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Working Conditions

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Working Conditions. Why was labor angry?. Corporations - you, too, can own a company!. Corporations - Companies that are publicly owned Sell stock to raise funds to grow business Stock prices are determined supply and demand

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Working Conditions

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working conditions

Working Conditions

Why was labor angry?

corporations you too can own a company
Corporations - you, too, can own a company!
  • Corporations -
    • Companies that are publicly owned
    • Sell stock to raise funds to grow business
    • Stock prices are determined supply and demand
    • Stock is sold on a stock market (New York Stock Exchange is on Wall Street in NYC)
    • Share - One part of the business.
  • Shareholders - people who own at least one share of stock
corporations vs private companies
Must tell public (potential shareholders) about profits/losses

Controlled by a elected board of directors (shareholders vote)

Can raise $ quickly

Owners do not have to tell profits/losses

Owners have more control

Harder to raise capital (funds) for new machines, factories

Corporations vs. Private companies
working conditions in late 1800s
Working Conditions in late 1800s
  • As mass production increased, companies get bigger, less personal.
  • Workers can be fired any time for any reason
  • Factories were uncomfortable, unsafe, dark, and dirty
  • Hours varied from 10 to 14 hours a day, 6 days/week
  • Injuries - if you were hurt, you were fired. No insurance.
  • Sweatshops - crowded and dangerous, usually refers to textile/garment industry
workplace safety
Workplace Safety
  • 1900 - 35,000 people died in industrial accidents
  • 500,000 people were injured in the same year
  • Most infamous incident was the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City, a clothing sweatshop that started on fire
women and children in the labor force
Women and Children in the Labor Force
  • Women paid half as much as men
  • Child Labor
    • Hundreds of thousands under 16 working
    • Some states ban laborers under 12, but these laws were ignored
    • Kids work on machines designed for adults
    • Kids have almost no power to stand up for better pay, conditions
triangle shirtwaist fire

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Progressives Attack

Workplace Reform

triangle shirtwaist fire 1911
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire (1911)
  • Fire breaks out in NYC garment shop
  • Most workers are female Jewish immigrants
  • 146 die in fire, some by jumping out of upper story windows
  • Lower windows were barred and doors were locked to prevent workers from leaving early
how it began
How It Began
  • Doors were locked
  • Windows on first and second floors were barred
  • No breaks, no fresh air
  • Spark lit lint in the air on fire, and it spread rapidly
People could not escape, and the workers, mostly women, jumped out of upper windows to the streets below
  • 146 workers perished in the fire
“And there was this beautiful little girl, my friend, Dora. I remember her face before she jumped.” Bessie Cohen - Worker
triangle shirtwaist fire made national news
Triangle Shirtwaist fire Made National News
  • People began to look at reforms in the workplace
unions protest deaths of their fellow workers
Unions Protest Deaths of Their Fellow Workers
  • Unfortunately we had to have a horrible incident to get things moving
  • When else has this happened?
triangle shirtwaist fire website

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Website