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The Book Thief Part Three

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The Book Thief Part Three

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The Book Thief Part Three

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  1. The Book ThiefPart Three ENG2D

  2. The Gravedigger’s Handbook • Faust the Dog • The Lighthouse • The Shoulder Shrug • Dictionary (Ilsa leaves in window) • The Whistler • The Standover Man • The Dream Carrier • The Word Shaker • The Last Human Stranger What Books Does Liesel Read?

  3. Explain the situation in Germany at that time • They all tell a story that is similar to her life • False faces (Hans hiding his true feelings, Rudy with Hitler Youth) • Talk about the power of words – demonstrate it • Symbolic of the Nazi regime – murderer who whistles, The Word Shaker • They connect people – and offer escape even though they are very dark stories • Dark stories for dart times • Give Liesel something to live for • Opens her mind; shows her that the world isn’t always a nice place; Liesel finds comfort in that because she is not alone in her experience • She becomes more aware and develops opinions of her own What Do The Books Have in Common?

  4. They represent the norms and regulations in Germany at that time • The Standover Man and The Word Shaker were written by Max and explain the Nazi Germany to Liesel and us, the readers • Even though Max is Jewish hiding in Nazi Germany, he still has hope • They give voice to the outsiders – Liesel, Hubermans, Max, Rudy • The Whistler reminds us of Papa and the accordianand how music can lighten even the darkest times up • They all illustrate the power of words How Do The Books Connect to The Book Thief?

  5. Literary Analysis of The Book Thief

  6. Emotional • Humorous • Caring/ hates his job • Duty not something he gets pleasure from • Distractable • He gets attached to people • Wit • Opinionated • Unpredictable: you don’t know when he is going to interject – symbolic of death itself • He fears Liesel, and humans in general • Fascinated and horrified with human’s ability to violently cruel and murderous to each other and still have such beauty and love so selflessly (even at the same time) Character Traits of Death

  7. Orphan • Loving and lovable • Loyal • Illiterate and then literate • Considerate • Spunky – stealing from the fire • Feisty – beats a boy up • Playful • Mischievous • Loves to read • Risk taker – thief • Trustworthy • She kept the secret of hiding Max • Traumatized by the loss of her brother and mother • Dreamer and has nightmares • Stubborn • Wise beyond her age? • Encouraging – supports Rudy Who Is LieselMeminger?

  8. Loyal and brave • Trustworthy • Immature • Spunky • Trouble maker– steals food from the church • Impulsive • “permanently hungry” • Daring • “perfect German” – blonde and blue eyes • Generous – gives extra food he stole to others, including the Jews • Helpful – helps Tommy Muller in the Hitler Youth • Represents what life was like for a boy under Nazi rule • Doesn’t like Hitler or the Nazis (father’s influence) • Conforms for survival • Positive person in a negative era; comic relief • friendship What is the Significance of Rudy Steiner?

  9. Hans Rosa Comes across and very harsh and cold Actually has a big heart Has trouble showing her emotions because of the hardships She good in times of crisis Very strong Bad cook Leader and wants to be a mother figure Loves Hans deeply – accordion scenes Grew to love Liesel as a daughter See this when she comes to school to tell Liesel Max is awake • Soft • Caring • Loving • Compassionate • Gives bread to the Jew • Sees the fraud of the Nazi party • Good listener • Puts others first • Intelligent • Open • Father figure • Teacher • Positive: sees the good in everyone • Patient • Doesn’t judge others • Understanding • Represents the 10% who had their own mind and did not approve of Nazism – quiet rebels • Represents hope for Liesel The Hubermanns

  10. Fighter – not just physically but emotionally • Determined • Guilty – for leaving his family behind to be safe himself • Compassionate • Kind • Knows the power of words • Believer of what is right – integrity • Strong physically and mentally • Grateful for those who risk their lives to save them • He doesn’t blame Hans for giving him away by feeding another Jew on the street • Represents the huge number of Jews that were persecuted and hunted down and the Jews who were sheltered by others • Represents the Jews who were labelled and persecuted based upon genetics not faith • Friend to Liesel and gives her strength • When he enters her world things become less black and white and opens her eyes to the real world The Significance of Max to Liesel and the novel

  11. Power of words • Hope • Death • Believing in what is right regardless of the consequences • Friendship • Trust • Loyalty • Change • Human struggle and suffering • Growing up – bildungsroman • Stealing • Duality of human existence – we are capable of such horrible acts toward each other yet can love so deeply and unconditionally at the same time; we are ugly and beautiful • World War II and Holocaust from German perspective • Discrimination • Poverty • Colours The Themes

  12. Person vs person • Person vs himself • Person vs society/Nazism/Hitler • Jews vs Hitler • Lieselvs dreams/imagination/brother • Person vs. nature • Rudy vs Hitler • Rest of world vs. Hitler and Nazi Party • Lieselvs Urge to Read Conflicts

  13. The bombing of Himmel Street • Liesel is saved by words • Everyone she loves dies but Max • Cannot save Max • Realized that she really loved Rudy – kisses him for the first time but he is dead What is the Climax?

  14. Sees Max one last time • Death gives Liesel her book that she wrote which she left behind when Himmel Street was bombed • Death is like a guardian/father and now it is time for him to take her What is the Resolution?

  15. In What Ways Do Words Save Liesel?

  16. The accordian • Hope • Imagination/creativity • Happiness/joy • Books • Power of words • Escape • Ability to recognize truth from falsehood • Represent real life • Wisdom • Helps one understand that everyone is troubled; you are not alone; connect people • Soccer Ball What Symbols Are Present and What Do They Represent?

  17. Moods • Distraction for Death • Reds, whites, blacks = Nazi • Silver = wisdom, goodness, peace, compassion, imagination/creativity • Grey = war, uncertainty, sorrow, prosecution, smoke from burning, destruction, “grey area,” no one is pure good or pure evil, false face • Brown • Dirty • Yellow or green • Ray of hope; renewal, ability to start again • Sun, sunrise = a new day and a new start • Blue = infinity; normality in an abnormal time • Calmness, purity, peace, refreshing • Purple = beauty; royalty, elegant What is the significance of Color?

  18. Liesel Who is the Protagonist?

  19. Hitler and the Nazi Party Who Is The Antagonist?

  20. To do what is right and be careful not to just think about ourselves • How powerful words are for good and evil • Believing in what is right regardless of what you are told to believe • I am glad I live in the 21st Century and did not have to experience WWII or the Holocaust • Stay positive • Always have hope • Glad to be Canadian What Will You Take Away From The Book Thief?