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CGE 3 Practice. Vocabulary Matching 1. think of a new idea, machine or process make things or grow food keep , don't waste invent save check turn down produce read. Vocabulary Matching 2. something with an engine or motor a business organisation what fuel used for power gives us

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Vocabulary matching 1
Vocabulary Matching 1

think of a new idea, machine or process

make things or grow food

keep, don't waste

  • invent

  • save

  • check

  • turn down

  • produce

  • read

Vocabulary matching 2
Vocabulary Matching 2

something with an engine or motor

a business organisation

what fuel used for power gives us

  • machine

  • skill

  • team

  • energy

  • company

  • customer

Vocabulary matching 3
Vocabulary Matching 3

make less, become smaller

fix or mend something that is broken

stop using a machine, cut the power

  • reduce

  • learn

  • repair

  • grow

  • try

  • turn off

Vocabulary in context 1
Vocabulary in Context 1

exercise healthy oftenjoin popular never

Buy a treadmill today! Part 1

Everyone knows that your diet what you eat is important. If you want to be ____________, you need to eat well. Regular ____________ is an important consideration too. But in the UAE in summer, it is ____________too hot to go outside and exercise. There are a lot of gyms to ____________, but not everyone wants to go to a gym. That is probably why so many people buy exercise machines they can use indoors, at home. One of the most ____________ exercise machines is a walking machine or treadmill.

Vocabulary in context 2
Vocabulary in Context 2

produce increase choose cost interview

Buy a treadmill today! Part 2

We use treadmills for walking while we stay in the same place. Many companies ____________ these machines and you can buy them everywhere. The controls on a treadmill allow you to make the exercise easier or more difficult. If you ____________ the speed, you have to walk faster. Treadmills can be very good for your health then and they are well worth the ____________. If you ____________ to be healthy and fit, visit your nearest sports shop today!

Parts of speech
Parts of Speech

1. As a child, Sara didn't enjoy football and thought it was a boring sport. However, her brother, Lahej, thought that it was very ____________!

enjoyable enjoy enjoyment

2. Many people say that if you work hard in life, you will have __________.

success successful succeed

3. If you work at ADNOC and ADGAS, you get many benefits and a good salary. These companies ___________ a lot of people and they look after them.

employ employer employment

Grammar multiple choice
Grammar Multiple Choice

Last year, Hamad did a lot of sport. {On In At}Saturdays he played football with his friends from university. Hamad and his brother {were was be} the best players and all {their your her} friends wanted to be in the same team. At that time, Hamad could also {swim swims swimming} very fast and he trained with a team in Al Ain. This year, Hamad hopes {to go go going} to Oman in summer for a big competition. Hamad says that swimming is a great way to keep fit and have fun at the same time!

Grammar in context 1
Grammar in Context 1

are study spend at they studies is them spending on

University is different from high school. At high school there ______________ a lot more subjects to study. At university, a student ______________ one subject in much more detail. At school, teachers help students more and tell ______________ exactly what they need to do. School classes are held during the day but university students can attend classes during the day and even ______________ night. There are more clubs at university and most students like ______________ their free time with friends who have similar interests. On the whole, university offers students a lot more freedom!

Grammar in context 2
Grammar in Context 2

I often see my old classmates, Asma, Nouf and Mahra from school. ________ are students now at the same college. Asma, Mahra and I are doing Science. Nouf {marker} French. Nouf visits France a lot with her family________ she often tells us stories about life in that part of Europe. In _________ free time, Asma and I often play Nouf and Mahra at tennis. We are pretty good but they usually beat ________! Not to worry! We all get on really well.