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Connectathon Organization Eric Poiseau Version 1. 0 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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(Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) IHE in Europe. Connectathon Organization Eric Poiseau Version 1. 0. Who are you ?. 77 companies 120 systems 4 domains (RAD, IT-I, CARD, LAB) RAD : 90 systems IT-I: 78 systems (XDS 22) CARD : 28 systems LAB: 21 systems. + 50 %. Progression.

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(Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise)IHE in Europe

Connectathon Organization

Eric Poiseau

Version 1.0

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Who are you
Who are you ?

  • 77 companies

  • 120 systems

  • 4 domains (RAD, IT-I, CARD, LAB)

  • RAD : 90 systems

  • IT-I: 78 systems (XDS 22)

  • CARD : 28 systems

  • LAB: 21 systems

IHE-EU Conference Workshop


+ 50 %


IHE-EU Conference Workshop

We need to get prepared
We need to get prepared

  • Pre-connectathon period

    • 10 weeks

  • Connectathon

    • 5 days (9 am to 6 pm)… but in the fact only 4 days for testing

  • Need for optimization

    • A lot to do before

    • To perform more testing during CAT

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

A few numbers

No time for Baby sitting

A few numbers…

  • 10 weeks gives 400 hours of work

  • ~ 2700 logs are required

    • 5 min per log file makes 225 hours

  • ~ 120 systems

    • 1 hour on phone/email makes 120 hours

  • That gives me 155 hours for the rest…

    • Lab tools, connectathon preparation, webtool maintenance, test data,….

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Pre connectathon

  • Check your registration

    • I do not want you to tell me during the connectathon : « I have forgotten to sign up for PIR, I though…. »

  • Configuration information gathering (you to me)

    • Dicom Conformance Statements

    • Port numbers, URI, AE Titles….

  • Configuration of your system (me to you)

    • Before Monday morning….so before shipping

    • You need to configure your system

      • With your peer information

      • With the connectathon network information

      • With the testing dataset

  • Mesa Test

  • Object Rendering Tests


IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Registration checking
Registration Checking

  • Combined actors/profile

    • PPSM for OF and IM/IA

    • PIR requires SWF

    • SWF and ARI

  • Supportive or Thorough ?

    • We do not know yet how supportive will be reported in result matrix and if it will


IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Supportive versus thorough
Supportive versus Thorough

  • Thorough

    • This is what we have done so far

  • Supportive

    • You’re confident about this Actor/IP but you want to bring it at the connectathon

    • You have already tested it at a previous CAT

    • Need to provide URL to IS (published)

  • Result matrix will show thorough results


IHE-EU Conference Workshop

System information
System Information

  • Dicom Conformance Statement

    • Upload form

  • Practical Information

    • Power information

    • Number of chairs

    • Storage

    • Special requirements -> contact me

  • Please provide this information before March 1st


IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Configuration information
Configuration Information

  • Have your configuration ready and confirmed before the deadline (April 15th)

    • I have assigned some default values

    • If you change it… your peer will have to change it also….

  • How important is it ?

    • Most of the time spend in doing a connectathon test is spend checking/changing the configuration parameters.

    • More systems more choices of peers…. Try not to be the bad guy.

  • Q : How to provide my configuration information ?

    • Answer

  • Q : How to find my peer configurations parameters ?

    • Answer

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Configuration information1
Configuration Information

  • If you feel that there are missing parameters,

    • this is highly probable. Let me know ASAP

  • No confirmation will be understood as a confirmation!

    • This means that your peers will configure their systems with information that may be erroneous !

  • Configure your systems before arriving to the connectathon

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Mesa testing

Mesa Testing

General Information

Why do we have test tools
Why Do We Have Test Tools ?

  • Reduce the number of systems to 80 because the room we have reserved for the connectathon is too small !

  • The project manager is evil and he likes to make you suffer with buggy mesa tools !

  • Prepare your systems for the connectathon !

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Why do we have test tools1
Why Do We Have Test Tools ?

  • Test tools prepare you for the connectathon

    • Provides a minimum set of test to prepare your systems

  • Tools are a benefit of participation

    • As a participant you get them before the public release

  • Tools are released to the public later on

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

How do tests help you
How Do Tests Help You ?

  • Tests encourage you and your peers to read details of the Technical Framework

    • You may find you do not agree with our interpretation of the TF

    • You may not agree with the TF

  • If you and your peers complete the tests, we can avoid a lot of wasted time at the Connectathon

  • Thus we can prepare more complex demonstrations and do more complex connectathon tests

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Test coverage
Test Coverage

  • Test software do NOT cover all aspects of the Technical Framework

  • Test software do NOT guarantee compliance with DICOM or HL7.

