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Leadership Assignment Help by Essaycorp

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Leadership Assignment Help by Essaycorp

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Leadership loosely defined is ability to show group of people direction to have optimal

growth as team as well as individuals.

Leadership is at the very heart of capitalist consumerist and corporate hand holding. It

takes the top pyramid of people like CEO’S, CFO’S, chairman, managing directors,

executives, board of control etc. to take all the big decisions for a reason. Since they are

the experienced people and intrinsically know what people want from their corporation.

It takes years of experience, nerves of steel, risk taking capacity and ample amount of

realism to be a leader. That is exactly why they get paid more, deserve more respect and

rule the empire with an iron fist.

basic description


3 main trending theories are always expected of students to write about. First states that

leadership can be instilled as a taught behavior as is not genetically coded. Second takes

more traditionalist approach that it is an inherent trait. Third is that leadership is

rebellion against societal definitions and hence a forced behavior. Although there are

three views but one thing is for sure, to have long career as a leader you have to use time

effectively investing maximum time in yourself and minimizing distractions to least


main branches of the subject technically speaking


Technically speaking leadership theory can be divided in around 7 points

· Situational theory- as the environment requires men to be stronger they heed to

nature’s call and become stronger over time.

· Traits theory- genetically hardwired traits make people steer ahead in life and this

predisposition is divisive in every aspect.

· Relationship theory- leader becoming moral guiding light of group and steer group

towards collective and self-optimality.

· Management theory- this is carrot and stick policy i.e. anyone who understand what

people want out of life can effectively make a workaholic army that does all the

work for him which effectively makes him leader by design.

main branches of the subject countinued


· Participative theory-this says a leader is one that can spot a good point and a bad

point from mile. Thus he carefully listens to inputs from all members and keeps the

good ones and throws bad ones in dumpster.

· Variable theory- this says a good leader assesses situational variables well and act

accordingly. This theory states traditionalist approach of confident extroverted guy

is not always the leader.

· Behavioral theory- slow guidance can only steer someone in leadership direction, it is

mainly an iterative process of addition to skill set.

problems student face


· Students find leadership examples too much varying from the world history.

· They try to relate it with their own theory of leadership which can be distorting in


· They find assignment too much theory oriented or a rote exercise.

· They don’t see how this can directly affect them

· They are given deadlines so they lose interest of free flow thinking.

· They don’t distinguish between infamous and famous.

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