Tennis shoes and the feathered serpent
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Tennis shoes and the feathered serpent. Chris Heimerdinger. born August 26, 1963, Bloomington Indiana, He has written sixteen novels. Protagonist . This story is about Jim Hawkins, he has a son and two daughters.

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Chris heimerdinger
Chris Heimerdinger

  • born August 26, 1963, Bloomington Indiana,

  • He has written sixteen novels.


  • This story is about Jim Hawkins, he has a son and two daughters.

  • He was living a good life and he was a good person. Until Jacob Moon started to ruin his life. Jim is trying to do everything he can for his kids and try to be the best parent.

  • Jim has evil people against him though.


  • The antagonist is Jacob Moon, he has a plot to destroy Jim Hawkins life. Jacob is holding a grudge from like 20 years ago and he wants to get Jim back.

  • Jim didn’t doing anything wrong he was just doing the right thing.

  • Jacob is an evil man and will do anything to destroy jims life.

Favorite character
Favorite Character

  • Jim Hawkins is my favorite character in this book.

  • I like him because he never gives up through out the whole entire book. He does what ever he can to protect his family also.

  • I love him when he beats up four guys to get his kids back into his arms.

Least favorite character
Least favorite character

  • Melody Hawkins is my least favorite character.

  • She never follows what he father tells her to do. She gets kidnapped and she could of prevented this by listening to her father, but she ignored him and now is in a lot of trouble.

  • Jacob moon has taken her and is trying to use her for information.

Rising action
Rising Action

  • At first, Jim Hawkins gets fired and then gets framed for murder. He then gets sent to jail, but escapes jail from an old friend. Jacob moon kidnaps Jim’s daughter and Jim goes an a quest to get his daughter back.

  • He goes to a different time period, where Jacob went and Jim runs into a mob and some slave traders trying to get his other children.


  • Jim Hawkins

  • Melody Hawkins

  • Jacob Moon

  • Steffanie Hawkins

  • Harry Hawkins

  • Kumarcaah

  • Sabrina Sorenson


  • Jim, his two kids, his sister and a group of Christians try escape and go to a different land. They are confronted by a mob of people and the mob kills one of the groups leaders brother. Nephi the leader, raises him from the dead and the mob gets scared because of what just happened. So the group makes it out okay. Jims kids get left behind in the mob and so Jim goes back to save them, the slave traders stole his kids. Jim picks of a metal pole and beats up three guys then saves his kids.

Falling action
Falling Action

  • After Jim and his family escape the mob they have to split their different ways. Jim goes on his way with six people to find his daughter melody. Jim is looking for Jacob moon and his secret hideout. Jims sister and two kids go with the group to a new land.


  • All the Christians were safe and they made it out of the city just fine. Jim and his special group of six people go on their way to find the secret land of Jacob moon. While the Christians and the rest of Jims family go on their journey to the new land.


This book takes place in Salt Lake City Utah

And in The Past..


  • Determination

  • Success

  • Trust


  • I gave this book a 7 out of 10.

Social issue
Social Issue

  • My social issue is on revenge.

  • In My book that I read, Jacob moon gets revenge on Jim Hawkins from something that happened 20 years ago. He ruins Jims whole life by framing him.

  • Revenge is among everyone in todays world. Most crimes that happen or gang fights that happen is because of revenge. 50% of criminals that get out of jail go back to jail within two years. 25% of the 50% go back for violence or revenge. This shooting happened because of revenge. These two kids were bullied and were the outcast of their school.


Cleveland highschool shooting
Cleveland Highschool Shooting

  • 5 Hospitalized After 14-Year-Old Goes on Shooting Rampage at Cleveland High School


Columbine shooting
Columbine shooting

  • This shooting happened because of revenge. These two kids were bullied and were the outcast of their school.


  • I think revenge is not the answer. If we forgive and forget everyone will be happier.

Tennis shoes and the feathered serpent


    Tears the mind can't tell are true, Pain the heart can't share.Anger wrapped up in deceit, It's more than I can bear.The hurt and torture deep inside, The scalding pain of hate.The sadness deep inside my soul, That anger did create.The anger causes pain inside, Too deep to understand.And the pain, in turn, will cause, More malice to my hand.The scourge I lay upon you now, You surely cannot break.This curse will last for on and on, You've made a grave mistake. Kim Hooten


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