cindapa wairakei conference 13 june 2014 n.
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CINDAPA Wairakei Conference – 13 June 2014. Kent Holdsworth Community Ethnic & Youth Manager – Waikato Prevention First. Aim to prevent – reduce offending and victimisation Road policing – social driving

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cindapa wairakei conference 13 june 2014

CINDAPA Wairakei Conference – 13 June 2014

Kent Holdsworth

Community Ethnic & Youth Manager – Waikato

prevention first
Prevention First
  • Aim to prevent – reduce offending and victimisation
  • Road policing – social driving
school community officers
School Community Officers
  • PES/YES  SCO’s
  • Primarily Educators  primarily prevention or problem solvers
  • Developing new programs – cyber bullying


Police Negotiation Team (PNT)

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

problem individuals
Problem Individuals

Three general groups are recognised as potential hostage takers






May 8, 2009

Chaucer Rd 


New Zealand


Columbine High School

April 20, 1999

Jefferson County,


scenario one
Scenario One

15 year old Kim, one of your students is on the roof of the highest building at your school. She is threatening to jump off.

You have heard Kim’s parents are separating. Her younger sister is also at the school.

What do you do?

scenario one1
Scenario One
  • Ring 111
  • Get collegial support
  • Make area safe
  • Your own safety is paramount
  • Then the safety of others
  • Then Kim’s safety
  • Learn what has happened
  • Make sure the sister is not in view
scenario one2
Scenario One
  • Approach Kim slowly – explaining what you are doing
  • Only one person speaks to Kim
  • Watch your body language
  • Introduce yourself
  • If you don’t know Kim – ask her name
  • Ask Kim what she is doing – “Are you trying to commit suicide?”
  • Do not try to grab Kim

“My Mom says she hopes I have

kids like me… but I don’t like

the way she says it”


The Negotiator’s

#1 Tool

scenario two
Scenario Two

14 year old Dan is not achieving academically and not socializing successfully with his class mates

His father Sam contacts the school and makes an appointment to speak with you, Dan’s teacher. Sam is known to be angry and volatile.

How do you engage with Sam?

scenario two1
Scenario Two
  • If you have safety concerns – have a second person present or nearby
  • If Sam’s behaviour becomes unacceptable stop the conversation – ask him to leave
  • Explain your concerns directly and factually
  • If Sam gets angry let him vent – then try again
  • Acknowledge his emotions – “You sound frustrated…”
scenario two2
Scenario Two
  • Be aware of body language
  • Use active listening skills (don’t try and use them all in one conversation)
  • Use hooks
  • Use triggers
  • Talk about the future
  • Build a sense of trust
active listening skills
Active Listening Skills
    • Minimal encouragers
    • Open-ended questions
    • Reflecting/Mirroring
    • Emotion Labeling
    • Paraphrasing
    • I messages
    • Effective pauses - silence
    • Summary
  • Engage
  • Converse naturally
  • Make them feel safe
  • Active listening, empathy, rapport, influence, change
  • Have confidence
  • Negotiation is about listening
important points
Important points
  • Talking about suicide will not make someone commit suicide (**suicide contagion)
  • Never attempt to grab a suicidal person
  • Be empathetic not sympathetic
  • Time is your friend
  • Never lie
  • You can use reality (but get your timing right)
  • Always de-brief any situation
  • Different types of jobs e.g. civil demonstrations, training our own staff
  • Terrorism
  • Social media
how do you get hold of pnt
How do you get hold of PNT?
  • Emergency - ring 111
  • Ring your local station and ask for a negotiator or PNT

021 191 2503

Thank you