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Fruits and Vegetables PowerPoint Presentation
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Fruits and Vegetables

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Fruits and Vegetables - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fruits and Vegetables
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  1. Fruits and Vegetables A WebQuest for 8th Grade Family and Consumer Sciences Created by: Mrs. Aimee Latham

  2. Introduction The human body requires nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in order to function properly. You will work together as a team to discover what nutrients are contained in fruits and vegetables and how those nutrients are beneficial to the human body. You will also discover how many fruits and vegetables humans should have every day and what a serving size is through studying the Food Guide Pyramid.

  3. The Task So, get busy with your team and visit selected websites in order to work up an appetite for some fruits and vegetables. Here a just a few sample questions you will answer:

  4. Sample Questions You Will Answer • How many servings of vegetables should a person have from the Food Guide Pyramid each day? • How many servings of fruits should a person have from the Food Guide Pyramid each day? • What vitamins and minerals do fruits and vegetables provide? • Are fruits and vegetables low in calories and fat?

  5. The Process First, you will visit the Life Clinic website at the following address to answer questions.

  6. The Process Second, you will visit the website at the following address to answer questions about the Food Guide Pyramid. services/quizzes/nutrition/wellsource_nutrition/fdpyramid.htm

  7. The Process Next, you will visit the Dole website in order to discover how the color of fruits and vegetables is a clue to its nutrient value.

  8. The Process Finally, you will visit Farm Fresh To You to “pick” a delicious recipe you would like to use in the kitchen laboratory.

  9. How You Will Be Evaluated • Amount of Information • Quality of Information • Internet Use • Focus on the Task • Working With Others

  10. All animated clip art is credited to

  11. Conclusion I hope you will have fun studying about fruits and vegetables using the World Wide Web. Your team will answer many questions on fruits and vegetables, and “pick” a recipe for fruits and vegetables.