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Wednesday 30 January 2013

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Wednesday 30 January 2013. Bayview Primary School Teacher Workshop. I T each, What’s Your Super Power?. Developing Myself as a Teaching Professional. Requires Knowledge of self Intentional learning Deliberate behaviours Regard for others … Loyalty Resilience.

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wednesday 30 january 2013

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Bayview Primary School

Teacher Workshop

developing myself as a teaching professional
Developing Myself as a Teaching Professional


  • Knowledge of self
  • Intentional learning
  • Deliberate behaviours
  • Regard for others…
  • Loyalty
  • Resilience
so what does this mean for me
So what does this mean for me?

How do I conduct my professional Practice?

the professional teacher
The Professional Teacher
  • So What Characteristics and attributes define the Professional Teacher?
  • Skills
  • Dispositions
  • Environment
  • Other
what challenges
What challenges
  • The complexity of professional life challenges us daily…
  • Parents
  • Colleagues
  • Students
  • Family
  • Traffic
  • Friends
  • Ourselves
roadblocks to peak performance
Roadblocks to Peak Performance
  • What can present us with challenges?
  • How do we recognise them?
  • How do we meet the challenge?
authentic builders subtext we choose to be professional participants in our community of practice
Authentic buildersSubtext ( we choose to be professional participants in our community of practice)
why does it matter what happens after the meeting
Why does it matter, what happens after the meeting?

Schools are about improving outcomes for learners.

This is non negotiable as

our core function

It is our moral imperative


Schools are complex organizations…

They are vanguards of change

and improvement

They are creative, synergetic

and multidimensional.

They require management.

They are sometimes dissonant

and fearful.…

  • .
organizational complexity
Organizational Complexity!

It is critical that we get it!

You are either a co-founder of an organization,

or you are a confounder.

so how do co founding teachers behave
So how do co-founding teachers behave?
  • Common Good behaviours evidenced growing high levels of relational trust
  • Signal to others our allegiance to and trust in decisions and organisational direction
  • Constructively respond, Is this practice good? Is this practice appropriate for us? Does it fit with our ideology and ambitions. Collins & Porras.
  • Listen laterally to naysayers I hear your voice, tell me your concern, we can look at the evidence, (a fact formed story)
  • Gear change Professionally move forward…cut, remove and stitch. Feedback with clarity
  • ‘White Time’ Give your team time to think freely, laterally and unconfined. Then, ask the questions. Trust their intentions.
  • Behave Authentically and congruently, all the time!
so what is trust
So what is trust?

Relational trust is the glue

of the school house.

  • Relational trust with a strong moral purpose produces very tough cultures that work diligently inside and outside the school to get results. Bryk & Schneider (2002)
  • Schools with high relational trust were more likely to evidence; “orientation to innovation, professional community, outreach to parents, commitment to school community.” Bryk & Schneider (2002)
so trust matters how do we grow it
So trust matters, how do we grow it?
  • Teaching professionals can provide vision, policy incentives, mechanisms for interaction coordination and monitoring…but there must be lateral development…ones own team giving and receiving… the moral imperative then becomes a palpable endeavor.
  • Competence Trust ( Trust of capability)
  • Contractual Trust ( Trust of character)
  • Communications Trust (Trust of disclosure)
what do we think about trust
What do we think about trust?


“It takes years to build trust and a few seconds to destroy it”

Competence Trust

(Trust of capability)

Contractual Trust

(Trust of character)

Communications Trust

(Trust of disclosure)

trust is
Trust is…

Competence Trust

(trust of capability)

Respect peoples knowledge, skills and abilities

Respect peoples judgment

Involve others and seek their input

Help people learn skills

Reina & Reina (1999)

trust is1
Trust is…

Contractual Trust

( trust of character)

Manage expectations

Establish boundaries

Delegate appropriately

Encourage mutually serving intentions

Honour agreements

Be consistent

Reina & Reina (1999)

trust is2
Trust is…

Communications Trust

( trust of disclosure)

Share information

Tell the truth

Admit mistakes

Give and receive constructive feedback

Maintaining confidentiality

Speak with good purpose

Reina & Reina (1999)

so what about you
So, what about you?
  • What do I do?
  • What does this mean?
  • How did I come to be

this way?

  • How might I do this

differently, better?

Dean Fink (2005)

  • Where do I find my moral compass?
where are you show yourself
Where are you ? Show yourself!

The difference between the two destinations is the difference between living inside out True North, and outside in, Magnetic North.

  • Magnetic North (external values, pressures and people compromise and modify your core values and those of your school.)
  • True North (You, your team, and your school core values are delivered in an authentic manner, that shows the world who you are from the inside, and requires courage tenacity and resilience)
so what does this mean for me1
So what does this mean for me?

Have you got your compass?

What direction are you headed?


The wise and virtuous man is at all times willing that his own private interest should be sacrificed in the public interest.’

Adam Smith


Chic Foote

Christine Smith

Helix Consulting

+ 64 21832646