users is as Shown above and results shown below.

personal calendar delegate task used with a know time of absence
Personal CalendarDelegate Task – used with a know time of absence

The calendar allows the user to delegate tasks on indicated days.

Look up another users calendar.

Calendar will show users working days &

If tasks will be assigned to a different user.

Select days to delegate tasks, click delegate.

Select User from list and click OK button.

All tasks assigned on that calendar day will be reassigned to the indicated user. (New users name will now be written on that calendar day.

Reassigning TaskIf you received a task meant for someone else you can forward to the correct individual

Check the “Work Item Selector” box and select the Reassign button.

Select User to reassign to, and click Submit, task will delete out of worklist.

The approval page of the document will show user 1 reassigned to user 2.

groupwise task notification
GroupWise Task Notification

To access the worklist from your email notification select the “HERE” link

example task
Example Task

A Task is sent to a users worklist upon their role in the Work flow. For example, when a user creates any type of CRS document, a task will enter that users worklist. The Instructions indicate their next actions.

The CRS document “ERD”, is accessed through a Link in the Task

You may enter Comments that will appear in the Task that is sent to the next user in the workflow.

An ‘OkToTool’ selection will need a Checker and a Release Analyst. Just the Release Analyst for a ‘Standard Release’ selection

Selecting Task Complete continues the workflow for a newly created document.

search options
Search options

Windchill allows the user to search specifically for certain documents, reports, parts, etc.

By entering a key word, Windchill will search for all documents including that word.

example search results
Example Search Results

Example search results for all Released ERDs originating in Aschau.

example search results1
Example Search Results

Search on Part will give you results like below:

Links to PartMaster

Links to Spicer

Links to Eng Part List


Example from Search Results - Eng Part List

Assemblies should have a link to launch their Eng Part List

view bom from sap
View BOM from SAP

From the WCRS homepage, select WCRS, View BOMs from SAP.

Type the part number, select plant, effectivity dates and click single level or multiple level query.

example of single level bom query from sap
Example of Single Level BOM Query from SAP

Note: View BOM from Maxcim is used the same.

part master1
Part Master


000395, 000398

ENG Part List




Link to all drawings registered (markups, released, etc.)


part master cont
Part Master, cont.

Part Master includes all platforms affected, and all related parts (service numbers, customer numbers, colors, SAP numbers) if applicable.


System Overview

Informal information gathering tool – CI workflow

Many uses exist for this tool. The routing, sharing, concurrence, gathering of information can easily be acquired through this workflow and available for decision making or use as an attachment to an ERD.

When reviewers have responded or a Maximum of 5 working days, the Change Owner will receive another task summarizing the reviewer responses.

creating a change issue
Creating a Change Issue
  • A Change Issue is an informal document, that can be used for:
    • Gathering ideas
    • Obtaining, Attaching or Sending files
    • Attaching to a CRS Document when beneficial

Select Create CI – Change Issue.

Select WCRS from the menu bar.

creating change issue cont
Creating Change Issue, cont.

Complete all fields on Request screen. Fields flagged with “*” are required. When attachments are completed select WorkList link.

Click Save

For attachments select Browse to locate file, when finished adding files, select Complete.

Link to add attachments


creating change issue cont1
Creating Change Issue, cont.

By selecting Worklist from Change Issue you would view as below

Select link to launch into task.


Task can be accessed via Groupwise notification

Select link.

creating change issue cont this is the change issue task
Creating Change Issue, cont.This is the Change Issue Task

Link to view Change Issue

To add Program Manager or Reviewers, select Add Users button. Search for users, select and click Add. Multiple users may be selected from this window. Once finished, select OK.

Select from available options.

Perform Review (send to Reviewers) or to Program Manager.

Select Task Complete

completing a change issue
Completing a Change Issue

Once the Change Owner accepts the final task, the Change Issue will move to ‘Completed’ State. Once a Change Issue is complete, it may be attached to an ERD for supporting documentation if needed. A Change Issue may only be attached to one ERD.

part generator1
Part Generator

From the Windchill home page, select WCRS from the menu bar on the left. Select Part Generator.

