secretariat strategy for aegee europe n.
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Secretariat strategy for AEGEE-Europe PowerPoint Presentation
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Secretariat strategy for AEGEE-Europe

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Secretariat strategy for AEGEE-Europe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Secretariat strategy for AEGEE-Europe
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  1. Secretariat strategy for AEGEE-Europe

  2. Why a secretariat? • Secretariat: permanent paid staff who would work for AEGEE. The secretariat would NOT replace the CD, but would complement its work • WHY? • CONTINUITY • PROFESSIONALISM • EXPERTISE AND ADMINISTRATION • EFFICIENCY • RELEASING ADMIN/TECHNICAL WORK FROM CD • STRATEGY POLITICAL VISION

  3. WHY A SECRETARIAT? • Current situation: the workload is assumed by: • 7 CD members • Punctual interns (not-paid + often upon their request) • Ad-hoc CD assistants • 1 staff paid thanks to LLL projects. • Board members (CD) are dealing with: • Vision, planning, decision-making, representation, strategy development • Technical issues (visa, staff payment, head office management, website management), administrative tasks (fundraising, communication, financial management…), implementation tasks (implementation of strategy, writing grants etc)

  4. WHY A SECRETARIAT • This big workload (strategy + implementation) is usually assumed by two bodies in other youth organisations: Board + secretariat (ie, YFJ, ESN, OBESU, YEU, EEE-YFU etc)

  5. WHY A SECRETARIAT STRATEGY • With introduction of staff in AEGEE headoffice (= experts), need to clarify the relations between CD and staff • Wish to explore the possibility to have a permanent staff working for AEGEE, and to redefine the workload between CD and staff

  6. Options for secretariat • In our proposal: • CD would still live and work in Brussels • Secretariat is composed of experts who can deal with administrative tasks not directly linked with the network (fundraising, website, financial management, communication) • CD would thus have more time to focus on policy, representation, strategic planning, and internally, to work with bodies, propose ad-hoc solutions to issues etc • Secretariat could be composed of: • 1 or 2 paid staff • 1 paid (expert) intern

  7. (Financial) OPTIONS FOR SECRETARIAT • How could it be financially sustainable? • Continue applying for LLL grants in order to have money available • Apply for bigger administrative grant: from YIA to Jean Monnet (we are still waiting from clarification from Erasmus +) • Reducing the number of CD members? some more administrative tasks could be taken care of by staff, (ie, Financial director, Secretary General, Fundraising, Communication..) • Use EU programmes like “youth worker mobility” of YIA, EVS, Grundtvig,

  8. What do we want? • Feedback on the concept, your questions and clarifications if needed • To build a task force to explore seriously all financial options and be able to have a serious proposal at Agora Patra