Factors which Influence Accommodative Amplitude in Crystalens HD Patients
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Factors which Influence Accommodative Amplitude in Crystalens HD Patients - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Factors which Influence Accommodative Amplitude in Crystalens HD Patients. Uday Devgan, MD, FACS Devgan Eye Surgery, Los Angeles, CA.

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Factors which Influence Accommodative Amplitude in Crystalens HD Patients

Uday Devgan, MD, FACS

Devgan Eye Surgery, Los Angeles, CA

FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES: Abbott Medical Optics: consultant, research, stockholder; Accutome Inc: speaker; Alcon Laboratories: stockholder ; Allergan: consultant, speaker, research funding, stockholder; Bausch & Lomb: consultant, research funding;Calhoun Vision: research funding; Gerson Lehman Group: consultant; Inspire Pharma: stockholder; Ista Pharma: consultant, speaker, stockholder; iTherapeutix: research funding, travel support; Optos Inc: speaker, consultant; Pfizer Inc: speaker, stockholder; Sirion Therapeutics: consultant; Specialty Surgical: stockholder; Staar Surgical: consultant (former), speaker, stockholder; Zeiss: speaker

Study design l.jpg
Study Design Crystalens HD Patients

  • Retrospective analysis of 80 patients

  • Single surgeon (UD)

  • Examination of the distance vision eye only

    • To avoid benefit of mono-vision / mini-mono

  • Near vision measured through best-corrected distance vision

Evaluation l.jpg
Evaluation Crystalens HD Patients

  • Patient Age: <65 65+

  • Prior LASIK: yes no

  • Axial length: <26mm>26mm

  • Capsulorrhexis: <5.5mm >5.5mm

  • IOL Orientation: vertical horizontal

Age younger or older l.jpg
AGE: Younger or Older Crystalens HD Patients

Age > 65 years

Age < 65 years

Not statistically significant (P > 0.10)

N=36 BDCNVA=J3.5

N=44 BDCNVA=J4.1

Prior lasik prk rk l.jpg
Prior LASIK, PRK, RK Crystalens HD Patients

Virgin eye

Prior Refractive Sx

Not statistically significant (P < 0.10)

N=28 BDCNVA=J2.9

N=52 BDCNVA=J3.7

Axial length l.jpg
Axial Length Crystalens HD Patients

High Myope (>26mm)

Or previous myope s/p LASIK

Normal (<26mm)

Not statistically significant (P < 0.10)

N=68 BDCNVA=J3.7

N=12 BDCNVA=J2.8

Capsulorrhexis size l.jpg
Capsulorrhexis Size Crystalens HD Patients

> 5.5 mm

< 5.5 mm

No data

N=1 Ant Cap YAG done


Iol orientation l.jpg
IOL Orientation Crystalens HD Patients



Not statistically significant (P > 0.10)

N=47 BDCNVA=J3.6

N=33 BDCNVA=J3.7

Problems with my study l.jpg
Problems with my Study Crystalens HD Patients

  • Patients fell into multiple categories:

    • Prior LASIK more common in younger patients

    • Long Axial Length more common in younger patients and prior LASIK patients

  • Not enough patients

  • Post-op timing of results should have been consistent

  • Need longer follow-up in post-op period

  • Near vision not always measured at 16 inches

Conclusions l.jpg
Conclusions: Crystalens HD Patients

  • No statistically significant answers

  • Suggestions (Not Proven):

    • Prior LASIK patients may do better perhaps due to other ocular aberrations

    • Patients with an Axial length > 26 mm may do better due perhaps due to thin IOL, optics.

  • Needs further analysis