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Kingfisher Pension Scheme

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Kingfisher Pension Scheme - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kingfisher Pension Scheme
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  1. Kingfisher Pension Scheme Your benefit statement explained

  2. Your Benefit Statement As a member of the Kingfisher Pension Scheme, the Trustee will write to you each year with details of your benefits. If you have not received a statement please contact Kingfisher Group Pensions.

  3. What to expect From 2013 your Benefit Statement will be issued in the autumn each year Your Benefit Statement will include:- • A summary of your personal details • Your statement at a glance • If applicable, details of your Final Salary (KPS-FS) deferred benefits including Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) • If applicable, details of your Money Purchase (KPS-MP) benefits including contribution rates, investment choice, value and performance • Confirmation of the benefits due in the event of your death • Estimates of your retirement benefits

  4. Further information You will be asked to select your section From here you will be able to access:- • A sample statement providing a detailed and easy to understand explanation of the content You can also access:- • An actions table providing quick links to further information, tools and forms Please see

  5. Why is your benefit statement important? • Your benefit statement is the annual summary of yourKingfisher Pension Scheme benefits • It includes information about death benefits to assist your dependants in the event of your death. Pleaseremember to review and maintain your Beneficiary Form • It’s important to keep track of all your pension arrangements and retirement saving to help you plan effectively for your future and keep informed about your benefit entitlements • It’s important to review your benefits regularly

  6. Planning ahead Your Benefit Statement is just one part of planning ahead. Ask yourself • What will I need to live on when I stop working? • What net income will I receive after I stop working? • When do I want to stop working?

  7. What should I do? As an active member of the KPS-MP you should:- • Review your contributions • Review your investments and Selected Retirement Age • Review your estimated benefits Ask yourself • Will I have enough income? • What other retirement savings do I have? • Do I need to take steps to increase my retirement saving? The KPS-FS is now closed, but you may be able to boost your retirement saving through your other pension arrangements, savings or if you are still employed by the Company through the KPS-MP.

  8. What should I do? As a deferred KPS member you should look at your estimated retirement benefits. Ask yourself • Will I have enough? • What other retirement savings do I have? • Do I need to take steps through my current employment to increase my retirement savings?

  9. Online access for KPSMP members You can access to your KPS-MP Retirement Account online. • You can: • Review the contributions paid in by you and the Company • Review the value of your Retirement Account • Review your investment options • Review the performance of your funds • Use the Pension Planner and modelling tools

  10. Pension Planner You can: • Review your current projections • Consider your options: • what effect an increase or decrease in contributions could mean • what effect a change in investment could mean • Include other pensions and retirement savings to gain a better idea of your estimated retirement income.

  11. Other actions Should you wish to change or make any amendments such as your contributions rates, investments strategy or beneficiary form please visit: Here you will find further information to help you make those changes.

  12. Kingfisher Pension Trustee Limited