You have the option to create TRW Part Numbers, Non-TRW Part Numbers (admin only), TRW Chart Part Numbers or Engineering Document numbers i.e. specs, procedures.

part generator2
Part Generator

Select from pop-up window Part Description & Commodity Code. All fields except for Part Ref. Desc are req’d.

All Part or Document Types Can be Selected from this field

* Buyer

Mary Jane - Plastic

The Clipboard will store all parts that you have previously created.

Select Number of Parts to Generate and select Create Part(s).

updating viewing parts created parts the clipboard
Updating/Viewing PartsCreated Parts – TheClipboard

Part Generator will automatically pull a CV & DV part. Select the links to view the part master. The update link will allow you to change any information if needed.

Example clipboard.

engineering request document create
Engineering Request DocumentCreate

From the Windchill main menu select Create ERD.

engineering request document request page
Engineering Request DocumentRequest Page

Documents/Drawings for Release:

Any document to be released within the ERD.

User Reference Documents:

Attachment added for supporting documentation.

Change Issue:

Attach from within WCRS for link to files/approvals, etc.

Windchill System Documents:

Any document attached from within Windchill (i.e. Procedures, IP Documents, CAD files, etc.)

Complete all required fields and click Save.

  • WCRS will do three things:
  • assign an ERD number
  • add the attachment bars
  • send a task to the creators worklist.

Go to Part Submissions to complete ERD


Creating an Electronic Markup in Spicer

  • Create new layer.
  • Mark up drawing using tools on left side of screen.

New Layer





**Include ERD#, revision, your name, and date in revision column Mark-up note. If ERD is Advanced Release or OK to Tool, also note on drawing.**






Saving an Electronic Markup

1. File

2. Save As

4. Choose file location. This can be a folder created on your computer

5. Type file name (followed by .smf), use this format

3. Browse


6. File type should be Spicer Document (.smf)

7. Save

engineering request document part submissions
Engineering Request DocumentPart Submissions

Once the Request page is complete, click Part Submissions to add parts to be released.

Click here to add Parts.

A Part Submission Wizard will pop up similar to that of a Deviation.

engineering request document part submission wizard
Engineering Request DocumentPart Submission Wizard
  • Change Item Type:
  • TRW Part
  • Non-TRW Part
  • Document
  • Source Selection:
  • Select from WCRS
  • Copy from Submissions Already Defined
  • Generate New Number (Links to Part Master)

Current Part Number:

  • Can be manually entered, or searched in WCRS
  • Change Type:
  • Initial Release
  • Major Revision
  • Minor Revision
  • No Drawing Impact
  • Obsolete
  • Program Add


Complete required fields and click Next.

Step 2 will display the current status of the part in Part Master.

Status on Pending ERDs will display all ERDs that that part is listed on and not yet released. Select revision that the new ERD will be superceding.

engineering request document part submission wizard1
Engineering Request DocumentPart Submission Wizard

Complete required fields in Step 3. and click Finish.

WCRS will then ask if you want to add more Parts.

Yes will direct you back to Step 1. of the Part Submission.

No will close the window and exit the wizard.

engineering request document select pra task
Engineering Request DocumentSelect PRA Task

After completing Request Page & Part Submissions page, go to your worklist to access Task.

Always review Instructions for each task.

They are different for each step in the workflow.

Enter comments if desired.

A comment is required if user is canceling, or placing a document on hold.

Select Standard Release or Ok to Tool/Advanced Release.

This selection must match field selected on Request page.

Select Design Checker (if Ok to Tool / Advanced Release), PRA, and select Task Complete.

engineering request document approval team review approval
Engineering Request DocumentApproval Team Review/Approval

After PRA completes document, approval members can access task through their worklist.

Link to view document.

Recommendation: right click and select Open in New Window.

This allows user to view document and close window vs. clicking back button to task page.

Enter comments if desired. Required if placing on hold.

Click Task Complete.

engineering request document part detail page
Engineering Request DocumentPart Detail page


Print option allows user to select specific pages or all information to print.

Document will be formatted and opened in new window. Select File, Print in browser.

This link is available from all screens within the document.

