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Name That Amendment

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Name That Amendment
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  1. Name That Amendment I will post a crime on the projector. Write down which amendment you think it is within the 1 min time limit You may use your notes if you need them
  2. 5th My name is Luke. I was found innocent of armed robbery by a court of law. The state decided to try my case again anyway.
  3. No person shall be accused of a crime without following the process of the law Grand jury decides if there is enough evidence to indict someone No person shall have to testify at their own criminal trial No double jeopardy – can not be tried for the same crime twice No one can have property taken with out due process of the law
  4. 8th My name is Carol. After being found guilty of driving while intoxicated, the court ordered that I spend the next 30 years in solitary confinement.
  5. Allows for fair bail Bans “cruel and unusual punishment”
  6. 1st My name is Bob and I live in Upper Creek, Where the town voted to double the taxes of all Catholics.
  7. Freedom of: religion speech press to peacefully assemble to petition the government over problems
  8. 6th or 7th Amendment My name is Fred. I am suing my business partner for $300,000, but the state of NY tried the case without a jury and I lost. 6th Amendment – right to a jury case when over $5,000 in lawsuit 7th Amendment – Civil Case but usually capped at $5,000
  9. 6th Protects the rights of people accused of a crime Speedy trial Public trial Jury Trial Know the charges against them Hear witnesses against them Lawyer 7th Juries can decide civil cases Hurt someone without committing a crime Disputes over money or property
  10. 4th My name is Rita. For no apparent reason, the police stopped me while I was driving and began to search through my trunk and personal luggage.
  11. The government does not have the right to search you or your property without a warrant demonstrating probable cause This amendment does not go into effect in emergency situations
  12. 2nd My name is Doug and I am a hunter. The U.S. Attorney General ordered all American citizens to turn in their rifles and pistols by noon on Saturday.
  13. Each state will have a militia Right of the people to have and carry weapons
  14. 8th My name is Meghan and the judge ordered that I cut off my right hand because I was arrested for pick pocketing.
  15. Allows for fair bail Bans “cruel and unusual punishment”
  16. 10th My name is Arizona. I am a state. Last week, the federal government decided that state governments were no longer necessary.
  17. Recognizes that states and the people have additional powers not specifically given to the congress by the Constitution Federalism – balance of power between the state and federal government
  18. 1st My name is Mark. My congressman prohibited a local newspaper from printing an editorial that was critical of his record.
  19. Freedom of: religion speech press to peacefully assemble to petition the government over problems
  20. 3rd My name is Danny. During a time of peace, the army ordered that my house be used to house soldiers returning from a mission.
  21. No housing of soldiers without consent of homeowner
  22. 1st My name is Betty. I wanted to conduct a peaceful rally in town to gain support for higher wages for workers. I was arrested immediately.
  23. Freedom of: religion speech press to peacefully assemble to petition the government over problems
  24. 9th My name is Jesse. I am told by the President that I need to go to school until I am 18 years old.
  25. Rights listed in the Constitution are not the only rights that citizens have. This allows the courts and Congress to decide additional basic rights of citizens
  26. 14th I am Sam. I was not given full representation in Congress until after 1865. I only counted as 3/5ths of a person.
  27. Defines citizenship in the United States Born or naturalized can not be denied life, liberty, or property with out legal process and are equally protected by the law. Representation is based on the whole number of people
  28. 26th I am Joy. I am 16 years old and I want to vote in the presidential election in 3 months.
  29. 18 years old to vote – limited by the Supreme Court to federal elections only
  30. 21st My name is Sally and I want to open a bar tomorrow to sell beer.
  31. Repealed Amendment 18 – December 5, 1933 manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors is prohibited”
  32. 18th My name is Josh. It is 1929, and I want to take wine my family made to the nearest restaurant for extra money.
  33. manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors is prohibited”
  34. 11th I am Robert. I am suing the state of Pennsylvania because they have taken my property without compensation.
  35. All lawsuits involving the states or foreign countries will be handled by the Supreme Court
  36. 22nd I am President Obama and I have a lot more to accomplish in support of this country. I think I will run again for a 3rd term.
  37. 2 time max elected as president If you served more that 2 years as acting president you can only run one time
  38. 13th I am George. I am African American and have been held by my white land owner against my will for 20 years.
  39. Ends slavery
  40. 25th I am Vice President Biden. President Obama has had a heart attack and will need to go under anesthesia to have by-pass surgery. I will be in charge of the country until he notifies Congress differently.
  41. Vice President takes over when the president can no longer fulfill their duties If for a period of time the president will not be able to fulfill his duties he can in writing ask for the Vice President to take over. House must approve, and he can return when in writing he says he is fit and the House approves.
  42. 23rd I am Steve, and now as a resident of Washington DC my vote counts in the presidential election.
  43. Washington DC is allowed electors to represent their votes for President and Vice President
  44. 12th My name is Thomas. I was the vice president under John. I was directly elected by the people.
  45. Changed the election procedure for president. Electors vote for a president Electors then vote for a vice president If there is a tie members of the House of Representatives cast votes among the leaders with the most votes
  46. 17th My name is Ron. I am a Senator who is directly elected by the public into my position.
  47. Members of the senate are directly elected by the people The state temporally appoints someone to fill vacancies
  48. 27th My name is Lydia and I am a member of the House of Representatives. I am voting myself a raise of $100,000.00 and there is nothing you can do about it.
  49. Senators and Representatives who vote for a raise can not have a raise take effect until after a new election period takes place
  50. 15th My name is Sal. I am an African American man who wants to vote in the election of 1900.
  51. Anyone can vote no matter your race, color, or previous position in service.
  52. 24th My name is Colleen. They tried to collect $200.00 from me in order for me to vote.
  53. Can not collect a poll tax – do not have to pay in order to vote
  54. 16th I am Jeff. I hate that I have to pay the government every April 15th.
  55. Congress can collect income tax
  56. 19th I am Amy and they said I can’t vote in November’s election.
  57. Women gain the right to vote
  58. 20th I am Barack Obama. My term in office ends on January 20, 2017 at 11:59 am.
  59. Term of president ends at noon on January 20th Terms of Senators and Representatives ends at noon on January 3 Congress shall meet at least once a year starting on January 3 If the president dies following the election before taking office the vice president will take over the office