Building social capital for arpa
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Building social capital for ARPA. What a communication strategy has to offer… Frits Hesselink Brasilia, March 2005. Communicating biodiversity: how to interest your audience?. How to mainstream vision and messages of ARPA?. Whatever you publish or lecture, in most cases

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Building social capital for arpa

Building social capital for ARPA

What a communication strategy has to offer…

Frits Hesselink

Brasilia, March 2005

Communicating biodiversity how to interest your audience
Communicating biodiversity:how to interest your audience?

How to mainstream vision and messages of arpa
How to mainstream vision and messages of ARPA?

Whatever you publish or lecture, in most cases

people (non experts) either:

  • do not know (“never heard of it”)

  • do not read or show up (“I have other priorities”)

  • do not understand (“for me it’s just abacadabra”)

  • do not agree (“why should I change?”)

  • do not act (“others first…”)

  • or do not repeat the action (“oh, did I really contribute?”)

Communication strategy
Communication Strategy

Planning of a mix of interventions for:

  • Building public support

  • Persuading policymakers and donors

  • Guiding interactive meetings to results

  • Building leadership on the ground

  • Managing stakeholder processes

  • Introducing new practices and change

Communication discipline lights camera action
Communication discipline: lights, camera, action!

  • Creating the mood

  • Turning the audience on

  • Crafting language and images

  • Timing & delivery of the message

  • Making the audience sing along

  • Keeping the audience coming back

  • Telling their friends about ARPA

What communication brings
What communication brings

  • How to touch emotions

  • How to influence an agenda

  • How to guide participation processes

  • How to guide capacity building processes

  • How to tailor messages to audiences

  • How to assess receptiveness audiences

  • How to guide interaction towards results



  • Innovation

  • Agenda setting for new policies

  • Catalyst for change on the ground

  • Leadership in developing capacity to protect nature, while assisting the community

  • Mechanism for long term funding

Putting a spring in our step
Putting a spring in our step

ARPA – we create leadership in super scale

management of the Amazon rain forest

We focus on

  • Win-win Opportunities

  • Integrated Policies for Change

  • Continuous Capacity Development

Expertise strategic interventions
Expertise strategic interventions

  • Events, lunches, dinners – PR manager

  • Training workshops and materials – educator, trainer

  • Editing texts – journalist (no scientist!)

  • Stories, testimonials – journalist

  • Radio, TV reports - journalist

  • Media relations - journalist

  • Round tables, conflict resolutions – facilitator, mediator

  • Focus groups, target group research – social marketer

  • Film, video – advertiser, documentary maker, journalist

  • Theater – playwright, director, actors

  • Information kit – advertiser or PR manager (no educator!)

  • Branding, house style, logo, – marketer, advertiser (no journalist, no designer!)

  • Poster, brochure – advertiser (no designer, no journalist!)

  • Campaigns – marketer, PR manager, communication manager

  • Overall planning & management - communication manager, marketer or a PR manager (no journalist!)