Click on part number to view drawings. Links will appear below.

engineering request document platform page
Engineering Request DocumentPlatform Page

Select links to display platforms associated to that part number. Active part number will be highlighted.

engineering request document approval page
Engineering Request DocumentApproval Page

Approval page will display pending & completed approvals. Plant Facilitator may add approvers as required.

Everyone has the ability to extend an FYI in any state of the document.

WCRS will record and display sent to, sent from, date & comment.

engineering request document tracking
Engineering Request DocumentTracking

Design approval by engineer. This box will auto fill via task.

Approvals prior to submitting OTT/Adv. Release to PRA. Must be checked in Create State

Approval by PRA after design has completed drawing(s).

To be completed by plant personnel.

creating a deviation
Creating a Deviation

From the WCRS homepage, select WCRS from the menu bar. Select Create DEV - Deviation

creating a deviation part details
Creating a Deviation (Part Details)

User must be in Update mode to add/update the part details page. To add parts, click the Add New Details button.

takes you to part detail wizard
Takes you to Part Detail Wizard

Complete the required fields using the Part Details Wizard.

Select Finish when complete, the Part Details page will auto fill.

creating a deviation2
Creating a Deviation

Active Part number will be Red

Deselect the Unaffected Platforms in relation to this part number.

Note: After you Save, now you have completed user input for the Deviation

Now you can go to the Worklist and send to PRA for processing

approval page
Approval Page

System will display all pending approvals. Hold comments will also appear under Pending Approvals

Approvals with comments will appear under Approvals.

Click Create FYI to extend FYI.

creating a deviation3
Creating a Deviation

Once the deviation is complete, access task via worklist. Choose PRA Product Release Analyst, Add comments if desired and select Task Complete. This sends your newly created Deviation out for processing

review and approve
Review and Approve

Access Task via worklist or GroupWise notification.

Review document by selecting link (right click and open in new window)

After review of document enter comments if desired, select Approve or On Hold (comments required if placing the document on Hold) and click Task Complete.

creating a gi1
Creating a GI

Enter Part Number and select Check. The system will auto fill all fields except for Part Summary.

**Be sure to select Add button before switching screens or part will not be saved.**

creating a gi2
Creating a GI

Deselect the Unaffected Platforms in relation to this part number.

creating a p r
Creating a P&R

Complete required fields, add attachments if desired and select Save

creating a p r1
Creating a P&R

Enter Part Number and click Check. Fields will auto fill, complete Part Summary and click Save.

internal plant documents create
Internal Plant DocumentsCreate
  • An IPD is used within Windchill to create documents used strictly for the originating facility.
  • IPD’s may be used for:
  • Manufacturing Instructions
  • Plant documents
  • Plant drawings
  • Plant procedures
  • QC documents
  • Routing instructions
  • Service documents

From the Windchill main menu select Create IP document


Internal Plant DocumentsCreate

Document Categories include OPS Doc, Alert Doc, & CAD Doc.

Your Primary content file will be your main document, any attachments may be added as necessary. Click on the appropriate link to browse files and add to IPD.

Number may be assigned by originator, or if left blank, be a system assigned number (ex. IP000001

A team can be assigned as default according to user needs / document types.

“*” indicates required field

internal plant documents properties page
Internal Plant DocumentsProperties Page

Click on the Update link to make changes, add attachments, add carlines, etc.

internal plant document platforms page
Internal Plant DocumentPlatforms Page

In the Update mode, carlines may be added by clicking the Select Platform box, and removed by the remove link.

Platforms may be searched by Customer, Platform ID, or Platform.

Select the Platform by checking the box, and selecting OK.

