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Lap Around The Windows Azure Platform

Lap Around The Windows Azure Platform. Manuvir Das Director Microsoft Corporation. Agenda. A sprint across the platform The platform in context A lap around the platform Anatomy of the commercial launch Q&A. Sprint. The Windows Azure Platform. Windows Azure SQL Azure

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Lap Around The Windows Azure Platform

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  1. Lap Around The Windows Azure Platform Manuvir Das Director Microsoft Corporation

  2. Agenda • A sprint across the platform • The platform in context • A lap around the platform • Anatomy of the commercial launch • Q&A

  3. Sprint

  4. The Windows Azure Platform • Windows Azure • SQL Azure • Windows Azure platform AppFabric • Developer tools • Microsoft Codename “Dallas”

  5. CTP with launch feature set Commercial Launch Feb 1 • Paid usage Jan • Commercial platform Now

  6. Flexible application hosting • Lights-out service management • Provide code & service model, hit ENTER • Storage at massive scale Compute Management Storage

  7. Session Alert !! SVC 13 Windows Azure Present and Future Tuesday 1:30pm Hall E

  8. Relational database as a service • Highly available, automatically maintained • Extension of the SQL Server Data Platform Reporting Business Analytics Data Sync Database

  9. Session Alert !! SVC 52 SQL Azure Database Present and Future Tuesday 3:00pm Hall E

  10. "The resilience and reliability of this platform is some of the benefits that we are seeing." "We are feeling very confident to deploy that into a large-scale base as our customers pulls this." • Secure connections between services • Across organizational boundaries • Claims-based access control ServiceBus AccessControl

  11. Microsoft Codename “Dallas”Information Services • Content brokerage and discovery platform • Available as a CTP at commercial launch

  12. Ticket Direct customer

  13. TicketDirect Architecture Windows Azure Roles Client Applications Service Bus • Castellan.Azure • Box Office sales • Ticket Printing • System Administration • Venue/Event Management • Partitioning WCF Distributed Cache Worker http:// TicketDirect .* Dynamic Worker (tasks uploaded as blobs) PartitionerWorker On PremisesSQL Server Windows Azure Storage -- - --- - - -- - --- - - Blobs to store web and worker role resources Tables to record server & partition information Queues for communication between clients and roles Castellan Venue Castellan.old (VB6) SQL Azure Castellan Venue DB Castellan Venue DB Castellan Venue DB Castellan Venue DB’s Castellan Venue DB’s Castellan Venue DB’s Castellan Venue 1 Partition(s) Venue 2 Partition(s) Venue N Partition(s) ... One application DB, many venue DB’s – each partitioned in to many parts (40+)

  14. Context

  15. Design Principles • Rock solid fundamentals • Platform for business-critical applications • Lower TCO • Uses cloud characteristics to lower TCO • Better together • Comprehensive platform for complete solutions • Inter-operability • Enables interaction with other environments

  16. Rock Solid Fundamentals • Security • Performance and reliability • High availability • Scale out • Multi-tenancy

  17. Lower TCO • Higher level of abstraction • Manage services, not servers • Manage data, not databases • Reduces cost of development & operations • Access to shared resources • Various levels of multi-tenancy • Reduces cost of entry & operations • Familiar programming models • Reduces cost of development & maintenance

  18. Better Together • One stop shop for required functionality • Location affinity • Co-located services in locations across the globe • One project • Manage software components across the platform • One bill • Consistent usage-based billing models • View and manage one bill across the platform • Shared functionality • Microsoft Pinpoint, Microsoft Codename “Dallas”, …

  19. Better Together demo

  20. Demo: One Project

  21. Demo: One Project

  22. Demo: One Project

  23. Demo: One Bill

  24. Inter-Operability • Componentized platform • Use any subset of the services to build apps • Build your own tools using service APIs • Language agnostic application hosting • Use any framework supported by Windows • Language agnostic services • Program against services using open web APIs • Connected platform • Integrate with on-premises apps, identity, etc.

  25. Session Alert !! SVC 50 Building Java Applications with Windows Azure Tuesday 3:00pm Hall F

  26. Lap Around

  27. Compute Management Storage

  28. Application Hosting • Flexible service architectures • Support for standard languages (Full Trust) • Service healing LB

  29. Familiar Programming Model: .NET Framework demo

  30. Service Management • Service management as a service • Enables lights-out service management • Powerful service upgrade models • Including in-place rolling upgrade

  31. Storage • Blobs, Tables, Queues • (New) Drives • Use standard file system APIs • Designed for the cloud • For easy access, from anywhere • For durability • For massive scale

  32. Session Alert !! SVC 14 Windows Azure Blobs and Drives Deep Dive Wednesday 4:30pm 515B

  33. Coming Soon • Programming model • Administrator privileges in the VM • Deployment of pre-configured VM images • Still obtain the benefits of the WA service model • Storage • User-selectable geo-locations for replicas • Secondary indices on tables • Service management • Remote terminal server access to VMs

  34. Reporting Business Analytics Data Sync Database

  35. Database • Relational database, provided as a service • Highly symmetrical development and tooling experience (use TDS protocol and T-SQL) • Highly scaled out, on commodity hardware • Built on the SQL Server technology foundation • Beyond “hosted database” • High availability, DB provisioning, and DB management are provided by the service • Pay for what you use

  36. Familiar Programming Model:SQL Server demo

  37. Data Sync • Tools for data synchronization with SQL Azure • Connect on-premises apps with the cloud • Create cached-mode clients • Built on Microsoft Sync Framework and ADO.NET Sync Services Sync / Cache Sync

  38. Session Alert !! SVC 23 Using the Microsoft Sync Framework to Connect Apps to the Cloud Thursday 1:45pm 408A

  39. ServiceBus AccessControl

  40. Service Bus • Securely connect applications • Over the internet • Across any network topology • Across organizational boundaries • Primary application patterns • Eventing: • Notify applications and/or devices • Service Remoting: • Securely project on-premises services out to the cloud • Tunneling: • App-to-app communication with NAT/Firewall traversal

  41. Session Alert !! SVC 18 Building Hybrid Cloud Applications with Windows Azure and the Service Bus Thursday 8:30am 408A

  42. Access Control • Provides outsourcing of claims-based access control for REST web services • Key capabilities: • Usable from any platform • Low friction way to onboard new clients • Integrates with AD FS v2 • Supports WRAP / SWT • Enables simple delegation • Used today by Service Bus and “Dallas”

  43. Session Alert !! SVC 19 REST Services Security Using the Access Control Service Wednesday 4:30pm 403AB

  44. Microsoft Codename “Dallas”Information Services

  45. Introducing “Dallas” • Content Brokerage and Discovery platform • Discover, Explore, and Use any type of content (blobs, structured, real-time web services) • Tap into an ecosystem of global content providers • Process & analyze data • Empowers developers of all sizes • Built on Windows Azure and SQL Azure

  46. Session Alert !! SVC 29 Enriching Applications with Content from Project “Dallas” Tuesday 4:30pm Hall E

  47. Commercial Launch

  48. CTP with launch feature set Timeline Feb 1 • Paid usage Jan • Commercial platform Now

  49. Business Considerations • Billing • Consumption-based and subscription offers • SLA • Support • 24/7 phone support; developer forums • Microsoft Pinpoint Marketplace • List & discover applications and services • Global availability • Datacenter options in USA, Europe, and Asia

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