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S&L Systems for Success

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S&L Systems for Success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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S&L Systems for Success. Getting into Accounts. Tracking Accounts. Appointments. Follow – up, order completion, service. Cathy Eads, Sr. Ex. Team Leader -- ALR 2013. Getting into Accounts .

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S&L Systems for Success

Getting into Accounts

Tracking Accounts


Follow – up, order completion, service

Cathy Eads, Sr. Ex. Team Leader -- ALR 2013


Getting into Accounts

Eyes and Ears open – schools & libraries and beyond - to literacy orgs, community orgs, hospitals, therapy centers, foundations, etc.

Know the programs – S&L service, LFL, RFTS, author visits, BF, CFAC. Plenty of online resources in CIA, audios, upline, convention, meetings

Know the product – we meet needs with BOTH programs and product.

Initial contact “teaser” email – follow up with call if no response OR use email to set time to talk by phone

Phone call to get in for appointment, or get closer to an order/program date


Initial Teaser Email NEW S&L client

Hi Suzanne,

I’m visiting schools in Gwinnett County (or list specific school/media specialist you’re meeting with already in that area) next week to share our Common Core titles, along with information about our literacy programs, and 50% matching grant. 

I have time open on Tuesday at 1 pm and Thursday at 10 am. Would one of those times work well for you?

Cathy Eads

Sr. Educational Consultant

EDC Publishing – home of Usborne and Kane/Miller Books




Initial Teaser Email LFL

Hi Joanne,

I'd like to share information with you regarding our 50% matching grant for children's and YA books. 

Would you have five minutes Thursday to discuss more by phone?

Cathy Eads

Sr. Educational Consultant

EDC Publishing – home of Usborne & Kane/Miller Books




Tracking Accounts – CRM - excellent contact management tool, free for single user

Keeps all lead’s contact information, allows for extensive notes, can author emails within the program, allows you to setup to-do lists/tasks with deadlines, rank urgency, pipeline builder, etc.

Calendar – put everything on your calendar, use electronic reminders

appt. date/time, follow-up date/time, send stuff date/time, next contact date/time, check back if order not submitted yet, etc.


Appt. Prep

Roll aboard suitcase full of books – keep it packed with S&L best sellers, plus add titles that will meet the needs I’ve found they have, and newest titles for this season

S&L “Business” Bag with – 2 to 4 S&L catalogs, notebook for taking notes of what they need/want to order/questions, calculator, pens, sharpie, sticky notes, catalogs, binder, small gift (Beginner, sticky notes with logo, nice treat – chocolate?)

Binder - with Dewey’s, program flyers, BF and RFTS one pager/flyer, author visit flyer, etc.


At the Appt.

Let’s Share Books! Smile, these are book lovers! Listen more than talk, allow them to be wowed by the books.

As you share, go through the books by catalog order. Best to have books packed that way.

  • Take notes
  • what they want/are interested in (wish list of books)
  • highlight the series
  • note questions (these are a reason to follow up - with answers!)
  • take down cataloging info, starting bar code #,
  • ask about preferred payment method, any special ordering policies

Let them know you’ll need a copy of their tax exempt certif. for HO

Tell them when you’ll get “wish list” order to them & ask to add them to IMN

** Ask for Referrals! **


After Appt.

  • Put wish list into OPOL
  • send pdf of order – without summary – along with a thank you
  • email, including answers to any questions they had as well.
  • I like to end with “if you have any questions, or adjustments, just let me know. I’m happy to help.”

Keep following up to finalize order or book event – sometimes this takes a looong time – use calendar to schedule your follow ups.

Postcards about programs, IMN, small gifts (holiday/new year) , emails about new titles, programs, etc. help keep you in mind when $ or needs arise.


S&L Systems for Success - summary

Getting into Accounts – use school/org websites, watch news papers, blogs, social media, etc. Initial email/call is to pique interest, then talk/meet more.

Tracking Accounts – use a contact management system and a calendar with reminders

Appointments – Keep prepped, like for shows. Have a professional, organized way of sharing at the appointment. LISTEN well to fill needs.

Follow up – it’s our job to keep on top. Our priority, not theirs. Consistent, personal, professional service sets us apart, builds rapport.