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FACET Project Management

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FACET Project Management. John Seeman for the FACET Study Group PPA Directorate Stanford Linear Accelerator Center DOE FACET Review February 19-20, 2008. Topics. Project Management Plan Schedule Cost Staffing Operations Process for experiment approvals. FACET Layout.

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facet project management

FACET Project Management

John Seeman for the FACET Study Group

PPA Directorate

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


February 19-20, 2008


Project Management Plan





Process for experiment approvals

facet layout
FACET Layout

Hadron Production Facility

FACET has four areas:

Sector 20 Accelerator Science Facility (ASF)

e+ bunch compressor

Electron Bypass Line (EBL) extension to ESA

Hadron Production Facility for ESA

project management
Project Management
  • Project execution plan is being developed. (Based on LCLS, PEP-II, and the recent LSST proposal.)
  • FACET has completed its conceptual engineering phase.
  • Construction team will be organized as a division of the PPA Directorate.
  • FACET science program will be coordinated from the PPA ARD division.
  • Construction management team:
    • Project manager
    • System scientists
    • Systems engineers
    • Safety officer
    • Quality control officer
    • Business management officer
  • An initial WBS structure has been produced including indirects and contingency and will be expanded when needed.
  • FACET construction and operation will follow all safety policies of SLAC and will be reviewed by all appropriate safety review processes and committees.
  • FACET will follow DOE “CD” guidelines and reporting.
proposed construction timeline
Proposed Construction Timeline
  • Fall 2008: Installation of shielding wall in linac tunnel between Sectors 20 and 21. This allows tunnel installation work to proceed in Sector 20 while the LCLS injector and other downstream systems operate in 2009.
  • January through September 2009: Installation of Sector 20 magnets and vacuum systems while LCLS commissioning activities proceed in downstream sectors.
  • Fall 2009: Removal of existing components of the PEP-II injection transport systems in the BSY, as needed for FACET EBL. Modifications will be done to the common line vacuum system in the BSY.
  • FY 2010: First operation of Sector 20 ASF final focus with electrons. Installation of positron compressor system in Sector 10.
  • Fall 2010: Installation of the bypass line in the BSY and Hadron Production Facility.
  • FY 2011: All FACET systems fully operational, independent of LCLS operations.
construction costs
Construction Costs
  • Essentially all FACET large components exist having been recycled from the FFTB, SLC and PEP-II (soon).
  • Construction costs are generated using (bottoms-up) engineering costs consistent with PEP-II and LCLS construction experience with escalation.
  • Little EDI is needed compared to most construction projects as the major components exist and associated support components are well known.
  • Construction costs consist of refurbishment, supports, vacuum chambers, alignment, power supplies, and installation.
facet budget
FACET Budget




facet then year budget
FACET Then-Year Budget
  • Proposed FACET construction budget including inflation:
    • FY2009: 8.5 M$
    • FY2010: 8.4 M$
    • FY2011: 1.6 M$
  • SLAC staff and shop services are needed to build and install the four sub-parts of FACET.
  • Davis-Bacon labor will also be used as required.
  • These resources will naturally become available as LCLS construction ramps down. FY2007 was the largest year for LCLS.
operations costs
Operations Costs
  • The operations costs of FACET will be an addition cost above those of the “landlord” costs of the BES photon science operation of the SLAC Linac.
  • Three scenarios were studied:
    • Sector 20 ASF and ESA together
    • Sector 20 ASF only
    • ESA only
  • The respective costs are lower for running the two areas together as they share the linac costs.
facet operating costs then year
FACET Operating Costs (Then-Year $)
  • Escalation added below:
  • OPS costs for a 4-month run per year:
    • FY2010: 4.5 M$
    • FY2011: 7.1 M$
    • FY2012: 7.4 M$
    • FY2013: 7.6 M$
    • FY2014: 7.9 M$
    • FY2015: 8.2 M$
management of facet science program
Management of FACET Science Program
  • FACET is a user facility to support the national accelerator research program using ASF and ESA.
  • We anticipate a broad demand for beam time from a wide variety of communities.
  • The SLAC Experimental Physics Advisory Committee (EPAC) meets about twice yearly. We would like to augment the committee with additional external accelerator scientists.
  • The EPAC is a natural and appropriate committee to review FACET beam time proposals with beam time requests larger than ~1 week. The EPAC makes recommendations to the PPA Director.
  • Beam time requests less than one week are reviewed by a local committee appointed by and reporting to the PPA Director.