  • All what it does, is provide a reasonable preparation for the Connectathon.

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Test cases versus demonstration
Test Cases versus Demonstration

  • MESA tests cover more transactions than will be demonstrated

  • Participants are required to complete all test cases, even if they do not lead directly to demonstration

  • Thus : Your system may perform one transaction at a demonstration but perform several transactions with the MESA tests (and the Connectathon)

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Mesa testing1

Mesa Testing

How to

Rad card it i except xds
Rad – Card – IT-I (except XDS)

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Mesa tools simulate your peers



MESA ToolsSimulate your peers

Mesa Simulator

Win32 / Linux / Solaris

System being tested

Win32 / Linux / Solaris





  • MESA OS is independant of system under test OS

  • Choosing NT, Linux or Solaris is a question of taste

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Hardware network requirement for testing
Hardware/network requirement for testing

  • One computer system can :

    • Support all of the MESA actors

    • Can serve as the driver for any system under test.

  • Only one computer required to test an IHE actor.

  • It is impossible to test multiple systems simultaneously

    • (sockets are not multithreaded).

  • You need to test separate systems serially with little or no reconfiguration.

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Mesa test how to
Mesa test how to

  • Where do I get the tools from ?

    • http://ihe.univ-rennes1.fr/testing

    • If you’re logged in you’ll get the last release

    • If not you’ll get the public release

  • Who writes the tools ?

    • MIR, Offis, NIST, IDM

  • What if I find a bug in a tool ?

    • MIR, Offis : http://rome.wustl.edu/bugzilla

    • NIST, IDM : contact me !

IHE-EU Conference Workshop


  • Make sure you follow the installation instructions provided by Steven Moore

  • Do not try to install from the sources

    • Sources are provided for information

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Most common errors encountered
Most common errors encountered

  • Environment variables not set

  • Mesa_storage files not installed

  • Wrong version of Win32 Perl

  • SQL server is not installed

  • Database tables are not installed

  • But also possible errors in the tools !

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Recommendations for mesa software
Recommendations for MESA Software

  • We recommend that you install and test the software as soon as possible

  • The authors try to make the installation process simple, but there will be some difficulties

  • It is better to go through a round of installation now rather than waiting until the “final/next” release is available;

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Mesa test interactions
MESA Test Interactions

  • Most MESA tests are independent of other tests. You can run them in any order.

  • Most tests overwrite common data areas. They do not overwrite the output of the evaluation scripts.

  • This implies you should run a test and perform the evaluation before starting another test.

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Mesa test overview
MESA Test Overview

  • Each actor/integration profile has several tests, each test is assigned a number (101, 102, …)

  • 100 series tests are for the Scheduled Workflow / Patient Information Reconciliation

  • Other series of tests are for different features of the Technical Framework (for actors or classes of actors)

  • How to know what test your systems have to pass ?

    • Check the web tool on your system page

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

General test instructions
General Test Instructions

  • Start MESA servers on test machine

  • Run an interactive perl script that leads you through the test scenario

  • Run a second perl script that evaluates your messages

  • Check the logs for errors and try to understand the problems

  • Send output of evaluation script to Project Manager

  • Please comment your logs if this is needed

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Test logs return 2
Test logs return (2)

  • Do not send logs if you know that they will be rejected.

    • Check Bugzilla pages for information

    • Ask for some help

  • When “error” please explain the errors

  • Upload form for log return

    • Please mention if you are resubmitting “old” logs


IHE-EU Conference Workshop


IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Nist toolkit


NIST Toolkit

  • Remote Registry and Repository hosted by NIST

  • Sources can submit documents to the NIST server

  • Consumer can query and retrieve documents from the NIST server

  • Java tool to submit and query a registry

  • Log browser for PM to check/help testers

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Laboratory tools
Laboratory Tools


  • Not script for the moment

  • Message validation software

    • http://ihe.univ-rennes1.fr/HL7

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Connectathon logistics
Connectathon Logistics

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Connectathon codes
Connectathon Codes

  • Tables and codes used for the connectathon will be provided :

    • HL7 user tables

    • MD’s

    • Beds, Facilities, Assigning authorities

    • Procedures codes (lab, radio, and cardio)

    • XDS Affinity domain information

      • OIDs

    • Set of patients ID and identities for non ADT clients

  • If you think there are some missing tables and/or information, please let me know

IHE-EU Conference Workshop


  • Each ADT actor will be assigned a range of pid to avoid confusion.

    • Patient Identifiers are 6 digit identifiers that begin with a two-digit code that identifies the system producing the ID.

    • Thus, if your prefix is 10, your Patient Identifiers will be in the range of 100000 to 109999.

