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Digital Marketing Bhubaneswar PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Marketing Bhubaneswar

Digital Marketing Bhubaneswar

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Digital Marketing Bhubaneswar

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  1. 4designservicesDigital Campaign Strategy

  2. ‘Dynamic’ DIGITAL CHANNELS Today, we currently see a high overlap between the common channels of Organic Search, Referral Traffic, Social Media and Paid Search Each channel has a role. However, if Organic Search currently drives 30% of the website engagements without a significant investment shows that there is a huge opportunity for this to be a primary channel for our optimization programs Referral: 16% Social Media: 7% Organic Search: 36% Paid Search: 41%


  4. Our Rules of Success

  5. Our Methodology Convert Visitors Strangers Target Audience Leads • Keywords • Blog • Social Media • PPC • Mobile • Local • Keywords • Pages • Blog • Social Media • Smart call-to-action • Images • Usability • Offers • Keywords • Pages • Blog • Social Media

  6. As an Agency, you GET More Results. More Value. More Profits. Because We deliver RESULTS Faster, Cheaper, Better

  7. Identifying the Right DigiMix • Strategy & Execution: • Integrate channels to work together • Search (Paid / Organic) • Social (Owned / Earned) • Display (Off-site / On-site) • Develop audience base / segmentation • Define creative best practices • Optimize channel mix • Metrics & Goals: • Website engagement • Engagements / Time / Pages • Conversions / Sales • Community engagement • Email subscribers (preferences) • Social community (fans/actions)


  9. New Age SEO/Social SEO The Famous Writing on the Wall… We’ve spent the last 15 years building an industry around keywords, tags, and links, but Google has made clear the old kingdom is coming to an end, and a new regime is here. “When everybody else LIKES OR TALKS ABOUT you, Google likes you” – This is SEO.

  10. Agency Experience The New Face of Search OLD NEW What we do VS • Target Wider Range of Kwds • User Experience #1 Priority • Think Responsive Design • Page Load Time • Compelling Content • Content is Diverse • Generate High Quality Shareable Content • Link Diversity & Brand Links • Quality Resources • Social Traction: Natural Link Building • Target Specific Kwds • Design Separate from SEO • Write Content for SE’s • Kwd Density • Text Content Focus • Spin Content • Aggressive exact match Anchor Text • Directory Submissions • Link Building through soliciting webmasters It’s How We Do it!

  11. Search Engine Optimization Process

  12. Local Optimization for Local Businesses LOCAL SEO IS DIFFERENT!

  13. Local Optimization for Local Businesses How is Local SEO different from Global SEO? While, the ranking factors do remain the same, more or less, local SEO does come with its own few unique elements. For example, getting a local listing on Google+, leveraging citations and reviews; lots of reviews. Quantity and quality of reviews left for your business on your Google Places page is one of the most important local ranking factors.

  14. Mobile Ready Site for Local Businesses A recent Survey by Google Suggests

  15. Channel PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

  16. Paid Search(Pay-Per-Click or PPC) Paying per click basis for your inbound search engine traffic, that’s Paid Search. • Advertisers can also place PPC ads on search engines. PPC ads are also popularly known as sponsored listing. • PPC ads appear at the top, right or bottom of SERPs of search engines that display organic rankings also. If you have taken up SEO of late, but you can’t wait for traffic for that long, or you have a short term campaign or do a quick experiment on Landing page, then PPC is the way to go PPC ads appear when you want Advertisers have control over who the PPC ads are visible to Advertisers decide how much they want to spend on PPC ads Measure the effectiveness of your campaign

  17. PPC Campaign Generate Sales Drive quality traffic onto the website Establish Website as a prominent conversion tool Create brand awareness Complement SEO Instant Results

  18. WhyPPC? It is cost effective The advertiser only pays when a customer clicks on their link It is measurable, flexible and fast A campaign can achieve results quickly and it can be managed and optimised in real time It is targeted The advertiser is reaching the consumer at the point of active interest

  19. How PPC works TG Visits Search Engine Search for Keywords Finds Clients ad on Displayed page clients Ad will be displayed in Sponsored links User fills Enquiry Form Redirected to Landing page Clicks the ad

  20. Pay per click Optimization Process

  21. Traffic & visibility of FB page-Maximising ROI Your Ads will be optimized here

  22. Paid Search: Facebook 4designservices can help identify and scale an audience utilizing precise interests that consumers have self-identified through social engagement. Facebook Connect with quickly capture these prospects • Target Facebook non-fans with based on: • Interests/activities/pages/groups • Facebook comments (to/from) • Broad topics using #topic • Ad types include: • Standard PPC ads to “non-fans” • Sponsored Stories to “friends of fans”

  23. Paid Search: Retargeting We will reach consumers with the highest propensity to convert: • Lost Prospect: Visitors that see our page and/or content but do not connect will get a message to come back to sign up. • Cart Abandonment: Visitors that started registering but did not convert will get a message to come back and finish the order. • 1) User visits yourwebsite • 2) Then visits another but sees your text/banner ad Your Website Your Website

  24. Channel Display

  25. Display Media Audiences are targeted with Display Ads based on location, persona (behavioral data), predictive modeling, and owned asset retargeting. Creative will be dynamically tailored to specific audience segment and where they are in the conversion funnel based on collected data. • Search Intent / Social Targeting • Predictive / Persona Targeting • Segment / Content Targeting Budgets for each tactic will be dynamically set and allocated in real-time based on the predicted value of the impression. Assets will be tested in order to incrementally improve conversion rates over time. • Dynamic Budget Allocation • Asset Optimization

  26. Commercial PPC Service tax not applicable on Ad Budgets ,only applicable on Services.