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Sleep Problems

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Sleep Problems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sleep Problems. Even when we need sleep , we may have trouble getting sleep or sleeping soundly . When these troubles last for long periods of time or become serious , they are considered to be sleep problems . INSOMNIA

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Evenwhenweneedsleep, wemayhavetroublegettingsleepor sleeping soundly.

Whenthesetroubleslastforlongperiods of time orbecomeserious, they are consideredtobesleepproblems.


Insomniaistheinabilitytosleep. Theword comes fromtheLatin in-meaning “not”, and somnus, meaning “sleep”. Themostcommontype of insomniaisdifficultyfallingasleep.

Formanypeople, insomnia comes and goes, increasingduringperiods of anxietyortension and decreasingordisappearingduringlessstressingperiods.

Somepeople use sleeping pillsto cope withinsomnia, butmanypsychologistsbelievethatthesafest, simplest, mosteffectivewaystoovercomeinsomnia do notinvolvemedication.

techniques for people with insomnia
  • Tense themuscles, one at the time, thenletthetensiongo, thishelps relax thebody.
  • Avoidworrying in bed, ifworryingpersists, get up for a while.
  • Establish a regular routine, particularlyforgetting up and goingtosleepeachday.
  • Use pleasantimagesordaydreamsto relax.
nightmares and night terrors
Nightmares and nightterrors

Youhaveprobablyexperiencedoneor more nightmares in yourlifetime. Commonnightmaresinvolvesnakesormurderers. Nightmares, likemostotherdreams , are generallyproducts of REM sleep

They are alsocalledslepterrors, they are similar but more severethannightmares. Dreamerswithnightterrorsfeeltheirheartsracing and theygaspfor air.

Theymaysuddenlysit up, talkincoherently, they do notfullywake up, in themorningtheymightrecall a feelingoranimagefromthenight terror.

Nightterrorsdifferfromnightmaresbecausetheytendtooccurduringsleepstages (3 and 4) and nightmaresoccurrduring REM sleep.

sleep waking

Manychildrenwalk in theirsleep.

Sleepwalkersmayroamaboutalmostnightlyduringstages of deepsleep, theymayrespondtoquestionswhilethey are up, buttheydon´trememberwhattheysaidordid.

Contrarytothemyth, thereis no evidencethatsleepwalkersbecomeviolentorupsetifthey are awakened.

sleep apnea
Sleep Apnea

Weallhaveoccasional apneas, orinterruptions in breathing. Sleep apnea occursduringsleep. Peoplewithsleep apnea do notautomaticallystartbreathingagainuntiltheysit up and gaspfor air, once theybeginbreathingagain, theyfall back asleep.

Sleep apneas occurwhen a person´s air passages are blocked, thusthey are sometimesaccompaniedbysnoring. About 10 millionAmericanshave apnea and itisassociatedwithobesity and snoring.


Narcolepsyis a raresleepproblem in whichpeoplesuddenlyfallasleep no matterwhat time itisorwherethey are. One minute they are awake, thenexttheirmuscles are completlyrelaxed and they are in REM sleep.

Drugtherapy and frequentnapshavebeenusedtotreatnarcolepsy.

Althoughpeopleusuallyawakenfromanepisode of narcolepsyfeelingrefreshed, suchepisodesmaybedangerous, forexampletheymayoccurwhen a personisdrivingoroperating heavy machinery, no oneknowswhat causes narcolepsy, itisbelievedtobe a geneticdisorder.