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Digital certificates
Digital Certificates

  • I’ll provide you with private key and certificate

  • One certificate assigned for each secure system

  • Certificates to be used only for connectathon and demonstrations

  • Certificates are not meant to be used in a production environment

  • We provide no guidance on how to manage those in a clinical environment

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Webtool for test management
Webtool for test management

  • Provides list of possible peers

  • Provides chat/log

  • Provides verification logging

  • Provides information about « persistent objects »


IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Network information
Network Information

  • We will provide

    • IP Addresses and Host file

    • Local DNS (preferred to host file)

    • Netmask

    • Gateways

    • Time Server

    • Kerberized Server

    • Mail Server

    • LDAP

    • XDS Repository and Registry




IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Network information1
Network Information

  • Intranet will be at least 100 Mb/s

  • Internet will be at least 10 Mb/s

    • Internet is used for convenience for email and communication of files with home based team.

    • Internet access is not guaranteed

  • You will get on drop per system

    • It is your responsibility to bring a hub

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Power supply
Power Supply

  • 240 Volts

  • A power strips with 3-5 slots per table

  • UK plugs do not fit to NL outlet !!

    • Are we not talking about interoperability !

  • If you need more than 240 V, please let me know ASAP !

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Tables and chairs
Tables and chairs

  • 120 tables

    • One per system

    • Please use the table that will be assigned to your system

    • If your company brings 2 systems, they might not be close to each other !!!

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Connectathon test
Connectathon Test

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Preliminary connectathon schedule
Preliminary Connectathon Schedule

  • Monday :

    • am : installation of your systems

      • Systems delivery

      • Check network access, correctness of configuration

    • pm : start of testing (p2p)


  • Wednesday :

    • start of scenario testing

  • Friday :

    • am : very last tests

    • pm : packing

      • Package pick-up

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Peer to peer tests p2p
Peer To Peer Tests (P2P)

  • You have to test with some peers

  • You need to get at least 3 instances of a test verified per test

  • Peer are prioritized

  • You can do more testing.

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Peer to peer tests p2p1
Peer To Peer Tests (P2P)

  • Enhancement :

    • Use of a chat room for peers to communicate and keep track of the transactions.

    • Use of log storage mechanism : (cut and paste the logs in text file)

  • Other suggestions/ideas


IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Sc narii tests
Scénarii Tests

  • Compared to last year

    • Increased complexity

      • Could combine RSWF, LSWF, PIX, RID, EUA, XDS…

    • Increased number of peers

  • Will have a schedule, so will need you to be ready at the time of the test.

  • Will have a list of difficulties to check.

IHE-EU Conference Workshop


  • Switching peer should be an easy and rapid task.

    • Try to avoid need of rebooting

    • Try to avoid typing the peer configuration each time you need to switch.

  • Have the procedure codes entered in your systems.

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

How can i fail
How can I fail

  • I have not a single test verified by Wednesday evening !!!

  • I am spying my colleagues !!!

  • I am not fair to the PM !!!

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Special cases
Special Cases

  • You all are in a special case !!!!

  • I have finished all my testing on Monday, shall I leave ????

    • Print Server case

  • I have 5 zillion tests to perform during the week, …can we stay for another 2 weeks…

    • Register more systems

    • Register fewer profiles/actors

IHE-EU Conference Workshop


  • Concerns only positive results

  • Test failure are “forgotten”

  • Matrix published in the following weeks

IHE-EU Conference Workshop


  • Me to you

    • Email (mailing list)

    • News on IHE-Europe Web (RSS)

    • Phone

  • You to Me :

    • Email +++

    • Phone ---

IHE-EU Conference Workshop


  • Protocol (are we not dealing with interoperability):

    • Company

    • System

    • Operating system

    • Actor tested

    • Tool Version…

  • Any information about your context will help me

    • Remember that you have an open credit of ½ hour per systems… do not waste it !!!!

IHE-EU Conference Workshop


  • Shipping information

    • We will let you know in time.

  • Storage

    • We will have a space for storage

    • If possible, for small boxes store in your room

  • Security during the nights

    • Security from the hotel

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

C onnectathon check list
Connectathon Check List

  • Swimming Suit and squash equipment

  • Bowling bowl

  • Technical Framework

  • Your system fully configured

    • Network

    • Codes, procedures, tables….

  • Laptop to run the webtool

    • Could be also used to sniff messages or service you system

  • Power strip + power cord extension

  • Hub (preferred to switch)

  • Calibration material for CPI profile actors

    • Print Server and print composer

IHE-EU Conference Workshop

Thank you
Thank you

IHE-EU Conference Workshop