Upon completion of your Platform Page

you go to your worklist and select reviewers

to send out document for release into system

value additions incorporated into the new wcrs
Value Additions - Incorporated into the New WCRS
  • Web Based Secure System – Access through browser able to link pertinent information to parts. The system offers ‘Full Text Search Capability’ to retrieve registered documents
  • Engineering Change Documentsare -Easily understood containing all pertinent information
  • Performance Improvements – The system speed will be greatly improved for Europe
  • System Response Reminders – Example system will send a reminder to take action 7 Days after the posted date into a users In-Box through an email reminder
  • System Referencing – Reference documents to parts in Part Master i.e. Specifications to Drawing #
  • Improved Reporting – User selected reports and ad hoc tool for customized needs
  • Proxy Delegation – A User can redirect their approval notifications if unavailable e.g.. Holiday
  • Standardized Part Usage – All facilities using same part generator – part numbers and specs
  • Change Issue – The informal information sharing and gathering tool
  • Task Driven Responses – Workflow notifications communicate response through a task
  • File Submissions - Improvements for drawing mark–ups, documents and attachments
  • Service Improvements – Capture service impact for part interchangeability at time of design change. Customer production and service numbers captured in a system table
  • Color Information – Colored parts will be captured on a table, very useful for part extensions
value additions incorporated into the new wcrs continued
Value Additions - Incorporated into the New WCRS – Continued
  • Improved commodity and buyer identification - Resulting in fewer change notification issues
  • Simple, efficient CRS Document creation - To begin the routing and approval process
  • Automated Final Drawing registration - upon engineers approval task
  • Engineering Part List - Would supplement our global drawings and provide complete component part numbers and suffix levels (a complete BOM) for assembly and subassemblies.
  • All Drawings Contained - In a single system and database (legacy - DMS and EIS systems)
  • One CRS System - All product line information in a single database (legacy – 2 databases)
  • Single System Access - View BOM’s contained in various manufacturing systems
  • New Document Type IPD – This is a simple notification and document release workflow for plants
  • ELV – Link in Part Master to Centor software where material and recycle information is viewed
  • External Document Access – ConnectWCRS on the road, at supplier, or customer with just an ID
  • Drawing Distribution – Utility to provide electronic drawing distribution for purchasing, internal TRW and external users
  • Standard Part Identifiers – Query attributes maintained for standard parts {based upon part description} – enhancement started, to be completed after launch
  • Ease of ERD completion for charted parts – Indicate chart number, Parts display and are auto updated
helpful hints
Helpful Hints

Saving your Userid and Password: When entering your USERID and PASSWORD, check the box “save this password in your password list”.

Creating a Shortcut to Windchill: To add an icon to your desktop, log into the application. Once in Windchill, RIGHT CLICK anywhere on the page. Choose the “Create Shortcut” option. The system will tell you “a shortcut to the current page will be placed on your desktop”. Choose “OK”.

To Open Documents in Windchill within the Application the Document was Authored in: Sometimes browsers are configured to open all documents within the browser application. To correct this, your browser must be configured correctly.

Double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop

Choose the “Tools” option (at top of page)

Select “Folder Options”

Select the “File Types” tab (at top of page)

For each document type you access via Windchill:

Scroll to the correct document type (e.g. Microsoft Word Document {doc})

Highlight the document type (e.g. Microsoft Word Document {doc})

Select the “Advanced” option (bottom of page)

De-Select (remove checkmark from) the “Browse in Same Window” option. Press OK to save.

technical assistance
Technical Assistance
  • To receive assistance with the use of WCRS
    • Contact your Local Engineering Administrator, WCRS Plant Facilitator or IS Person


    • Contact Your Local help desk (24 x 7)
      • Please inform the helpdesk of your issue and the Document number if Applicable of which you are having the Issue with.
training manual development updates
Training Manual Development Updates
  • Updated OCT 12 2004 (Items 1-14)
  • Slide 26 – Described by document link updates, ENG Part List, Pending ERD’s
  • Slide 30 - Updated text at top of slide
  • Slide 7 – User name text
  • Slide 23 – Updated view to include Maxcim
  • Slide 33 – References reviewers selections (was PM)
  • Slide 13 – Updated text to say “see next slide”
  • Slide 37 – Updated CC to Buyer
  • Slide 40 – Updated view from WCRS menu
  • Slide 41 – Updated text in lower text boxes
  • Slide 44 – Added up-assembly impact to the part submission
  • Slide 49 – Updated view includes Eng Pts List & update field
  • Slide 60 – Added arrows
  • Slide 64 – Updated deselect text for platform
  • Slide 73 – Text added - Ease of ERD completion for charted parts