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Welcome Back

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Welcome Back. Grade 1 Room 10 Mr. Prokop. About Mr.Prokop. Have taught for 33 years Born and raised in San Diego-Native! My sons attended Monterey Heights I have 2 children: Chad and Cory-Wife Bonnie I have a B.A. and Masters from SDSU

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Welcome Back

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Grade 1 Room 10

Mr. Prokop


About Mr.Prokop

  • Have taught for 33 years
  • Born and raised in San Diego-Native!
  • My sons attended Monterey Heights
  • I have 2 children: Chad and Cory-Wife Bonnie
  • I have a B.A. and Masters from SDSU
  • Enjoy being outdoors with my family. We love to travel. Running/Reading/Beach is something we enjoy.
  • Love teaching!

Why Am I Here?

  • To Make an Impact: Strong Influence On Their Lives
  • To Shape the Future: Your Child, Our Most Precious Resource
  • To Put Kids First: Your Child is Special and Deserves My Best Effort on Their Behalf at All Times

Getting Started

  • Do send your child to school everyday on time. Attendance is important!
  • Please send your child to school rested and ready to learn.
school rules the big eagle 3
School RulesTHE BIG EAGLE 3
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe

Room 10”s Rules

  • Never say I can’t-No Quitters!
  • Do your best! Be Nice!
  • Respect yourself and others. NO “PUT DOWNS” (Treat others like you would like to be treated)
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Work quietly
  • Be Productive! Be Safe!
  • Please leave TOY’S at home.

Discipline Policy - Keep it Green

  • Color Chart
  • Green Card - Good Citizen
  • Yellow Card - Warning
  • Red Card - Student will fill chart red and parent notified! Loss of privilege, does not go to Citizenship Club on Friday.

Children should not be protected from consequences. Those consequences can be the most valuable lesson of the day.


Homework Policy

  • Math Homework every M-TH
  • Read 15 minutes(Books in Bags) and have reading log signed. M-T-TH’s
  • Spelling - Test on Friday.
  • Math Facts Test on Wednesday
  • Fluency,Vocabularyand Concept(WOW Words) Development
  • Ability to get to level 14-16(or higher) in Guided Reading-Strategy
  • Know Sight Words!
reading comprehension
Reading Comprehension
  • Understands
  • Responds to questions
  • Retells
  • Relates important details
  • Sequences
literary response
Literary Response
  • Able to analyze
  • Identifies and describes story elements
  • Talks and writes about books


  • Organization and Focus
  • Penmanship/ neatness counts
  • Edit and Revise
  • Descriptive,Non-Fiction
  • Spelling


  • Whole Number Computation
  • Measurement & Geometry
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Time-Shapes ? For Parents
  • Problem Solving-Huge!!
  • Count and write to 120
  • Explain how you got your answer
  • Math Facts to 20!
  • Physical Sciences-Materials come in solids, liquids and gases.
  • Life sciences plants, animals
  • Earth Sciences-Weather
  • Investigation magnifying glass
  • Monthly Themes
  • Tied to Reading


People Who Make A Difference

  • Individual Responsibility
  • Important Symbols, Traditions
  • Community - The Importance All People Play in American Life
  • Tied to Reading
physical fitness
Physical Fitness
  • To improve cardiovascular
  • To keep our children physically fit
  • To teach our children how valuable our bodies are
  • To teach team work
  • Monday and Wednesdays is team sports and individual skills(SPARKS)
  • Tuesday/Thursday is Run/Walk Day
  • Friday is Friday Fun day an earned activity
  • Computers
  • Class Website-Reading/Math
  • United Streaming-Video Library
  • Word Processing

The Final Points

  • We are going to learn.
  • We are going to improve.
  • We are going to love being 1st graders!